Ignoring Clinton Charity Frauds to Attack Trump for Paying Taxes

Yesterday, the New York Times published 10,000 empty words on Donald Trump’s taxes, a barrage of self-inflicted wounds gutting the integrity of the editorial staff and management of this publicly traded, yet family influenced company. Yet it was not an effective indictment of any Trump family member.

It is not a crime to offset losses against income, a fact that has been true for decades. And, it is profit-seeking businesses, and their owners and employees that produce the bulk of taxable income, yielding revenue needed to defray expenses of government.

Over decades, generations of Trumps employed thousands of New Yorkers directly and indirectly producing incomes and spending that filled tax coffers at federal, state, city and county level.   But instead of cultivating the Trump family and other profit-seekers, city and state government officials decided to persecute them, something Mayor DeBlasio and Governor Cuomo II, seemingly delight in doing.

A Welcome Mat for Grifters

While the Trump family hails from the Empire State, Bill and Hillary Clinton formally arrived there officially as a pair of carpetbaggers from Washington, DC in 2001, having plucked their previous domiciles clean.

Like her predecessor Eric Schneiderman, New York Attorney General Tish James relentlessly pounds the Trump family for charity offenses but so far has turned a blind eye to the biggest illegal enrichment scheme using "charities" since Tammany Hall.

Meanwhile, editors at The New York Times refuse to look through publicly available filings concerning a supposed charity now called "The Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation" that began hustling in New York in 1998, while the Clinton's and their lawyers needed vast sums to fend off impeachment, and pay overdue legal bills.

When it comes to the Trumps, authorities enforce strict laws regulating charities and their money-raising appeals, but not so for the Clintons. This is especially true of Robert Mueller and James Comey, who "missed" the early period of Clinton charity fraud, when they "investigated" the Clinton Foundation with grand juries from 2001 to 2005, according to documents available online at the FBI Vault website.

By 2005, Bill Clinton boasted in the paperback edition of his book on page 958 that he spent time since January 2001: "building my library in Arkansas and my foundation in Harlem."

But hard facts suggest otherwise.

Documents available in Arkansas and on the Clinton Foundation website prove that the original entity -- The William J. Clinton Presidential Foundation -- operated from 23 October 1997 through 22 December 1997 without adopting Bylaws, in violation of Arkansas state law. This is not a minor, technical matter.

The crucial organizing document makes clear that the original nonprofit corporation was intended to be a public charity.  Public charities must formally exist and cannot be governed by one family or used to raise sums from corrupt donors looking to purchase influence.

So how, for example, did Bill and Hillary Clinton select a specific site for "their" foundation in Arkansas on Nov. 7, 1997 as a C-SPAN interview of Skip Rutherford (first president of Clinton Foundation) claims?  Bill did not become a trustee or director of any Clinton charity until 2009, while Hillary waited until 2013.

A Long Trail of Dubious Missteps

A fair analysis of public documents by the IRS, if it were politically neutral, would have denied federal tax exemption for the Clinton Foundation. Of course, that did not happen when Bill Clinton was in the White House. Instead, the IRS "ignored" obvious defects in the application and granted conditional exemption on Jan. 29, 1998 as the Clintons together fended off Bill's Paula Jones and Monica Lewinsky problems.

Then, by mid 1998, the Clinton Foundation filed a materially false registration statement in New York, failing to explain why the entity did not file an IRS return on Form 990 covering its partial year operation in 1997. Importantly, this registration did explain, before Hillary announced her ambition to represent New York in the U.S. Senate, that the Clinton Foundation would operate only in a Little Rock city park and not all over the world.

Ever since 1998, the Clintons have violated legions of laws that might protect New Yorkers from charity and tax frauds.  For example, a public charity must further specific, tax-exempt purposes. If it wishes to alter its geographic focus, it ordinarily must secure IRS approval, in advance, before making such a change. And, states including New York legally require charities to make prompt, publicly available notification of such changes.

The Clinton "charities" never have complied with crucial charity laws and did not even bother to file independent certified audits of their financial results for 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, or 2003 in New York, as is specifically required. Thereafter, purported audits for 2004 forward are each materially false and incomplete. Without effective audits, no outsider can know what actually happened to donations sent towards a charity.

Does "The Clinton Foundation" Exist?

Forgetting grievous accounting "errors," no Clinton "charity" bothered to register with the New York Secretary of State until 2009. Before then numerous appeals went out supposedly using names associated with the Clinton family. These "fictitious names" have not been properly registered in each New York county where they have been used to solicit funds or to operate. The possibility that bank accounts may have been opened many places in these names is one that must be considered.

Real New Yorkers will remember when so many street corners in Manhattan had folding tables with gigantic glass jars on them supposedly seeking cash donations for the homeless. There was no actual charity in that case. Grifters pulled on heartstrings, and then harvested donations for themselves using glass jars instead of fake bank accounts.

Correcting the Record

What Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton have done in New York and internationally with their many fake "charities" is far worse.

Ask people in India, Asia or Haiti, what happened to billions of dollars raised and, in theory, sent for natural disaster relief efforts overseen by the Clintons. To this day there has never been an honest accounting of these activities.

By what authority and in what guise was all this money solicited, raised and spent?

New York has pushed out a family of billionaires who fell afoul of charity offenses resulting in penalties of less than $30 million.

Meanwhile, they welcomed technically bankrupt Arkansans to foist a set of charity frauds on taxpayers that is at least $3 billion in size.

And what do the many preening "investigative journalists" at The New York Times do?

They stubbornly ignore the largest, as yet unprosecuted fraud and corruption scandal in American history.

When you say you are giving money away, no one checks carefully enough to see how much money you truly raised and where it actually went.

And when celebrities or politicians are involved, donors let down their guard.

The Trump Administration should not only make sure that all charity frauds are prosecuted aggressively, it should make harsh examples particularly of U.S. charities, real or fake, that solicit donations trading on the actus or imagined plight of others.

As for The New York Times, rest in blind partisanship but don't forget to register as an agent of the imaginary Biden for President campaign.

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