Socialists as White Saviors

Once upon a time Marxism was a revolutionary economic program, but as the 20th century progressed into the 21st, Marxist thought crept into a great many other political programs and fields of political thought. Furthermore, anyone who knows anything about communist societies knows that the totalitarian social controls within those societies extend well beyond the mere economic. Astute Westerners recognize noneconomic Marxist thought as being the source of, or at the very least inseparable from, matters as diverse as radical feminism, political correctness, cultural Marxism, modern progressivism, and social justice, to name just a few.

Thus, at this stage in history, there is almost no separating Marxist thinking on economics from Marxist thinking on race (race egalitarianism, anti-asperism), culture (cultural determinism), national sovereignty (open borders, globalism), sex (feminism and transgenderism), and virtually everything else. The left has successfully merged traditional Marxist economic thought with its largely noneconomic offshoots. It has traded the revolution of the penniless masses against the bourgeois oppressor for the revolution of the nonwhite masses against the white oppressor. The result is that when socialists today speak of liberating the downtrodden and the powerless, there is an unmistakable racial dimension.

Now, if you have been paying attention, you will have noticed that in recent years the political left has been waging a crusade against “white saviors” in their midst, white saviors being those whites who believe it their natural-born duty to save nonwhites from all that hurts and hampers them in modern society. This anti-savior campaign represents a palpable irony, however. After all, isn’t this white savior complex exactly what motivates virtually every white leftist to become a leftist in the first place? Whites who adopt socialist positions generally perceive themselves as being latter-day Robin Hoods in red tights and black masks, punishing cruel, privileged light-skinned plutocrats and aristocrats on behalf of downtrodden dark-skinned social victims unfairly kept down by systemic racism and other figments of the far left’s imagination. Granted, this white messiah complex may not be the principal motivation behind why some whites have chosen to cling bitterly to the utterly bankrupt ideology that is socialism, but good golly, it sure seems like a major motivation in virtually all cases.

Furthermore, if white saviors truly are to be purged from the political left’s ranks, or at the very least sidelined, will there be any whites left on the left when all is said and done? I do not imagine there is a solitary left coast corporate bigwig who would survive the white savior purge.

You see, behind all the inane rhetoric about "equality" and "social justice" and "defeating fictional fascists," an awfully ordinary, equally pathetic personality lurks. You know the type. The do-gooder. The bleeding heart. The 30-year-old blue hair throwing Molotov cocktails at Milo Yiannopoulos with complete legal impunity. The Bernie Bro with bumper stickers everywhere but his bumper. The lonely middle-aged white cat lady who adopts a Ugandan child sure to be raised fatherless. And it is the same messianic impulse in all these self-absorbed nitwits, is it not? They think it their personal duty to save the world. They are neither wise enough nor humble enough to understand how foolish they look from the outside.

And whereas some may consider this savior impulse a healthy one, when it takes the form of a self-important, unquestioning zealotry and riots which destroy the businesses of innocent folks barely scraping by already, and extralegal violence against right-leaning intellectuals, it is anything but healthy. In fact, the continued spread of Antifa/BLM’s newfangled brand of Bolshevism is a threat to the very existence of this deeply afflicted nation, which today bears no meaningful resemblance to the America of yore.

In sum, for once the Marxists seem to have actually gotten something right. The white savior complex is indeed a cancer plaguing the western world. It is not a cancer merely because it reduces nonwhites to objects and nonagents, incapable of so much as helping themselves, whose only hope of redemption is through the sacrifice and beneficence of white Jesuses. It also has a great many whites convinced that they can only redeem themselves by destroying themselves. That is an extremely unhealthy, nay downright suicidal mindset for any people. Should whites succeed in sacrificing themselves to the godhead of diversity, the world will not be a better place for it.

Finally, this white savior complex clearly functions as fertile soil for totalitarianism to thrive, here an imbecilic left-wing totalitarianism the world has seen tried a thousand times before to devastating effect. Russia, Cambodia, China, Cuba, the list goes on. After all, if you believe ninety percent or so of the planet’s people are dependent upon you to save them, what evil actions couldn’t you justify to that end? Needless to say, these fools who believe they must radically remake the world in the image of some fanciful utopia where complete equality is prized above all else, are pure of heart but devoid of head. It is not only minorities who do not want or need these white saviors; they are no use to any of us. Not only will they never be saving anyone, should they get their way, they will surely doom us all.

Image: Aaron Robert Kathman

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