Time for American Companies to Remember Who Their Friends Are

The National Association of Manufacturers is furious with President Trump for issuing a June 22 executive order that makes it more difficult for companies to fill job vacancies with a flood of foreign workers when so many American workers devastated by China's novel coronavirus pandemic seek to re-enter the labor market.  In that haughty, country-club patois that immediately brings to mind a cigar-puffing Mr. Monopoly stroking his greased mustache, the group gave the president a stern talking down by huffing, "We urge you to lift the restrictions in the June 22 proclamation and to work with Congress to identify ways to ensure these visa programs continue."  If he does not, well, then, "multinational companies' plans to develop senior leaders [in America will have to be put] on hold for an indeterminate amount of time."   You see, if we don't bring in below-market-waged manufacturing workers and...(Read Full Article)
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