Time for American Companies to Remember Who Their Friends Are

The National Association of Manufacturers is furious with President Trump for issuing a June 22 executive order that makes it more difficult for companies to fill job vacancies with a flood of foreign workers when so many American workers devastated by China's novel coronavirus pandemic seek to re-enter the labor market.  In that haughty, country-club patois that immediately brings to mind a cigar-puffing Mr. Monopoly stroking his greased mustache, the group gave the president a stern talking down by huffing, "We urge you to lift the restrictions in the June 22 proclamation and to work with Congress to identify ways to ensure these visa programs continue."  If he does not, well, then, "multinational companies' plans to develop senior leaders [in America will have to be put] on hold for an indeterminate amount of time."  

You see, if we don't bring in below-market-waged manufacturing workers and specialists with Ph.D.s from overseas, the Davos crowd might begin denying America her fair share of upper management positions in the future — and if that happens, Congress-critters will have nobody left to pick up their tabs at the exclusive golf links and tony resorts routinely used to ply elected representatives and their spouses with the lucre of the upper class in return for their continued selling out of America's workforce.  Nothing says, "We're look'n out for the little guy" like a threat from transnational business titans that unless President Trump reneges on his pledge to boost Americans' incomes, congressmen might find their martini-swilling tennis partners relocated to less pro-American enclaves.  Sad!  

What a time to be an aristocrat.  Bernie Sanders's goons are literally screaming about setting up guillotines in the town square to dispense with the rich, and the Brooks Brothers and Sisters see fit only to demand, "Let the guillotines be built by H-1B visa workers!"

For forty years, Pelosi Democrats and Bush Republicans have defended illegal immigration with some form of the despicable rhetorical query: who will do our menial slave labor if we don't actively subvert federal immigration law by encouraging brown people to risk life and limb to reach the U.S. by crawling through cave-in-prone tunnel coffins, stumbling across swaths of uninhabitable desert, or selling themselves to sex merchants and narco-terrorists in return for the promise of American salvation?  I have always found that to be among the most racist and de-humanizing logic belches that a free mind could entertain, but to this day, the Democratic Party openly encourages illegal immigration at our southern border by boasting that to do otherwise would leave them in the unthinkable position of having to mow their own lawns.  

For the Fortune 500 companies too leery of openly employing low-wage illegal aliens, carving out abundant visa exceptions into existing U.S. immigration law has always been easier than digging tunnels between Tijuana and San Diego.  Why get your hands dirty when you can pay off Congress to get the hands dirty instead?  No matter how exceptional young talent from India and China might be, though, H-1B and other visa fast lanes for privileged corporate hiring have remained stubbornly fixed to that same line of racial reasoning: how can we afford to push so many natural-born Americans into degree programs for social justice and victim studies if we don't make sure to flood our shores with brown people who were actually taught mathematics and are willing to prove their worth for a tenth of the cost of those expensive American graduates who have been trained to know so little on their way to becoming "useful Democrats"?

Even with twenty million people out of work since China unleashed a health crisis upon the world, the monied class and their congressional bootlickers have no problem looking out at Americans dying to get back to work and telling them they have a better chance of dying from the new Wuhan flu than being hired ahead of foreign workers brought over to replace them.  It's a government "of the people," by golly, just not of the American people!  And if you would be so kind as to hand your voting registration card over to the H-1B employee filling your spot before punching that last time card, you sure would provide a stellar example of how all Americans could learn to "check their privilege," too.

There is an obvious way out of this "through the looking-glass" up-is-down, left-is-right behavior from the bureaucrat-business blue falconry: companies could stop doing the bidding of the Democratic Party's woke scolds, leave the political correctness campaigns to the commie bums on the communal farms, as they were during Bernie Sanders' formative years, and start using their huge corporate megaphones to shape college students' classwork as sufficient preparation for any given salaried positions they currently deem in such low supply that international human pipelines are preferable to the endless grids of American neighborhoods just outside their windows.  That's the most commonsense way of keeping wages in check while actually paying back the American nation that provides big business the security of her laws and institutions, and it does so by making sure Americans sustain themselves through hard work and not cradle-to-grave government patronage.

That will require a major shift in the way American companies conduct themselves before the public, though.  For decades, the left has trained them to toe the Democrat line in exchange for their fair share of crony capitalist cookies.  But there is another way.  American companies, as Mitt Romney said, are people, too.  And they didn't always play the part of the postmodern social justice warrior there to feel the country's pain.  In the past, there was a time when America's most important companies exuded patriotism.

Maybe they need to feel the same economic crunch that everyday Americans feel until they're cut back down to size and forced to participate in the nation that produced them, rather than yielding to the culture-less transnational entities spawned by globalism's march beyond anything remotely human.  They could re-learn to publicly defend the free market, actively campaign for the right type of student they seek to hire, and begin respecting the United States' exceptional legacy once again.  They might have to pull out their old commercials and adverts from the 1950s until they remember again what it's like to be an American first, but in the long run, it'll pay off.  Because once America goes full socialist, it won't matter how many foreign visa workers keep coming in to replace Americans; by that time, the business elite who are today so willing to save a dime by hiring anyone-but-an-American won't be running their companies anyway.  They'll be too busy getting a closer look at the craftsmanship of those guillotines the Democratic Party has already ordered from companies so stuck on profits that they've forgotten who their real friends are.

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