Why Does Nancy Care about Portland?

In poker they call it a “tell” when someone inadvertently signals their hand. So what do you call it when all the usual Democratic suspects pile on when Trump’s G-men take on the Antifa regime thugs in Portland?

And why Nancy Pelosi? Why is she so concerned?

And now even “moms” are peacefully protesting for the right of their children to riot. Hey Midge Decter! That you would have lived to see a rerun of your Sixties reportage, Liberal Parents, Radical Children!

The question is, do Democratic leaders believe that the riots help them win in November? Or are they afraid of losing control of the party if they don’t go along with the crazies?

I’ve decided that it’s the latter. The Democratic party is being taken over by the woke left and the old generation of leaders is desperately trying to stay in control for one last cycle. Probably they will fail and be thrown out after the 2020 election, especially if Trump wins.

Remember back in 2018 when Genius Pelosi got a whole class of moderate Democrats elected to the House? Wasn’t she smart? All those suburban women electing moderates to Congress, and Nancy got to be Speaker again.

Only, it is now clear, Nancy Pelosi isn’t really in charge. She is running desperately after the woke mob trying not to lose control of the Democratic caucus completely. Oh sure, she’s good at the Women in White thingy for the State of the Union speech. But the wokeys are in the saddle, and they are canceling all and sundry, whether it’s Bari Weiss at the New York Times or Andrew Sullivan at New York / Vox.

The Left has always been a lie, a cunning plan for the educated to get power in an over/under coalition. At least in the old days the bourgeoisie was a minority of the population so the over/under coalition plundered the minority bourgeoisie to deal out free stuff to the majority workers.

Not anymore. Today the educated Gentry, aided by corporate America and the Tech Lords, is plundering the majority, the middle-class Commoners, so it can lord it over Creation and toss a few bennies to its underclass clients and Victims. It is a monstrous injustice. Well-born street thugs in Antifa and BLM are beating on ordinary middle-class Commoner policemen who are the poor suckers that have to deal every day with drugged-out miscreants, the detritus of a century of lefty politics who, if they are the right race, are automatically victims of police brutality.

Privilege? Systemic Systemism? If you are a white Commoner working for a big organization you can be canceled in a minute: fired, prosecuted, demolished. You have no rights, no defense, no respect, no recourse.

All the privilege in America adheres to the upper-class educated Gentry that occupies the commanding heights of everything and makes the rules, and their helpless-victim clients that are exempt from the rules. The rules only apply to ordinary Commoners. And yet they are telling us that we, the Commoners of America, are the ones with unearned privilege. As Curtis Yarvin writes in his new Gray Mirror under “race laws,” our legal code since 1965 is all about race. It first distinguished between “humans of European and West African descent.” But then women became a race, and then gays.

What do you get if you’re an official race? It means you can’t be bullied. People aren’t allowed to be mean to you, individually or collectively… The purpose of the race laws is to grant extra legal protection to races, such as humans of West African descent, whom the other, raceless people are bullying, or were bullying, or would bully if they could get away with it.

What should we call our race laws? Not Nuremberg, obviously. Maybe “literally Hitler?”

Even as recently as five years ago a guy like Yuval Hoah Harari could write Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind to the delight of the globalist elite and talk about the three modern religions being liberal humanism, socialist humanism, and evolutionary humanism. And yet here we are in an all-out religious war between normals getting canceled all over, because racism, and frenzied cultists in the media and the academy that believe in Critical Race Theory and all the other detritus of cultural Marxism (that the New York Times in 2018 called “a crude slander, referring to something that does not exist”).

You know what? I feel sorry for Our Nance. No one, no one at the meeting of everyone-who-is-anyone to plan the defenestration of Donald Trump could have imagined the facts on the ground today, with regime thugs torching cities because Black Lives Matter and government teachers refusing to show up for work in September because WuFlu.

Got any good ideas, Nance? Or is it time to ride your palfrey back to your glorious San Francisco castle?

Christopher Chantrill @chrischantrill runs the go-to site on US government finances, usgovernmentspending.com. Also get his American Manifesto and his Road to the Middle Class.

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