Muslim Leader Demands 'Reparations' for Spanish Inquisition

Recently we learned that Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad al-Qasimi, member of the Supreme Council of the UAE and ruler of Sharjah, called for the transformation of the Cathedral of Cordoba back to the Mosque of Cordoba, since Spain's Christians "don't deserve it."   What we weren't told is what occasioned him to say this — the all-important context of his demand — that is, his new book, The Inquisition (original Arabic here).  Devoted to showing how the Spanish Inquisition abused Muslims, al-Qasimi apparently believes that it makes a strong case for Spain to turn the cathedral into a mosque as a form of "reparation."   During an Arabic-language satellite program discussing his new book, he said:   Allah willing, this book will have an impact; and here we demand at least the return of the mosque of Cordoba to us.  I've demanded this before, and they informed me that the...(Read Full Article)
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