Who Are These People?

If Shakespeare could visit the United States today he would recognize how prophetic his verse: “Nero Fiddled While Rome Burned” was.  And we’re not just speaking about the ever-incompetent Mayor Bill de Blasio.  Like the old West reincarnate, a criminal element has in effect commandeered every major city controlled by Democrats in state and local government.
The pillagings, shootings, arson, rape, robbery, murder, not to speak of other minor crimes such as trespassing, is off the charts.  Yet under pretext of protesting the death of George Floyd, this abject anarchy has been allowed to continue.  To even rehash the fact, lifetime businesses, many of which are minority-owned, are and have been destroyed, never to be reopened, is almost cliche at this point.  It begs the question, who are these people and what is their agenda?
Before going any further, let’s immediately recognize some basic facts.  For weeks after his death, we’ve seen rioters, not protesters, gleefully carrying 50-inch TVs out of broken store windows along with any other merchandise they could get their hands on. Was it to memorialize George Floyd? Let’s get real.  Constitutionally recognized protest doesn’t include people spitting, throwing Molotov cocktails, and attacking police officers with impunity.  Make no mistake, these unrestrained thugs, under the banner of social justice, less repercussions, enjoy the excitement of plunder and nihilism. They are basically willing idiots of Black Lives Matter and Antifa.
These two groups are ideologically aligned in their endemic hatred of the United States, law enforcement, and President Trump particularly.  Along with tacit compliance of Democrat-run states, left wing media, and major corporations filling their coffers, they are the puppeteers of this criminality.  Let’s examine these groups, their leadership, and explicit goals.  
Black Lives Matter (BLM), According to an August 15, 2015, published article in the Daily Beast; “Who Really Runs #BlackLivesMatter?” Activists Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza, and Opal Tometi met together on July 13, 2013, ostensibly in response to the deaths of Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice and other blacks at the hands of law enforcement and simlar.  At that meeting, they termed the phrase, “Black Lives Matter,” a term which captured the imagination of social media and soon catapulted it into a decentralized, political protest organization.  The question soon became how to move forward?
It didn’t take long finding out.  At an August 8, 2015 Bernie Sanders campaign rally in Seattle, two women from the Seattle chapter shoved Sanders aside, grabbed the microphone, and addressed the crowd and decried Sanders:  “Bernie says that he’s all about the people and about grassroots,” a protester identifying herself as Marissa Johnson, told the attendees. “The biggest grassroots movement in this country right now is Black Lives Matter.”
Rather than having them removed from the stage, the old socialist acquiesced and sheepishly allowed them to rant about Michael Brown for four and a half minutes.  Sanders later pontificated: “I was especially disappointed because on criminal justice reform and the need to fight racism there is no other candidate for president who will fight harder than me.”  Never making any bones about his socialist bona fides, Sanders must have been in shock finding himself to the right of any group in this country. To better understand who and what Black Lives Matter is, let’s look at their leadership.
Responding to an a June 19, 2020 interviewer's concern that the BLM movement might not have enough of a "clear ideological structure," BLM co-founder, Patrisse Cullor stated:  "We actually do have an ideological frame.  Myself and co-founder Alicia Garza, in particular, are trained Marxists,  we are super versed on ideological theories.”  This admission and what our own eyes have been witnessing since the death of George Floyd in May should disclose to all of us who these people are.  The civil unrest, the commandeering of communities, and violence so willfully tolerated in states with Democrat administrations are really being orchestrated by sworn Marxists dedicated to overthrowing the United States, as is another insidious, Marxist group to their left, Antifa.
According to Wikipedia, Antifa is an array of supposed autonomous anti-fascist groups.  Their aims, according to this article are to confront and combat those they consider racists, neo-Nazis, white supremacists and all other groups on the right.  In doing so it may involve: “property damage, physical violence, and harassment.”  Neo-Nazis and white supremacists? Such groups do exist but have played absolutely no role in the current widespread, wanton violence and destruction of American cities we’ve witnessed since the death of Floyd.  
In a July 13th, Nashville interview, a 29 year-old, self-proclaimed Antifa activist/anarchist named Corey Lemley, celebrated the May 30th burning and vandalization of that city’s historic courthouse.  "Do you condone the violence that happened that night?” he was asked.  "I condone everything that happened that night,” he replied. He went on to say that he travels with Antifa activists to rallies in other cities and proudly displayed a video of himself smashing a photographer’s camera and burning a "Blue Lives Matter" flag, at one such event.  When asked if he thought the burning of the court house was justified, he declared: "It can be rebuilt. It can be replaced. Black lives can't be replaced.” 
Surprisingly, this obvious reprobate wasn't asked if the 1 year-old African American infant shot in the head in Chicago on June 27th can be replaced, or the life of a 3 year-old black child likewise killed on his way home from a haircut the previous week in that decrepit, out-of-control city.  Similarly, no mention was made of the countless minority-owned businesses destroyed throughout ongoing riots in the following cities and states:  Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Columbus, Des Moines, Denver,  Detroit, D.C., Houston, Los Angeles, Louisville, Memphis, Minneapolis, NYC, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Portland, Sacramento, San Jose, Seattle, and St. Louis.  What do they all have in common? 71% of them are controlled by Democrat governors and 100% are run by Democrat mayors!  Quite a coincidence, don’t you think?
So to the original question, who are these people causing such unremitting violence and mayhem throughout the United States?  The definitive answer may take several years of unbiased investigation but certain things are unequivocal.
Black Lives Matter is a virulent anti-American organization.  Its founders, by word and deed are admitted Marxists that under the guise of social grievance seek to tear asunder the fabric of American democracy by violent means.  Drawn to this movement are idealist youth, both black and white seemingly searching for justice but unwittingly are drawn in by the likes of Hawk Newsome, head of Black Lives Matter for Greater New York.  
As are their founders, Newsome is in the vanguard of the neo-Marxist Black Lives Matter movement.  He made the following remark to Martha MacCallum on Fox News: "If this country doesn't give us what we want, then we will burn down this system and replace it.”  Along with the aforementioned Antifa, Newsome’s words were recently echoed by “squad” member, Rep. Ilhan Omar, who repeatedly calls for tearing down the system. 
Failing to quell the ferocity of the riots, the previously mentioned Democrat municipalities are complicit in their continuation.  Quite tellingly, unless the riots affect them personally, as in the case of Seattle’s Democrat Mayor Jenny Durkan, the lawlessness is tolerated if it’s perceived to hurt President Trump.
Image credit: Pixabay public domain
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