Catch 45: Only Donald Trump Can Save Washington

There is an irony lost on the power players of D.C. that is grasped by Americans free from the alternate reality imposed by CNN: the political parties, government bureaucrats, and ambition junkies in the capital almost universally despise this one man, President Donald Trump, yet it is this one man who stands right now between the survival of the American system and its total collapse.

Each day, President Trump articulates a full-throated defense of American liberty, free markets, and our form of representative government, and each day, our government, blue chip corporate oligarchs, and America's cultural vanguard work to strike him down.  If they succeed in destroying him, they will succeed in setting in motion their own certain destruction as well.  If President Trump succeeds in withstanding the onslaught against him and preserving America, he saves many of the actors and institutions unknowingly dependent on his survival.  It's a total Catch-45!

In January, this election was about re-electing a president who had kept his promises, preserved the peace while resisting the war hawks' demands to invade Venezuela and Iran, and unleashed a new wave of economic prosperity that managed to crest over Wall Street and Northern Virginia and make its way to the parched towns across America that had been abandoned by globalists in both parties eager to make a buck off China's state-controlled economy and forced slave labor.

Now this election is a simple binary choice: you're either for America or against her.  You're for either free speech or censorship.  You're for either the free exercise of religion or its continued persecution by Democrat governorsmayorsprosecutors, and judges.  You're either for the preservation of American history or for the statue-topplers and 1619 Project propagandists.  Either you're for the rule of law and law and order or you are with the paramilitary wing of the Democratic Party burning, looting, and murdering outside on the streets.  You are either for the Constitution's guarantees to protect our God-given rights to life, liberty, and property or for the mob's self-righteous rule by violence.  You are either for the freedom of Americans to use common sense and reason when it comes to their personal health choices or for the government tyrants who are eager to turn mandatory mask laws into mandatory everything laws.  You are either for the self-evident truth that all legitimate power arises from the consent of the governed for the top-down, heavy-handed authoritarianism advocated by the global government Napoleons at the U.N. and E.U.  Either America continues or she does not.  It is now that simple.  November brings the first national election since the generation of our Founding Fathers that is entirely pass-fail.

So it was no surprise to see President Trump stand before Mount Rushmore while celebrating America's Independence Day and warn: "Make no mistake: this left-wing cultural revolution is designed to overthrow the American Revolution."  The choice before us is that stark.  There would be no America today were it not for the sacrifices of three of the four men carved into the Black Hills of South Dakota, and that fact is why far-left fascists have targeted Mount Rushmore for demolition.  Just as with their decades-long fight to eradicate Western civilization by first eradicating Christopher Columbus, the history-eaters will eliminate our memory of individual liberty and limited government by first eliminating every voice from the past responsible for creating what we hold dear.

The Democrats and their Marxist allies and corporate appeasers mean to destroy America by transforming America's legacy of greatness into one of shame.  If they can convince enough voters that America was never great, then they can convince those same voters that making America into Lenin's Russia or Mao's China or Castro's Cuba or Chávez's Venezuela is no big thing.  There is no coming back from that civilization-killing lie.  Once the mass delusion of America as evil takes hold, America as the last, best hope for human freedom disappears with it.  And once American freedom disappears, it will be time to re-open the Black Book of Communism to add another hundred million American victims to the socialists' "butcher's bill" and their political legacy of wiping out populations and cultures through the soft executions of the state gulag or the swift work of leftist death squads that remain the only shared communist principles left in the rubble of nations around the world destroyed by their ugly "utopian" nightmares.

If the Democratic Party can so easily stuff a stick of dynamite into the mouth of George Washington, the father of our nation, or Thomas Jefferson, the man who gave America her voice, or Abraham Lincoln, the man who kept the union whole, then they can just as easily hang each of us by the necks for resisting their resistance or necklace us one by one for choosing freedom over socialism.

Anybody with eyes can see the socialist revolution afoot in the U.S., and anybody with a brain knows how quickly it will turn from college coaches and pop culture brands begging the left for forgiveness and corporate executives resigning for imaginary past sins into the forced "re-education camps" spoken of so casually by members of Bernie Sanders's campaign.  Google, Facebook, and Twitter have chosen the side of the book-burners.  CNN sees no problem with condemning Mount Rushmore as nothing more than a tribute to slaveholders and genocidal white supremacists.  Even former Bush administration officials (presumably with the former Republican president's blessing) have pusillanimously taken up camp behind the "woke" mob, empowering the socialist revolutionaries and tacitly supporting their war against America.

But just as every communist revolution for the last hundred years has ended up destroying its most ardent supporters, neither Google nor CNN nor the Bush dynasty will be allowed to hold onto power or profit once the socialists are welcomed with open arms into Lafayette Square.  After they topple all the statues and kill all the dissidents and stroll into the new Karl Marx capital as conquering heroes, their bloodlust won't turn a blind eye to the Republican gentry class or Silicon Valley techno-lords or self-proclaimed defenders of the "free press."  Just like Lenin and Mao and Pol Pot and Castro and Chávez, the American socialists propping up Old Joe Biden long enough to usher in their chosen vice-presidential successor will thank their allies for their contributions...before promptly taking everything they have.

And standing in the gap trying desperately to prevent this certain American immolation is President Donald Trump, the one person in D.C. that D.C. universally seeks to destroy.  It seems, as with the Roman hero Horatius, the American nobility will depend on the American president to fight alone for their survival, while they set themselves to the task of burning the ground beneath his feet. It's an American tragedy with only one hero.

Image: Ninian Reid via Flickr.

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