Black Lives Matter's Cannon Fodder: Its Own Allies and Supporters

A 1965 cartoon shows a Communist Party Chinese official proclaiming, "We will fight to the last Vietnamese any U.S. Attempt for a Negotiated Peace." Black Lives Matter has made it equally clear that it will fight to the last professional athlete, actor, and "ally" to achieve its proclaimed goals of "revolution," "change," and "transformation." The so-called leaders of this organization also remind me of General Mireau in the movie Paths of Glory, in which generals in comfortable chateaus far from the battlefield order enlisted men into frontal attacks to advance the generals' careers. These manipulators are all willing to use and discard other people to achieve their ends. Black Lives Matter Will Fight to the Last Professional Athlete Black Lives Matter thanked the Milwaukee Bucks and other teams for going on strike in support of Jacob Blake, who was shot by a police officer after he resisted arrest and then reached into his...(Read Full Article)
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