The Fatal Flaw in the Electoral Victory Plan of Democrat Elites

Since its founding in the 1820’s, the Democrat party has been the most pernicious and most schizophrenic entity in American politics.  Today, the two dominant factions within the party are the ultra-wealthy beneficiaries of capitalism plus college educated sanctimonious elites (collectively the vast bulk of the ruling class) on the one hand, and Marxist indoctrinated self-described democratic socialists on the other.

The elites, in the personage of Barack Obama, chose to enter into this marriage of convenience with the socialists in 2008 in order to have another, albeit at the time numerically small, ally in their unrequited need to retain power.  However, the primary targets of the now-dominant radical left has always been their fellow bedmates, the Democrat establishment and the ruling class.  This marriage is about to end, not in an amicable divorce, but a palace revolution which could ultimately and deleteriously impact the future of the nation if Joe Biden wins in November.

History is replete with examples of the inevitable demise of alliances of convenience.  Stories and fables throughout the ages chronicle the disaster that inevitably befalls those that ally themselves with avowed aggressors or natural predators, such as Aesop’s fable of the Scorpion and the Frog

Yet, the establishment within the party and their financial and media benefactors believe they will be able to maintain control of the party by buying off their incongruent bedfellows with symbolism and minor compromises.  Yet, these so-called best and brightest cannot help but be aware, as is much of the nation, that this active and dominant wing of the party are true-believers and, as the riots, violence and attempted destruction of the symbols of the nation’s heritage confirms, they are very impatient and determined to fundamentally transform America -- regardless of who is president.

The party hierarchy may not openly admit it, but they do know who is their dominant ally, and what is their end game.  Nonetheless, they are helpless in preventing the ultimate takeover of the party by the radical left.  This is confirmed by the fact that everyone in the party knows Joe Biden is a closet segregationist and mendacious, as well as physically and mentally incapable of being president.  Yet, the establishment dares not replace Biden, as their erstwhile ally would insist on Bernie Sanders or a clone as a replacement, precipitating an unwanted but potential internal feud before the election.  However, the decision about who will run with Biden is fraught with the same pitfalls as whoever is chosen will be the de facto president were Biden to win in November.  In short, the radical left is in the driver’s seat.

A historical analogue less than a century ago reflects the predicament the establishment of the Democrat party has created for itself and why elitist naïveté always creates enormously consequential and at times fatal outcomes.  

It is 1929 and the global Depression has hit Germany.  The National Socialist Workers Party (Nazis) is still a relatively small fringe party but one that had garnered a lot of attention in Bavaria over the previous five years, as its militant arm, the Sturmabteilung, SA or Brown Shirts, intimidated and often fomented violence throughout the state.  In 1930, Hitler and the Nazis allied themselves with the German National People’s Party (DNVP) and through a sympathetic media was able for the first time to reach a national audience.  This alliance also allowed Hitler to seek and receive support from many magnates of business and industry who controlled political funds and were anxious to use them to establish stability and peace on the streets.

Over the next two years the strength of the party grew, as chaos, often fomented by the Brown Shirts, and frustration ran rampant throughout the country.  In the 1932 national election, the Nazis garnered 36.8% of the vote, and while a significant minority in the Reichstag, they were still overwhelmingly outnumbered by other more conventional parties. 

Nonetheless, Hitler was greeted with open arms by the nation’s more sophisticated, erudite, wealthy and well-spoken political leadership as someone, they naïvely believed, they could work with.  These elites then approached the President of Germany, Paul Von Hindenburg, (84 years old and in declining health) to appoint Hitler as Chancellor, proclaiming unequivocally that they could work Hitler and keep the Nazi party under control.  One of Hitler’s demands for assuming the office would be for Hindenburg to dissolve the Reichstag so the Nazis in alliance with the DNVP could win an outright majority.  Hindenburg acquiesced.

After the appointment and a newly configured Reichstag, Hitler unleashed the Brown Shirts on all his opponents, passed legislation enabling him to rule by decree, and suspended all civil liberties after the Nazis deliberately set fire to the Reichstag building.  The rest of the story ends in 1945 with the near total destruction of the continent of Europe and the slaughter of nearly 40 million men, women and children.

Just as the naïve fools in Germany did not realize that once they accepted Hitler into the political hierarchy the die was cast, neither have the naïve fools among the Democrats’ establishment realized that once they allied themselves with the Marxists masquerading as democratic socialists and became willing apologists for their twin militant arms, Antifa and Black Lives Matter, that the die is cast.  Whether the Democrat party succeeds or fails to win the White House in November, the elites have lost control of the party in perpetuity. 

Thus, the only issue at hand is the reality that if Biden were to win the presidency, these credulous buffoons will be responsible for the nation descending into chaos and potential nationwide civil unrest, as well as obliterating the future for their progeny.  The current Democrat party hierarchy, the media, and the elites in the party are incapable of thwarting the inevitable ultimatums of the radical left.  Further, the left knows that these self-absorbed elitists will cower and surrender in the face of the inevitable violence and aggression fomented by Antifa and Black Lives Matter if they do not get their way.  An unthinkable civil war will no longer be a hypothetical thesis but an escalating reality.

Is pulling out all the stops and working tirelessly to defeat Donald Trump in November, because he is supposedly uncouth and lacking in civility, worth the price all the people of this nation will ultimately pay?  This is a question that this nation’s clueless ruling elites need to answer.

Graphic credit: Curzon

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