The Police, Patriarchy and Feminism

For decades the American Left condemned 'patriarchy' as an oppressive family institution and denied the natural hierarchy of the family structure. Women were encouraged to focus on their careers, postpone or reject marriage altogether and taboos against having children out of wedlock were removed. Progressive policies encouraged husbands and fathers to be thrown ‘out with the bath water’ out of the home.

But real life stood as a challenge to women fully adjusting to such an impossible formula of career and children without a husband. Substituting husbands for a government check has especially hurt low-income women. After decades of promoting the matriarchal family, especially in the inner city, neither children nor women prospered. Boys especially developed impulsive reactions to emotions, sought instantaneous gratification, held a twisted view of manhood, and an inability to self-control with no respect for any authority including their own mothers.

The end results of chaotic homes produced chaotic inner city streets and high-crime neighborhoods. Even though the fatherless home experiment failed miserably, the progressive left refuses to change course even for the sake of these poor women and children. And instead, they doubled down on hating fathers and chose to blame the obvious inner city tragedy on racism. Such progressive stubborn cruelty ended up burdening hard-working ordinary Americans with shame and guilt through a constant threat of calling them racists especially when people choose to move out of high-crime areas.

The challenge of inner-city high crime, have also fallen on the shoulder of law enforcement.  The police in America today have the impossible task of becoming the disciplinarian father figure that these young boys and girls never had.

Police statistics on inner city crime have became an embarrassment to the Leftist agenda of the happy matriarchal family. Once again, Leftists continued to refuse to admit the failure of their happy fatherless family and chose to protect the ‘little darlings’ youth against the bad daddy police. The insane statement of denial by the mayor of Seattle calling the riots, violence, murder, looting and burning “a summer of love” is a reflection of the denial of the inner-city mother that her children have a problem.

Once again the male father figure, now represented in the police figure, must be the problem. The problem to the progressive Left can never be from the failure of the inner city family structure and the youth that are the result of decades of liberal policies.   

The insane path of accusing the American public of racism had to be extended to the police. Liberal politicians had to take the side of the pampered uncontrollable juveniles and against the police because if they take the side of the police then it is an admission that their policies have failed. A constant media anti-police campaign had to pushed while ignoring inter city crimes such as black on black crimes in Chicago.

The leftist/feminist hatred of ‘daddy’ has now transferred to the police. Daddy, the police, once again became the problem to the feminist fatherless family utopia. Again, rather than changing course and respect the natural family unit, the left transferred their anger at men to anger at the police.

The Leftist/feminist irrational experiment to eradicate the ‘patriarchal’ family has now moved to eradicate the institution of the police, even if it’s at the expense of the safety and security of the public. The police have always been one of the few institution dominated by men that feminism could not crack and destroy for obvious reasons. In leftist eyes, the policeman is the symbol of the patriarchal hierarchy that feminism have always despised.

In any country, good policing is essential to its quality of life. So why do progressives in government and media refuse to express any appreciation or gratitude to the police who are putting their lives on the line every day for a low-paying job to protect the public? Like the institution of marriage, why have progressives chosen to wage a constant war of misinformation against the police? Why do they rush to accuse them of racism based on no facts? And why do they focus on calling them racists in order to humiliate and bring down the institution of the police? The answer is: fighting the police to the left has become an extension of fighting patriarchy itself. 

The left’s hatred of human nature is not allowing them to admit the miserable failures of the matriarchal family and the misery they have caused to several generations of women and children in the inner city. They would rather eliminate law enforcement all together rather than ending their experiment of changing human nature and the family.  

What motivates the left is a pathological urge to reject of the natural traditional family and marriage between one man and one woman. That pathology has led them to experiment with reckless policies that reinforce dependence on government by these poor women. Even school choice for the kids is out of the question, lest they discover discipline and independence in a private school.

Since the matriarchal family has failed miserably, the Left decided to never give up on keeping the inner cities under their control and using them as an army of rioters against the rest of the public.

Now, the Left is no longer excited about single mother-led families and have decided to move to a new experiment, removing gender all together from the equation. Now they neither like matriarchy nor patriarchy, and, voila! the new solution to eliminate the family is to deny the existence of the two genders, male and female.  

A few occupations have stood in the path of progressive feminists' gender-role-altering agenda. The most prominent of all is the policeman, a job few women choose as a career because the job often requires being in a wrestling match or a chase with criminals and male strength and endurance are obviously needed. The policeman will always remind the left of gender differences between men and women. In the liberal mind, to achieve total equality and Heaven on Earth there must be no male/female divisions and the image of the policeman stands in the way.

Weakening the police and accusing them of racism have been on the agenda of progressives for decades. Also neutralizing the police could also kill two birds with one stone. An out-of-control mob with weakened police could be a useful tool the Left to spread fear to silence the average American, especially those who dare demand lower taxes or God forbid, vote for Trump. When the average American disrupts Leftist governance with demands for constitutional rights, the inner city mob, Antifa, BLM or perhaps unhappy Islamists, come in handy to keep citizens under control.

A marginalized police could be a useful tool to control the public through fear and intimidation. By standing on the side of the mob against the bad police department, the public will be trained to believe that it is racist to demand more police protection. Like life in the Middle East, where the public is controlled by constant fear, American citizens could one day see themselves focused on self-protection and self-preservation rather than thriving in a secure pro-growth society. That has always been the game in third-world tyrannies where the police must be regarded as the bad guy so that the public is left pre-occupied with protecting themselves rather than make demands on government.

Americans today must decide on the route they will choose for their future. Let us hope they are able to make the right choice to stop once and for all the insane experimentations of the Left.

Nonie Darwish is the author of “Wholly Different; Why I Chose Biblical Values Over Islamic Values.”
Image credit: Pixabay public domain
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