Bated Breath for Barr's Big Break

With the reported guilty plea of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) lawyer Kevin Clinesmith to a false statement charge as part of John Durham's Russia Hoax investigation, true conservatives are celebrating the much heralded arrival of Attorney General (A.G.) William (Bill) Barr, who, we are being promised, will round up the coup-plotters with dispatch and bring a rain ruin to the anti-Trump cabal that engaged in the illegal spying and sting operations against the president and his associates. 

And yet...and yet..Kevin Clinesmith?  Not exactly a ringleader in the anti-Trump cabal.  And what of the instigators of this audacious plot against the president (i.e., John Brennan, James Clapper, James Comey, Joe Biden, or Barack Obama to name but a few)?  Thus far, Barr has indicated no intention of prosecuting anyone beyond the low-hanging fruit of Kevin Clinesmith and even publicly issued assurances to Barack Obama and Joe Biden that they have no criminal culpability (to say nothing of Barr's exoneration of Andrew McCabe on Valentine's Day).  Former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) chief John Brennan was reportedly told by Durham that he was not a target (or even a subject) of the Russia Hoax investigation.  And it appears that Durham has not even interviewed most of the principal figures central to the Russia Hoax.  While Barr and Durham should be applauded for finally taking some judicial action, however limited, if Kevin "little fish" Clinesmith is their biggest catch and the true ringleaders escape unscathed, we can be assured these serial abuses of power will escalate under a Joe Biden administration.

Consequence #1 — The DOJ Will Ensure a Two-Tiered Politicized Justice System (Exclusively Targeting Conservatives and Protecting Progressives): The DOJ began visibly putting its thumb on the scales of justice in favor of fellow progressives and against conservatives during Obama's reign.  Examples are extensive, but to recap a few highlights, recall the persecution of conservatives by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Sharyl Attkisson/James Rosen spy scandals and the shameless protection of Hillary Clinton, who (along with several members of her staff) committed multiple and flagrant felonies including lying to Congress and felony dissemination of material classified at the highest security levels.  Out of these scandals, and more, how many progressive Democrats were indicted and prosecuted?  None.  Under Obama, the progressive DOJ was the quintessential "hometown referee" for the Democrats.  They blew the whistle on everything Republican (including false allegations, like the Russia Hoax) and looked the other way, every time, when Democrats committed real crimes (just ask Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama).  By some estimates, 97% of DOJ political donations went to the Democratic Party.  Republicans and conservatives, and soon even moderates, are, or will shortly be, subject to a nearly impossible standard of justice.  With Biden's 2020 victory, the progressive Democrats will cement their stranglehold on the DOJ, and the political persecution and censorship of all future generations of Republicans (and, indeed, moderates) is assured. 

Consequence #2 — Escalating Federal Government Attacks against Republicans and Conservatives: Progressive-dominated federal government agencies will renew and escalate attacks against conservative organizations and individuals in the confident knowledge that the politically aligned DOJ will not hold them to account.  The IRS (dominated by left-wing ideologues), among other like-minded agencies (such as the CIA), under a Biden presidency, will be emboldened to renew their attacks on Republicans and conservatives with impunity (just as they did during the Obama years).

Consequence #3 — The Russia Hoax Investigation Will Be Dissolved Immediately by President Biden.

Consequence #4 — The DOJ Will Disenfranchise United States Citizens by Enforcing Open Borders: Under Biden, the DOJ (and the John Roberts–led Supreme Court) will use the awesome power of the law to enforce open borders and grant amnesty to millions of illegal migrants, which will ensure many millions of new voters for the progressive Democrats (to say nothing of breaking the social welfare state at U.S. taxpayer expense).  This will result in the widespread disenfranchisement of United States citizens, whose votes will be essentially nullified.  The DOJ and Supreme Court will be all too happy to ensure Democratic hegemony for the foreseeable future, but along with the new voters will come criminals, gangs, smuggling, disease, and an endless supply of illegal drugs (effectively making the United States an open toilet for the rest of the world).  The rich and happy public "self"-servants of the DOJ and Supreme Court will not suffer the consequences of their disastrous policies from behind their gated and secure communities.  We will. 

Consequence #5 — A One-Party United States: Owing to Consequence #4, we will live in a one-party (Democrat) country.  Diversity of thought and policy will no longer be tolerated.  Those that stray from progressive orthodoxy will be targeted for destruction by the awesome and unchecked powers of the DOJ. 

Consequence #6 — Persecution of Christians (and Rigorous Protection of Non-Christian Faiths): If you burn a Koran, the DOJ will arrest you and charge you with a hate crime.  If you burn a Bible, you won't be.  It's that simple, and it helps explain why the DOJ has taken no steps to protect churches even while they are being actively targeted for desecration during the riots.  If mosques were being burned down, be assured that the DOJ would arrive in force with guns drawn.  If churches are being burned down, the DOJ is cool with that. 

Consequence #7 — Election Interference and Election Rigging Will Be Assured in a Manner Favoring Progressive Democrats: Mail-in voting, already so rife with fraud, along with so-called ballot-harvesting, will be enthusiastically supported (and enforced) by the progressive-friendly DOJ.  Progressive judges called to adjudicate these matters will invariably side with their political allies over the rule of law.  It's an open joke that Republican voters who die often keep right on voting — as Democrats.

Conclusion: This is a pivotal moment for the A.G.'s office, and Bill Barr needs to consider the legacy that he will be leaving future generations.  The seven consequences listed merely scratch the surface in terms of how a progressive Democrat administration will wield the awesome powers of the DOJ as a transformative agent to terrorize and extinguish (conservative) political opponents and ensure permanent progressive Democrat hegemony.  Conservatives like Bill Barr, among many others, still naïvely believe in the equal and transparent application of the rule of law, a belief that is in no way reciprocated by their progressive Democrat colleagues at the DOJ.  To the progressive Democrat, using the awesome power of the law to target morally inferior conservatives is a solemn obligation and duty.  Expecting a progressive Democrat to adhere to the law and engage in fair play is a fool's errand, a fallacy, wishful thinking, hopes and prayers.  We are dealing not with reasonable liberals from several decades ago, but instead with power-crazed progressives who believe they have a mission and mandate to destroy the political opposition.

If Barr hoists the white flag in abject abeyance to the Deep State (as Jeff Sessions did), then the dirty cops will have won.  Conservatives like Bill Barr will then deserve what's coming to them, but our children and grandchildren don't, and they will be the ones who pay the price.  They will live forever in a political prison, under the boot of the progressive Democrat DOJ, which stands ready to strike against law-abiding conservatives — for being conservative, or being Caucasian, or attending a Christian church, or whatever pretext the progressive left can think of — while simultaneously protecting progressive Democrats who abuse conservatives.  Our grandchildren will curse our memory for the government and nation we bequeath to them and the vulnerable, weakened position in which we have left them. 

It has been said that fortune favors the bold, and the progressive Democrats at the DOJ, and other federal agencies, have been oh, so bold in recent years, wielding their awesome powers of terror against the political opposition.  If Barr's "answer" to this vast progressive offensive is Kevin Clinesmith, then the progressive Democrats will have won the final victory.  Conservatives had better begin thinking in terms of bending knee and tending sheep in servitude to the victorious progressive Democrats.

Image: Office of Public Affairs via Flickr.

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