Ignoring Clinton Charity Frauds to Attack Trump for Paying Taxes

Yesterday, the New York Times published 10,000 empty words on Donald Trump’s taxes, a barrage of self-inflicted wounds gutting the integrity of the editorial staff and management of this publicly traded, yet family influenced company. Yet it was not an effective indictment of any Trump family member. It is not a crime to offset losses against income, a fact that has been true for decades. And, it is profit-seeking businesses, and their owners and employees that produce the bulk of taxable income, yielding revenue needed to defray expenses of government. Over decades, generations of Trumps employed thousands of New Yorkers directly and indirectly producing incomes and spending that filled tax coffers at federal, state, city and county level.   But instead of cultivating the Trump family and other profit-seekers, city and state government officials decided to persecute them, something Mayor DeBlasio and Governor Cuomo II, seemingly delight in doing. A Welcome...(Read Full Article)
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