Don't Be a Victim of Democrat Abuse and Voter Endangerment

Biden poked his head out of the basement Monday but saw his shadow and quickly retreated back into hiding.  Bad news, America: six more weeks of riots and looting. Democrats have a problem.  It turns out they can't set cities on fire, destroy local businesses, and unleash rampant violence upon their residents and call it an election strategy.  They can accurately call it domestic terrorism or anti-government insurrection, but those bumper stickers don't sell well when every car parked in Democrat zones of lawlessness from New York City to Portland has already been ransacked and torched.   What to do?  Blame the whole Democrat operation on President Trump, of course.  Somehow, the guy who has been standing up to the mob for four years is secretly leading the mob, too.  Joe Biden's campaign may be bailing out the army of Marxist brownshirts toppling...(Read Full Article)
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