The Filibuster Holds America Together. Democrats Want to Abolish It

What would you think if someone suggested that a touchdown in football should be worth 10 points instead of 6?  Or a three-point shot in basketball would be worth five points?

You'd say he's changing the rules, and he'd better be sure of what he's doing.

Rules in sports, as in other endeavors, do change, but usually after thoughtful consideration of the benefits and consequences. 

A very important rule is being considered for change in the U.S. Senate by the Democrats if they win in November.  The "filibuster" has been used throughout our history to delay important legislation.  A member would take the floor and talk with no time limit.  The only way to end the process would be to "invoke cloture" with a three-fifths majority.  In the Senate, this is 60 votes.

The effect has been that any significant legislation that reaches the Senate needs 60 votes to pass.  Obamacare was passed only through great effort as Senate races in 2008 gave the Democrats 58 seats and two independents. 

The rule has been used since 1806.  But it takes only a majority vote to change the filibuster rule.

So why hasn't it been changed when one party takes control of the Senate, so it can pass whatever it wants by simple majority rule?  The reason is simple: the filibuster protects the minority, and without it, if the opposite party gained control in the next election, complete control would pass to the other side. 

Recently, there has been talk among Democrat circles about changing the filibuster rule should Biden win the presidency.  Wouldn't they fear losing their minority rights in the Senate should Republicans win in 2022?

The answer is frightening.  The Democrat party has become so militant in the last three years that all bets are off.  If Democrats gain control, they can change the rule so they can push through any legislation they want.  Their plan is to take power and keep it forever, specifically in two ways: by changing voting laws to eliminate safeguards on voter fraud, and by legalizing millions of illegal aliens and giving them the vote — presuming they would favor Democrats.

So they don't fear the other side using simple majority rule against them since they don't ever expect to lose their majority.  By forcing their entire agenda through the House and Senate, they would be free to "transform America" however they want — forever. 

What are we likely to see?

Higher taxes on corporations and all Americans, including the middle class. 

Universal health care, subsidized by income. 

Criminal justice changes, including eliminating private prisons, ending cash bail, and ending mandatory minimum sentences and ending sentences of life without parole for juvenile offenders.  They would defund police, leaving no opposition to riots and looting in our major cities.

Climate change would be declared a nationwide "emergency."  The Green New Deal would be implemented and the Paris Climate Accord would be signed.  They would eliminate coal and natural gas and end fracking.

The economy would be managed from the point of view of addressing racial inequality.  A $15 to $25 minimum wage would be adopted along with mandatory worker and minority seats on corporate boards.  Expensive "New Deal"–style plans for government projects would be rolled out.  Labor unions would be rewarded with enhanced collective bargaining rules.

Education is already under liberal control, but with unlimited power, Democrats would roll out every pet project they've wanted including sex education/indoctrination starting in pre-school and eliminating charter schools.  Recent proposals say public universities should be "free" for families earning under $125,000 per year and that community colleges should be free for all.

Immigration would change dramatically as well.  "DREAMers" would be legalized along with all illegal aliens.  Our borders would be opened wide for all comers, regardless of their health, criminal history, or ability to be productive citizens.  They would immediately be eligible for taxpayer-funded health care, education, and welfare and would be given the right to vote.  The border wall would be torn down, facilitating a resumption in drug-trafficking, sex-trafficking, and terrorist entry into the United States.  ICE would be disbanded.

The Supreme Court would be packed with liberals by simply adding new seats since there is no constitutional requirement for only nine justices.

But the clincher is in our national election laws.  Same-day voter registration and early voting would be required.  Mail-in voting and ballot-harvesting would be allowed, enabling fraud on a massive scale.  Soon to follow would be the elimination of the Electoral College, guaranteeing that the four most populous states would chose the president in every election.

Eliminating the filibuster means either a yoyo effect on our laws if the House or Senate switches parties or permanent rule by a single party, where no dissent is tolerated.  Major changes need to be arrived at by consensus, not by brute force of numbers.

"Supermajorities" are required not just in the Senate, but throughout our government as outlined in the Constitution.  Constitutional amendments must be ratified by two thirds of the House and Senate, or in a congressional convention called by two thirds of the states.  Veto overrides require a two-thirds vote in each chamber.  There are countless other legislative matters where more than a simple majority is required.

California is the model we can use to see our future under Democrat rule.  There you find rampant illegal immigration, homelessness, poverty, unemployment, and high taxes.  Californians' primary process forces candidates from both parties to compete in the same elections, where the top two vote-getters advance to the general election, even if both candidates are from the same party.  This, combined with new ballot-harvesting laws, a practice considered illegal in all other states, has led to a drop in Republican congressmen from 26% in 2016 to 13% in 2018.  Similar changes in other states will lead to permanent Democrat control of the House and Senate.

Nancy Pelosi would be the speaker of the House.  Chuck Schumer would be the majority leader of the Senate, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her "Squad" would have a significant role to play in the New Democrat Order.

As you can imagine, the changes to the country would be immediate and devastating.  The stock market would plunge, the economy would drop, and businesses would shut down or move to other countries.  When a state turns Democrat, you can always move, but if the entire country falls under complete Democrat control, there's nowhere else to go.

My suggestion for the GOP: Bring up the subject of ending the filibuster and confront the Democrats right now.  Make the point that if the Democrats don't promise to honor this essential and longstanding system, the Republicans may consider abolishing it themselves if they win in November.  Remind them that Republicans used the "nuclear option" for judicial candidates, and they can use the "thermonuclear option" to end the filibuster if they have to.

Don Rosenberg is a conservative political consultant for groups and candidates, recently working nationally on the Ben Carson for President campaign and the Reopen movement.

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