How Leftism Replaces Success with Failure

I am in love with successful people.  They inspire me to be better than I am now, to reach my full potential just as they have.  I don’t seek to tear them down to bolster myself; rather, I seek to learn from them to raise myself to their standards.  Of course, some, more than others, are lucky, talented, or more skillful at achievement just as some are lacking in those areas.  We judge a proper economic system on whether that system enables more people to have bigger slices of the economic pie, not on the difficulty it poses for the few, and we do not tear it down because everyone cannot succeed within it.  Up to this date, the majority of people have, in this country, preferred capitalism. The secular left, however, has, for a long time, sought to destroy our system so as to replace it with a socialized one.  Such efforts were introduced by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in their Communist Manifesto that proclaimed, with good intentions,...(Read Full Article)
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