Every Card is the Race Card, But They’re Not Playing with a Full Deck

  A few days prior to delivering a speech during the opening night of the recent Republican National Convention, guest-speaker and former football star Herschel Walker ripped Democrats in a tweet for “playing the race card way too much,” at their own convention the week prior.  While Walker clearly has a legitimate point, it was actually a huge understatement.   In 2020, every card in the Democrats’ deck is the race card.  There are no clubs or diamonds.  There are no one-eyed Jacks or suicide Kings; and please feel free to insert your own witty comment here about Jokers.  Democrats will “play the race card” at any time, with any topic, and without any evidence.  The only question remaining about Democrats and their approach to race relations is -- how can anyone even take them seriously anymore? Several weeks into O.J. Simpson’s murder trial in 1995, attorney Johnny Cochran decided to employ race as part...(Read Full Article)
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