The Black Privilege Complex

The superiority complex is an ego-defensive, compensatory mental disorder that has been continuously researched in modern psychology for over one hundred years. A superiority complex can become established in the psychology of individuals who regard themselves as possessing some form of mental supremacy over others. The complex is a disorder of antisocial privilege in that the inflated self-image plays out in the social environment in relationships with perceived inferiors. The complex demands recognition of the claimed specialness and prevents the afflicted from entering into a mutually respectful relationship with anyone who challenges their self-image of superiority.

The black privilege complex that is currently dominating the attitudinal structure and political impetus of the leftwing is a form of moral superiority complex and a de facto mental illness. Unlike other forms of claimed superiority based in self-perceived talents such as intelligence, the moral superiority complex derives from ideology. Traditionally, moral superiority arises from the misuse of religion. The black privilege complex arises from the misuse of political ideology. Individuals evidencing black privilege complex have been duped into a disabling self-image of moral exceptionality that leads them to demand special privileges and exemption from responsibilities across the spectrum of life.

The attitudes, words and deeds associated with the contemporary black privilege complex constitute a moral hauteur that poisons social interactions with irrational, patronizing, intolerant, hostile, and in its most severe forms hateful and violent behaviors. The black privilege complex impedes the disturbed individual from being honest about themselves or showing respect for others who hold different opinions. Like all mental disorder, the black privilege complex narrows the scope and embitters the tone of life for the disordered person. Most black Americans have not succumbed to the mental imprisonment of the black privilege complex. They are trying to live happy, responsible and productive lives. Tragically, however, the exploitive ideology of the leftwing political, educational and media conglomerates advancing unique grievances and special rights for black people is increasingly taken up by young black people.

We will understand the psychodynamics of black privilege complex in light of three major psychological theories. The classical Adlerian inferiority/superiority fulcrum will explain how the black privilege complex impedes honesty about the problems of black America, including the collapse of sanctified marriage, the black abortion rate and the appalling black-on-black murder rate, while enabling the left to continually wail about the value of black lives. Illusory superiority social psychology theory helps explain how leftwing education and media joined specious narratives of “systemic” racism to the human tendency for self-aggrandizement, enabling the black privilege complex to become a pandemic, especially among the young. Lastly, the hatred spewed by anti-white extremists and crimes committed by “activists” in the most severe cases of black privilege complex may represent the clinical syndrome of delusions of grandeur infecting unproductive, decadent minds. Michelle Obama’s recent “Address to Grads” will serve as a case study of the destructiveness of enlisting young people into the waste and harmfulness of the black privilege complex.

Screen grab from Michelle Obama’s address to grads via YouTube

Over one hundred years ago, the great psychologist Alfred Adler began formulating the theory of an unconscious inferior/superiority fulcrum as a defining psychodynamic of mental disorder. Adler basically founded humanistic psychology in theorizing that people naturally strive for achievement and self-realization consistent with the common good. Mental disorder develops when the striving for humane and productive achievement is thwarted by conditions such as neglect or pampering during childhood. When this inclination to self-transcendent achievement is thwarted, an unconscious inferiority complex develops. Adler further theorized that the superiority complex secondarily develops as an unconscious attempt to overcome feelings of inferiority. Those who suffer from compensatory superiority exaggerate their own abilities, knowledge and achievement in an attempt to impress, dominate and control others. His theory further proposes that the superiority complex develops as an indirect, but inevitable result of failure to master achievable educational or occupational goals. Adler would say that one cause of the moral superiority assertion of the black privilege complex is a compensation for the moral erosion and underachievement of a segment of black American civilization.

The second psychological explanation of black privilege complex is found in illusory superiority theory. The tendency to overestimate our own intelligence and abilities is well understood. Illusory superiority takes the form of overestimating one’s abilities, power over others and of potential for gain in the absence of actual effort or achievement. The black privilege complex arose mainly as an interaction of the normal tendency to self-aggrandizement operating under the stimulus of decades of debilitating indoctrination that American society is hopelessly racist, and that as victims of racism, black people do not have an equal chance for achievement, and so deserve special privileges of opportunity and advancement without the necessity of earning them. Furthermore, rather than feeling gratitude, the black privilege complex includes the right to animosity, retaliation and reparation against American society.

The third psychological condition related to the most severe forms of black privilege complex are the grandiose delusions. Delusional disorders with grandiose symptoms entered the diagnostic manual in 2000 with publication of the DSM-IV-TR. Delusions of grandeur include exaggerated beliefs of self-worth, power, knowledge and superiority of identity. The most extreme abuses associated with the black privilege include a claim of the moral right to anti-white hatred and to commit crimes for the cause. This privilege is protected when law enforcement refuses to investigate or prosecute murder and mayhem committed by violence-privileged rioters. The attacks against public art honoring America’s heroes who founded and protected this greatest of constitutional republics, committed by pontificating degenerates, is tolerated because they are feared, but also because of the widespread acceptance of their claims of moral superiority and privilege.

Michelle Obama’s 2008 declaration “For the first time in my adult life I am really proud of my country” reflects a ludicrous sense of superiority. She was saying, “finally, this worthless nation is good enough for me.” It is bitter that she was invited to make the address “Dear Class of 2020” because Mrs. Obama rigorously discriminated against white and rural children through her years as first lady, nor was she speaking to them when she supposedly addressed all graduates. Her anti-white bias continues as she opened her online address with the racist trope about “the rumbling of the age-old fault lines that our country was built on.”

Mrs. Obama gives an anti-commencement address, advancing the black privilege complex denigration of achievement, served with a side of psychological child abuse by saying “The truth is, when it comes to all those tidy stories of hard work and self-determination… for too many people in this country, no matter how hard they work, there are structural barriers against them...” Anger is the energy of the black privilege, so Michelle gins up as much as possible in the children who are so misled as to listen to her. “So, don’t ever let anyone tell you that you’re too angry...”

She adds the most miserable advice possible to teenagers in saying, “So if you hear people express bigoted views or talking down to ‘those people,’ it is up to you to call them out.” Did anybody talk down to you when you were 16? How about yesterday? Telling kids to “call out” anyone they think may be “talking down” is worse than poor advice, its malevolent. This destructive woman manipulates the young to lives of conflict, strife and disrespect in the service of black privileging and her own malignant power.

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