The Democrats Face the Inferno They Created

The other day a puling Don Lemon, the infamous CNN anchor, not a purveyor of citrus flavored tequila, ripped the mask off the Democrat/leftist body politic when he opined that presidential candidate Joe Biden needed to speak out against the rioting currently destroying Democrat-run cities because the unrestrained violence was beginning to hurt him at the polls.

In uttering nary a word about the impact the widespread suffering and destruction was having on Americans, he starkly displayed the callous disregard Democrats have for this nation and its citizens.  

When he said of the violence, “I know it’s showing up in the polling.” Lemon was admitting the unofficial Democratic Party policy of “let them riot and blame Trump for the human suffering and economic devastation,” was no longer operable.

For Democrats, it was never about George Floyd or Jacob Blake. To Dems, while Floyd and Blake’s deaths were a tragedy, the true tragedy would be the reelection of Donald Trump.

Someone once said that if you give people long enough and listen carefully, they will always tell you who they are. Lemon is telling us exactly who the Democrats are.

It was a staggeringly profound confession, whether he intended it as so or not. Perhaps next he will advise Biden to advocate reopening the economy and the schools because trying to destroy the country in order to use impoverished and despondent Americans against Trump for political purposes was also costing him votes.

Now, with the successful RNC Convention, and its parade of regular people of all stripes effectively explaining to the public the debacle Democrats are trying to force-feed Americans as the “new,” “new normal,” floundering Democrats are panicking.

Yet, with people starting to fight back, it may be too late for them.

With Antifa, the paramilitary arm of the Democratic Party, BLM, its ideological arm, and the media, its propaganda arm, the Democrats have confected a riotous monster they are no longer able to control. When you allow people to run rampant in the streets with no repercussions, the anarchy, looting, and arson that result awakens within the faux revolutionaries their “woke muscles,” allowing them to feel “big,” and, most importantly, in charge.

Breaking stuff and burning stuff is fun. Looting is not only fun, but profitable. Being able to order people around is empowering. For the aspiring sociopaths roaming free in our streets, hurting people with impunity is a dream come true.

Why would they ever want to stop now? 

Democrats will now seek to add tepid disapproval of rioting and rioters to their active and avowed support of protestors just as Americans have come to the conclusion that they are one and the same, and are beginning to take to the streets to fight back.

At some point, Americans will have had enough and are going to confront the attackers themselves. We are seeing it in Kenosha, Wisconsin, as well as in selected areas all over the country.

Say what you will about Kyle Rittenhouse, now charged with murder after killing two Antifa/BLM members and wounding another in Kenosha, under circumstances which seem to indicate self-defense, but he is the logical creation of the Democrat policy of forcing people to fear for their lives, families, property, and livelihoods.

The rioters, the Democrats, and the media have been playing with fire and are now being consumed by the inferno they created. More and more, regular Americans are taking to the streets to either confront rioters or delineate a border beyond which they are not allowed to pass, and they are doing so armed.

People actively protecting their neighborhoods, neighbors, and businesses by banding together to confront rioters is something that should have been expected and now, more than likely, is too late to stop. Expect to see much more of it.

The “law and order” Trump, always an outspoken supporter of police, has long called for an end to the violence while continuously offering federal assistance. He has been serially rebuked by Democrats who have tried to score political points with the anarchy by using the suffering populace against him in their election campaign to install the “King of Aphasia,” Joe Biden as president.

C’mon man, did they really believe that would work?

Now, as it hurts Democrats in the polls, they will find that not only will changing course further erode their relationship of convenience with their leftist brethren, it will also not make a difference with outraged rioters except to further provoke rebellious conflagration.

The Democrats fomented civil war and that is exactly what they are getting.

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Image: Needpix

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