Don’t Lecture Me

Hardcore liberals are far more apt to engage in public criticism and protest to support their views than conservatives. A recent poll has just confirmed what we’ve all known in our gut for a long time: While conservatives are hesitant to express their political views in public -- whether it be at school, the workplace or at social gatherings, for fear of damaging reprisals -- extreme liberals have no such reservations. Emboldened by supportive social media platforms and major media outlets that are unabashedly liberal and decidedly anti-Trump, the far Left has no fear of repercussions as a result of expressing their political opinions. According to a Cato Institute study conducted in July 2020 of 2000 Americans age 18 and older, “Strong liberals are the only political group who feels they can express themselves without fear of repercussions.”

And express themselves they do. Every chance they get, extreme liberals are pointing out their self-declared moral superiority, their greater concern for the environment, their supposed deeper awareness of subtle social issues and complex interpersonal relationships, their purportedly more advanced understanding of what economic/employment/income factors matter -- or should matter to people. We are indeed fortunate to have these liberals with us to enlighten us and show us the error of our unsophisticated, primitive thinking. It's always such a pleasure to be lectured to by hypocritical liberals like Nancy Pelosi with her $24,000 refrigerator and $12/pint ice cream, living behind her security gates and consuming more energy than God-knows-what. Or by Democrats like Al Gore and Barbara Streisand or just by 'regular' well-heeled Democrats who live in large houses, alone or just two people, in a 9- or 10-room 3000 sq ft+ home with a big screen TV in every room, central AC and a big, honkin' SUV or luxury car in the three-car garage. This after watching them embark on a lifelong pursuit of monetary wealth and material possessions/snooty fashion. Capitalism, tax breaks and profits for them, thank you, but socialism, spread-the-wealth, and high taxes for us detestable conservatives.

These upper-crust Democrats own their guns, have their security details, revel in their luxuries, enjoy their cushy lifestyles, think nothing about their egregious personal consumption, but then they have the temerity to try to tell us about the climate and nature and conservation. A well-to-do, super-materialistic liberal associate I know with a size 14 carbon footprint is quick to admonish the Great Unwashed that, “it’s time for you to take accountability for your place and role in the world.” This is said in all seriousness, without the slightest sliver or awareness of irony or self-recognition.

No one needs to tell me about respect for the environment or conservation. As one of my best and smartest friends says, "What do you think the root of 'conservative' is? 'Conserve.'" Like many, I don’t wear my environmental best practices on my shirtsleeve for the purpose of collecting shallow public accolades, but, as the old adage goes, “What counts is what you do when nobody’s watching.” By way of anecdotal contrast, a frighteningly large percentage of so-called “environmentally-enlightened” liberals have seemingly no regard whatsoever for their local surroundings, as witness the incredible trash and mess that they leave behind at one of their peaceful protests.

The Wuhan coronavirus -- which was started in China either by horrible laboratory sloppiness or as an intentional stab at the western world (we'll likely never know, but it certainly wasn't from a "wet market," where there aren't even bats) -- has been magnified into a political weapon of historic proportions by both the Democratic Party and the liberal media. Every move and action by the Trump administration has been criticized and made to seem as if the deaths and case count is directly his fault. No positive measure is accorded any credit whatsoever -- not building field hospitals, not invoking the Defense Production Act to build ventilators, not moving the Navy hospital ships to CA and NY, not imposing travel restrictions from high-risk regions in the world.

The Democrats lecture us with their haughty, holier-than-thou platitudes about race, “privilege,” and income inequality. They have invented friction and conflict between President Trump and top national health officials in order to cast the President as reckless, uncaring, and concerned only with his own political fortunes. The disgrace and shame of all they have done with regard to politicizing the coronavirus and creating class, racial, and political division in this country is without precedent. It’s beyond merely callous and disingenuous. It is explicitly anti-American. That no Democrat feels the slightest remorse -- or even has the intellectual honesty to admit it -- tells us everything we need to know about the 2020 liberal mindset.

"Hypocritical" doesn't begin to cover it. Neither does "dishonest." New words will be needed. 

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