A Sword Over the Nile: New Book Exposes 14 Centuries of Christian Persecution

February 2015 was the first time many in the West had heard of the Copts, Egypt's indigenous, Christian inhabitants.  Then the Islamic State published what subsequently went viral — a gory video of its jihadi members savagely carving off the heads of 20 Copts and one Ghanaian by the shores of Libya because they refused to renounce Christ for Islam.  Little known, however, is that, well before the Islamic State targeted and unwittingly "popularized" the Copts,  countless other Muslims in modern Egypt — individuals, mobs, sheikhs, organizations (the Muslim Brotherhood, the Salafi Front), and even governmental authorities — had persecuted or at the very least discriminated against the nation's Christian minority. Such oppression is often seen and presented in the West as an aberration.  After all, have not Muslims and Christians lived in peace for centuries in Egypt?  Does not the fact that Copts...(Read Full Article)
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