The Seditious Among Us

In the world of politics, repetition is almost without fail the key to winning elections.   The dominant campaign issue in the upcoming election that President Trump, the Republican Party and the conservative media must relentlessly repeat is the now irrefutable fact that Joe Biden, the Democrat party and the mainstream media have tacitly sanctioned sedition and have betrayed the American people.  Consequently, if Biden and the Democrats win in November, they will be incapable of preventing the Marxist ultimatums of the radical left from becoming the law of the land.

By refusing to condemn and, instead, implicitly encouraging the ongoing riots and violence, as well as meekly acquiescing to the demands of the left-wing extremist, the Democrat party establishment, which includes the mainstream media, has exposed their spinelessness for the world to see and signed on to government by mob rule.

The Marxist ideologues in the nation’s professoriate, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, the media and the extreme left-wing of the Democrat party have unabashedly declared their primary objective is to overthrow the government and radically transform the nation.  Yet, there is no condemnation or repudiation of these goals from Biden, the Democrat party hierarchy or the mainstream media.  By their silence they have wordlessly endorsed sedition.

The dedicated Marxist ideologues now know with certainty that these self-absorbed elitists will cower and surrender in the face of no more than the threat of turmoil throughout the country.   Meanwhile, the Party hierarchy and the bulk of the ruling class has naively convinced themselves, that when the time comes, they will be able to mollify these radicals and still maintain command of the levers of power.

Were the Democrats to take over Congress and place a senescent mannequin in the White House, the only remaining ingredient the radical left would need to complete their revolution is the elimination of any serious opposition from the monied capitalists and major industrial sectors while strong-arming them for financial support.    

To that end, the so-called captains of industry and finance throughout the country, over the past two months, have fallen all over themselves to placate the left-wing mob by prostrating themselves before them.  Faintheartedness that is not lost on their implacable nemesis.  Despite the declared objectives of the Marxists, these executives and corporations are willingly paying exorbitant shakedown monies in a myopic effort to buy peace or in lieu of money credulously promoting subversive propaganda to the masses.  Thus, casting themselves as de facto co-conspirators in the radical left’s seditious activities. 

While these extremists make up just 15% of registered Democrats, they now control the Party and are in position of not only accelerating their ultimate aim of fundamentally transforming America but of dominating the corridors of power in perpetuity.

There are those, such as the duplicitous NeverTrump battalion, the majority of talking heads on cable, many bloggers on the internet, countless ruling elites as well as the Democrat party establishment, who would doubtlessly claim this scenario could never come to pass.   That this is mere trafficking in political hyperbole and mindless fear mongering.   So, since the left’s favored epithet is to accuse their opposition of being Nazis or Fascists, some historical perspective.

The key event that triggered Hitler’s seizure of power in Germany was his appointment as Chancellor in 1933.   But in 1932 the situation of the Nazi Party was not promising.  In the election of November 1932, the party lost 2,000,000 votes in comparison to the election in July 1932 and their representation in the Reichstag fell from 230 seats to 196 (out of 647) thus, eliminating the party from a dominant role in the formation of a coalition government.  The party desperately needed financial support and the backing of a substantial segment of the ruling class to make possible the completion of the Nazi drive to a dictatorship.  Something had to be done before the next election in March of 1933.

In January, Hitler met with 25 of Germany’s leading industrialists at the home of Herman Goering.   Hitler seditiously and unabashedly declared his intention to seize power by violence if the Nazis failed to win a majority in the Reichstag.  He clearly stated that private enterprise cannot be maintained in the age of democracy unless a strong leader is in power to control the masses internally and defeat the nation’s external enemies -- which only he could do. 

The message was not lost on these men as none even contemplated reporting Hitler to the authorities for his seditious plot to overthrow the government.  They were aware of the violent track record of the Nazis and their militant arm, the SA or Brown Shirts.  At the end of the meeting Goering asked for money stating: “The sacrifice asked would be so much easier for industry to bear if it realized that the election of 5 March will surely be the last one for the next ten years, possibly for the next hundred years.”  Convinced that they were buying permanent protection, these industrialists quickly coughed up the equivalent of $30 million today, thus, rendering them de facto traitors to the Weimar Constitution in their complicity with Hitler and the Nazis.

With the public backing of the industrial elites and not so veiled threats of uncontrollable street violence, Hitler successfully intimidated the cabinet and President Paul Von Hindenburg into appointing him as Chancellor prior to the March elections.  Their acquiescence was predicated on the conviction that they could easily mollify Hitler by granting the Nazis a modicum of what they demanded and still retain control of the government.  Within 6 months, utilizing violence and traitorous tactics the ruling class was too timorous to oppose, Hitler was effectively the dictator of Germany.

Hitler was very aware of two factors that he could exploit to overturn the government and assume dictatorial power.  The first, once violence was not firmly dealt with and tolerated then just the threat of violence would be sufficient to intimidate the ruling class.  The second, was the inbred naiveté and egocentricity of the ruling class in believing that they, by their extraordinary powers of persuasion, could placate anyone or any movement and still maintain power.  These lessons are not lost on the Marxists running amok in the United States today.

Biden, the Democrat party and the mainstream media has enabled the fanatical Marxist left in the naive belief that they can, if they win in November, appease them by agreeing to watered-down versions of their demands and thus retain control of the halls of power in Washington.   This oblivious egomania is further on display as these credulous buffoons claim to believe that Donald Trump is the greatest threat to the nation in its history and must be defeated regardless of the consequences.  Even if their alliance of convenience with the Marxists eventuates in endless violence and the radical makeover of the country.   

There is but one word to describe this cabal: traitors.  Not because they wish to see Trump defeated or choose to not vote for him in November but that they are willingly and openly in league with those implacably bent on overthrowing the government and radically transforming the United States.  A message that must be relentlessly repeated throughout the upcoming campaign.

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