There are Lies, Damn Lies, and then There is the Lincoln Project.

The ‘Lincoln Project’ is a political action committee created last year, allegedly for the sole purpose of preventing the re-election of Donald Trump. Their inaugural op-ed in the New York Times last year proclaims, “We are Republicans and We Want Trump Defeated.” According to their mission statement, their goal is to elect Democrats with a “shared fidelity” to the Constitution despite their “many policy differences.” While they seem to have no problem finding Democrats who concur with their ads, any significant differences between these self-identifying “Republicans” and the Democrat party remains to be seen. Their most famous Facebook ad, “Mourning in America” is so dishonest that even the liberal moderators of Facebook have slapped on a warning label. Their rebuttal to this warning is nothing short of comical: "Facebook states that their censorship is the result of a Politifact claim that the...(Read Full Article)
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