The Breathtaking Ignorance and Gullibility of America’s Elites

Those of us that immigrated to the United States from various hellholes over the decades find one characteristic of the current American populace astonishing and disturbing.  That is the breathtaking level of gullibility and ignorance of many ostensibly well-educated native-born Americans.  

Over the years, this growing naïveté and obliviousness has been a source of amusement and head-shaking incredulity.  However, these traits have now become so dominant among an ever-growing segment of the upper classes within American society that the future of this nation as a prosperous and freedom loving country is in serious jeopardy.   The potential descent into the pitfalls of collectivism of the nation that has done more than any country in world history to lift vast swaths of mankind out of poverty and despair would precipitate a catastrophe not only for the American people but for the rest of humanity.

 There is little doubt that a major contributing factor to the ever-growing ignorance of much of the native-born citizenry can be traced back to  Marxist leaning education establishment that has been increasingly focused, for the past 45 years, on indoctrination not education.  In the 1960’s and 70’s the United States had the best educated young people on the planet ranking at or near the top in math, reading and science.  However, by 2015 out of 70 developed countries throughout the world, American 15-year-olds ranked 38th in math, 24th in reading and 24th in science. 

Concurrent with the precipitous drop in these core subjects, curricula previously used for over a century in secondary and higher education, designed to foster appreciation of the Judeo-Christian basis of the nation’s founding as well as the development of reason and independent thinking by the students, was deliberately abandoned.  Most notably at the nation’s colleges and universities.  In its place was an emphasis on revisionist American history and so-called self-esteem and its corollary, victimhood.  All with an eye toward an eventual fundamental transformation of the United States.

While this calamitous makeover of the education establishment is a major underlying factor in the growth of gullibility among the ostensibly well-educated, there are other dynamics at play as well. 

Four generations of Americans have been born since this nation experienced a catastrophic national crisis and attendant hardships.  Over those eighty years of unprecedented peace and prosperity a mindset of “it could never happen here” coupled with “the omnipotent entity known as government will take care of any problems” took root among the upper classes.   This overall viewpoint essentially replaced a belief in God with a reliance on man and his institutions.  

Thus, when combined with an inculcated inability to reason or generate an original thought, far too many willingly accept any pronouncement or machination proffered by those in the governing class.  Mindlessly believing and acting on these proclamations reinforced the herd mentality of the legions of vacuous but committed true believers, regardless of how absurd and unbelievable these assertions or conspiracies theories were.  Among the more recent:

  • The declaration that gender dysphoria or transgenderism is no longer a serious mental health issue but is, in reality, normal behavior and must be accepted and promoted as, by mere self-declaration; men can be women and women can be men.   
  • Abortion up to the time of birth must be ceaselessly championed as the entity on the cusp of being born is merely a clump of cells which magically becomes a human being only after exiting the birth canal. 
  • It is now an irrefutable truth that the United States is, has been, and always will be a systemically racist country that no amount of societal transformation can alter. 
  • Anyone with white skin regardless of class, circumstances or geography unfairly benefits from “White Privilege.”  
  • In a feat only a Marvel Comics author could accomplish, Donald Trump is not only a treasonous, albeit transparent, Manchurian candidate and puppet of Vladimir Putin, he is also the incarnation of a composite Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini.

This inanity has now progressed to a point where this nation’s future is truly at risk.  These same upper-class dupes, in their overwrought effort to oust supervillain Donald Trump, have willingly allied themselves with Marxists, whose sole reason for being is to radically transform the nation.  Thanks to their inability to think independently and their acceptance of so many ludicrous concepts over the years, they gullibly believe that when Trump is removed from office, America will be able to return to their version of normal. 

But that is not going to happen.  The Marxists now control the dissemination of ideas through the universities and much of the media, as well as the streets and elected offices in many major American cities.  Further, the violent tactics of their militant arms, Antifa and Black Lives Matter, have been tacitly legitimized by the quiescence of the Democratic Party.  They smell blood in the water and thus will never agree to any form of the liberalism that much of the current governing class claims to espouse.   Regardless of President Trump’s electoral fortunes, the “resistance” is not going to end.  If Trump loses, the “resistance” will evolve into the “revolution,” culminating in a single political party Marxist/socialist state.

The Marxists cannot and will not acquiesce to any attempt at appeasement or compromise.  The true believers in the media and the universities have confirmed this mindset.   As the recent ostracization of Bari Weiss and James Bennet from The New York Times for being insufficiently obeisant to current Marxist dogma verifies.  Media figures initially and foolishly seeking to accommodate and placate their Marxist colleagues rarely succeed.   The examples of similar blacklisting of professors and academics who did not 100% toe the party line while seeking to appease their Marxist colleagues or students are legion.

With the nomination of a senescent Joe Biden and a Democrat Party intimidated by and beholden to the Marxists, the many ostensibly well-educated native-born elites who have been marinating in their ignorance and gullibility for the past quarter century have forced the nation to choose between two alternatives. 

Israeli born Yoram Hazony, Chairman of the Edmund Burke Society, in an excellent article on the reality of American Marxism expounds on those alternatives as follows:

I know that many liberals are confused, and that they suppose there are various alternatives before them.  But it isn’t true.  At this point, most of the alternatives that existed a few years ago are gone.  Liberals will have to choose between two alternatives: either they will submit to the Marxists, and help them bring democracy in America to an end.  Or they will assemble a pro-democracy alliance with conservatives.  There aren’t any other choices.

The only viable option is a pro-democracy alliance which means the re-election of Donald Trump and control of both Houses of Congress by the Republicans in November.

Graphic credit: Public Domain Vectors licensed under  CCO1.0

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