How Trump can Connect with Moderate Democrats

Donald Trump has plenty of ammunition for today's debate: violent riots, unconstitutional government shutdowns, court-packing, deliberate racial division, open borders, sanctuary cities, raising taxes, Hunter Biden, and a failed left-wing coup against the president.

Despite a plethora of areas where Trump can strike Joe Biden, there's another opportunity for the president to reach across the political aisle and deliver a message that resonates with many Democrats; by reminding voters that we don't have to live this way. 

Many Americans live in a constant state of fear -- not necessarily a fear of violence, but from having their lives and careers destroyed at the most ephemeral moment, and for the most trivial reason. 

A recent headline read: “Disgraced MLB, NFL announcer Thom Brennaman resigns from Reds broadcasts after using an anti-gay slur.”  Brennaman was a 33-year veteran as a broadcaster, and a single three-letter word starting with "f" and ending in "g" said over a hot mic was all it took for his career to collapse.  

NBA announcer John Focke was suspended for a tweet about the Charlotte Hornets victory over the Denver Nuggets, where he typed the n-word instead of "Nuggets." The media instantly targeted him for extermination, arguing that Focke deliberately wrote the racist word because he's racist.  How could anyone think an NBA announcer would intentionally destroy his career and deliberately make himself unemployable in the industry forever?  Considering those two words only differ by two letters, and both of those letters are right next to each other on every keyboard, it's more than plausible it was only a typo.  

Hockey announcer Jeremy Roenick is suing NBC News for firing him, allegedly because he’s a straight white male and a Trump supporter, who needs to make room for diversity.  Considering the hostility towards Trump within the media, Roenick's allegations are undoubtedly possible. 

ESPN fired tennis commentator Doug Adler for describing Venus Williams' strategy as the "guerilla effect."  Cancel culture leftists immediately demanded Adler's termination for associating a black tennis player with a gorilla.  Of course, many leftists cannot discern the difference between the words "guerilla" and "gorilla."  ESPN executives are aware the word "guerilla" is not new in the tennis world, but they fired Adler anyway.  In his lawsuit against ESPN for wrongful termination, Adler said: "They killed me, they made me unemployable. They ended my career; they killed my reputation, my good name."  Adler went on to say, "they effectively branded me, my character and my reputation for the rest of my life."

The left's infatuation for destroying the lives and careers of anyone who offends them is not limited to sports broadcasters.  Still, so many examples within a tiny industry should illustrate the extent of the problem. 

Every day, Americans walk on eggshells, glancing over their shoulders before sharing their opinions.  This fear is not exclusive to Republicans. I've worked with many Democrats who have shared the same concerns in the corporate world and speak with extreme caution before disclosing that they don’t believe gender is a social construct or some other fundamental truth the left would destroy them for saying.  

In 2016, Trump gained some fans because of his brash behavior in the face of political correctness, but today, it's not as simple as merely being against political correctness.  The pathogen of leftism has mutated into an endless array of grotesque mobs who spend their days panning the internet searching for their next target to immiserate for racism, sexism, or homophobia.  With each casualty, their appetite for destroying others only grows.

Democrats excuse their surprising lack of empathy for those they ruin by rationalizing that it should be easy to avoid racist and homophobic comments for people who aren't racist and homophobic.  But remember, the left is always changing the language and moving the goalposts -- the insatiableness of the left guarantees that innocuous comments today will be grounds for termination tomorrow. 

Making matters worse is the disregard for sentiments of the past.  A comment you made, or picture you took twenty years ago, could warrant you or your family's demise today.  God forbid, there are photos of your son wearing blackface in 1997 because he wanted to be Michael Jordan for Halloween.

It doesn't have to be this way.  We don't have to relinquish our freedom of speech and freedom of expression due to the fear of having our lives destroyed by the mob. Americans do not have to self-censor and suppress our beliefs because they don't align with radical fascists who control the Democratic party.  We don’t have to be governed by fear of losing everything because our opinion was deemed unacceptable by ignorant twenty-somethings who are still on their parent’s phone plan.

The Democratic party tries to intellectually constrain Americans through the bondage of fear, and moderate Democrats fear cancel culture, too.  Trump has an opportunity to tell Americans that if we ever want to return to normalcy and take back the ability to speak freely without worrying whether our lives will be ruined for incorrect thoughts, voting Republican is our only hope. 

Americans are like herds of cattle running away from a small dog with a loud bark.  If the cattle ever developed enough courage to stick together and charge directly at the dog, they would discover the antidote to the dog’s harassment.  If freedom-loving Americans would stick together and reject the left’s poison, we would also discover the antidote to the left’s stranglehold of our culture.   

Americans living in fear of left-wing mobs are not free. Trump can connect with some Democrats by reminding them the worst thing they could do is incentivize the mob by rewarding them with political power.   If Trump were to deliver that message, it will likely be ignored by the media, but it’s a message that would strike a chord with many voters outside the Republican party.

Bode Lang is a Conservative blogger who produces conservative videos on YouTube. You can find him at

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