Don't Be a Victim of Democrat Abuse and Voter Endangerment

Biden poked his head out of the basement Monday but saw his shadow and quickly retreated back into hiding.  Bad news, America: six more weeks of riots and looting.

Democrats have a problem.  It turns out they can't set cities on fire, destroy local businesses, and unleash rampant violence upon their residents and call it an election strategy.  They can accurately call it domestic terrorism or anti-government insurrection, but those bumper stickers don't sell well when every car parked in Democrat zones of lawlessness from New York City to Portland has already been ransacked and torched.  

What to do?  Blame the whole Democrat operation on President Trump, of course.  Somehow, the guy who has been standing up to the mob for four years is secretly leading the mob, too.  Joe Biden's campaign may be bailing out the army of Marxist brownshirts toppling statues in city squares and beating people in the streets, and Soros-installed faux prosecutors may be setting criminals free to commit new and worse crimes, but it's the law-and-order candidate in the White House who is actually to blame.

I know it's a bedrock principle of American politics that Democrats achieve success by simply accusing their Republican opponents of whatever crimes or political transgressions they, themselves, are instigating, but this about-face takes the cake!  After every Democrat fear merchant has spent months bending the knee in support of and allegiance to the enemy occupying forces taking over American towns, they now want us to forget their ties to the Marxist mobs entirely?  That would be like asking Americans to vote for a candidate who is so well known to be suffering from dementia that...wait, scratch that simile.

Democrats do get away with murder, don't they?

This last Saturday, an Antifa operative walked up behind a Trump-supporter in Portland and shot him dead.  There was no heat-of-the-moment fight leading to the murder.  It was a cold-blooded political assassination, and Antifa immediately cheered the result and began fundraising for bulletproof vests while the victim still lay on the street.  Both Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and "Joke" Biden immediately blamed President Trump, while giving Antifa and their murderous allies another pass.  It was murder most foul, and Democrats took sides with the murderer.  Only in Biden's America can a person be killed for his political views and immediately be blamed by the national press and Democrats before even being carried away.  The lives of Trump-supporters just don't matter.

This type of Democrat political violence should have been highlighted and eradicated back in 2017, when a Bernie Sanders–supporter and frequent emailer of Democrat Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois attempted to carry out a mass political assassination that could easily have ended with two dozen dead Republican congressmen.  That attack nearly changed the balance of power in Washington and the course of national history, but still Jeff Flake and other apologists found it easier to blame President Trump rather than call out the relentless Democrat campaign to tar his presidency as illegitimate and a national threat.  Because the press and the Democrats ignored the violence breathing life into their political party, they implicitly sanctioned all the acts of violence that have continued to the current day.  If Antifa and BLM someday achieve what the 2017 shooter did not, nobody in America will be surprised because nobody in America has seen any pushback against the Democratic Party's sympathies for acts of domestic terror.

There is no reason for Americans to accept Democrat terror as an inevitable "new normal," though.

If you have been surviving in a pocket of America where Democrats have forced you into unemployment over a virus that is proving less lethal by the day, robbed your kids of an education while using teachers' unions as political weapons, turned your elderly parents' nursing home into a death camp for disease transmission, fire-bombed your favorite restaurant or neighborhood drugstore because you've been deemed insufficiently "woke" and irredeemably racist, and now deprived you of any sports or entertainment shows that don't first take a moment to tell you how awful and evil you are, then you are a victim of Democrat abuse and voter endangerment.  

American cities didn't kill themselves, after all.  Democrats did that.  All this mayhem and violence in the streets — the Democrats built that, too.  

Democrats have had an absolute monopoly on the way most American cities are governed for fifty to a hundred years.  They run those cities' police departments.  They control the national news media housed in those cities.  They sit on the boards of all the "woke" corporations that fuel their wealth.  They've taken over the sports leagues and replaced entertainment with sermons from the perpetually aggrieved.  They have the backing of the Chamber of Commerce, an organization that prefers Wall Street to Main Street and cashing checks from Chinese communists to aiding American workers.  And the Democrats are Hollywood.  

If there is "institutional racism" lurking in the heart of big "blue" cities, by golly it is wholly owned and operated by the Democratic Party.  And if LeBron James thinks the "system" is still rigged against him, then he needs to wake up to who's doing the rigging.  Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti is a Democrat.  Kenosha mayor John Antaramian is a Democrat.  Minneapolis mayor Jacob Frey is a Democrat.  New York mayor Bill de Blasio is a Democrat.  Maybe it's time for athletes who insist that "black lives matter" to recognize that seeking help from the party that harms them will only get them more of the same.  

For too many years, Democrats have destroyed American cities and gotten away with it.  They've encouraged rioting and looting on the streets and called it "justice."  They've looked the other way while police officers and Republicans are attacked and murdered, and their national politicians pause but a second before once again engaging in the kind of rhetoric that only provides legitimacy to future violence.  If the highest-ranking Democrat in the United States, Nancy Pelosi, can call Republicans "enemies of the state" without thinking the recent political assassination in Portland is the natural result, she is mentally unfit to serve.  If she and other national Democrats are well aware of the violence they help seed, then they aren't representing a political party anymore.  They're just part of the revolutionary mob.  Either way, it's time for all of them to go.  

Hat tip to Thomas M. Kelly.

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