The Conservative Hero Who Can Pick Up a Senate Seat in New Hampshire (But Who Needs Your Donations Now)

New Hampshire is home to a lot of close elections.  It may still have a reputation for hardworking, independent Yankees, and supposedly 2% more Republican voters than Democrats, but the last time the state voted for a Republican for president was in 2000.  In 2016, President Trump lost by fewer than 3,000 votes. 

This year, New Hampshire is expected to be a nail biter for the president.  The right GOP Senate candidate could make a crucial difference, but it is not at all certain we will get the top candidate who can help turn out voters.  The state GOP are not fighters and are said to have already conceded the Senate seat to Democrat incumbent, Jeanne Shaheen, although half the voters in the state told pollsters last year they want a change.

Brigadier General Don Bolduc begs to differ.  He is running with everything he’s got in the GOP Senate primary on September 8, just two weeks away.  General Bolduc generated a lot of conservative media excitement when he announced (see the National ReviewDaily CallerBreibart, and the Military Times) and for very good reason – he is one of our most decorated war heroes and a true conservative.  But actual financial and organizing support from the GOP, not so much.  Lack of funds is seriously hampering his efforts to get his message out.

No one is watching his back.  Brigadier General Bolduc is out there on the hustings and on the phone… on his own.  This is so wrong.  In his 32 years of active duty service to his country, Don Bolduc received two awards for valor, five Bronze Star medals, two Purple Hearts, led ten deployments, and survived both a bomb blast, numerous firefights, and a helicopter crash.  He rose from private to Brigadier General.   After 9/11, then Major Bolduc led one of the first groups into Afghanistan, riding on horseback against the Taliban in the southern mountains. From 2013-2017, he ran U.S. military actions in Africa, responsible for 1,700 military personnel in 28 countries, and counter-terrorism operations.  He also served on the Joint Staff for the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of the Army, so he understands D.C. swamp politics very well.  Since leaving military service, he has devoted himself to veteran’s welfare.

Don Bolduc is a fighter and a winner.  And he wants the chance to fight for our country.

Here is the bottom line in the coming election presidential election, in the General’s words:

“Forget about the tweets.  Look at what danger our country is in.  We have a choice in this election between American socialism and freedom.  If we elect American socialism, we’re going to have to fight our way back to freedom.  And it will get uglier.  We’ve got to send people down there who are going to immediately stand up and say this is wrong, this is why it’s wrong, and constantly push back on this socialist narrative that’s been allowed to supplant the values and ethics in our Declaration of Independence and our federalist republic.  The people we send down there are careerist politicians and they're not working for us.  It’s time to change.  That’s what I’m offering, nothing more than that.  I promise I will go down and I will do that. I will be accountable to the people who sent me down there, not special interests or lobbyists.”

New Hampshire’s ‘First in The Nation Presidential Primary’ is famous, but they have another, less savory, tradition -- Democrat meddling in Republican primaries.  Liberals register as independents and bring in buses of college students, some of them double voting in other states, to knock out the strongest GOP candidate.  According to former state rep Michael Moffet, they have Don Bolduc in their crosshairs.

We are facing a potentially serious setback for the conservative cause, as Brigadier General Don Bolduc is exactly the sort of man the nation needs in Washington.  He has been endorsed by Senator Cotton and by the Senate Conservatives Fund as a ‘top priority’ race.  

General Bolduc has some real strengths in the primary and the general Senate race.  He has been an outstanding advocate for our vets, and there are 115,000 vets voting in New Hampshire.  He is a native son, grandson of a New Hampshire farmer, running in the Senate primary against a Colorado businessman. 

He is smart, sensible, and practical on many pressing issues, promoting effective conservative approaches to health care and education.

As a retired military man with 33 years of selfless service, who achieved the rank of Brigadier General, Bolduc turned down six-figure offers to join the DC swamp as a lobbyist and ‘board member’ working his Rolodex for military procurement contracts.  He is believable when he pledges to voters, he is not joining the Senate to make a fortune, like most of our politicians.   He wants to get to Washington to fight for his constituents and for our country.

I had the privilege of spending half an hour on the phone with General Bolduc and came away floored that he is being starved for funds to promote his candidacy.  I am heartened that the generation of men who served in Iraq and Afghanistan are showing an interest in political leadership and entering the very dirty arena of American politics.  General Bolduc would be joining leaders like Senator Cotton and Congressman Crenshaw.  When I look at the next generation of GOP leadership, it is people like General Bolduc who give me hope for America.

You can donate to General Bolduc’s campaign here 

Photo credit: U.S. Special Operations Command Africa

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