Black Lives Matter: A Political Campaign Disguised as a Civil Rights Movement

The Black Lives Matter Global Network touts itself as a civil rights movement whose purpose is to oppose racism and police misconduct.  So far, so good — there is not one decent person in this entire country who supports racism or police misconduct.  (I do not regard white supremacists, or their non-white counterparts such as Louis Farrakhan, as decent people.)  Its real priorities, however, seem to lie elsewhere. Civil Rights? Where? Let's look first at what BLM is actually doing to promote civil rights and remedy the problems about which it complains.  The home page includes a video called "Now We Transform," which proclaims, "This is the revolution.  Change is coming."  It includes a video of a candlelit rally reminiscent of some torchlit ones in 1930s Germany, and it adds, "This is the watershed moment that brought the world to its knees."  Information about your civil rights as a peaceful protester...(Read Full Article)
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