Why Are We Letting Democrats Steal from Us?

Democrats' Robin Hood policies of taking from the rich to give to the poor are imbedded in the DNA of party members and loyalists.  From FDR's New Deal to Johnson's Great Society,[i] welfare programs were established to support those less fortunate than others.  However, since the 1960s Civil Rights Movement, Democrat-led initiatives that were initially designed to assist black Americans are now being recognized as contributing factors to that community's plight today.[ii]  Democrats have utilized these programs as a means to obtain power and subjugate blacks rather than a tool to empower them.

These liberal policy failures have been on full display after weeks of Black Lives Matters protests, riots, and looting, yet leftists are making even more incredible demands under the guise of equality.  But what they're actually doing is continuing their decades-long history of stealing from Americans — our traditions, values, freedoms, property, and security.  

The thievery began with the infiltration of academia by 1960s radicals turned college professors, à la domestic terrorist Bill Ayers.  By seizing the academy years ago, leftists have been stealing the minds of generations of young people.  At universities, facts no longer matter, and propaganda is spoon-fed to unwitting consumers.  Year after year, universities spit out social justice warriors who are not surprisingly joining shoulder to shoulder with today's rioters destroying property, livelihoods, and inner cities.  Successfully appropriating the truth, the academy has produced generations of leftists now entrenched in American institutions, including the media, law, corporate America, Wall Street, and state and federal governments.

Free speech on campuses exists only for the views of those protected under the intersectional umbrella of diversity.  Whites, Jews, and conservatives are excluded, with their views shut out of all campus discussion.  The irony of liberal snowflakes requiring safe spaces in which to hide from conservatives while they take to the streets, not fearing breaking the law, is missed by their virtue-signaling supporters.

Unfortunately, the indoctrination isn't limited to higher education.  The New York Times' "1619 Project" is designed to infiltrate K–12 education by stealing U.S. history and replacing it with lies about America's "racist" founding.  It's no wonder students arrive at college primed for the propaganda being taught. When San Francisco requires a high school to cover a 1936 mural about George Washington, Minnesota bans novels by Mark Twain and Harper Lee, and U.S. history is rewritten in the vision of liberals who see a racist in every white person, we should all feel victimized by what liberals are taking from us.

It's not surprising that the mainstream media are aiding and abetting the theft of our minds.  As if the Washington Post and New York Times weren't already obsessed with indoctrinating the masses with liberal lies, the WaPo just added twelve new positions to address "diversity," "inclusion," "racism," and "white nationalism."  The media, in the business of supporting the Democrat Party, have hastened the theft of a free and honest exchange of ideas.

Social media, run by Silicon Valley liberals who care about only progressivism and getting rid of Trump, wear their ideology proudly.  These progressive billionaires have stolen free speech as Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook decide what content will be censored (i.e., conservative commentary, the most recent example of which is Facebook deleting anything containing a MAGA hat).

Eight years of Obama's thievery also took a toll on the nation.  As COVID-19 disproportionately impacts lower-income citizens, recall how Obama promised Americans they wouldn't lose their doctors and health insurance under Obamacare.  He lied.  Millions lost their doctors and could no longer afford private insurance.  Obama's ACA also stole the freedom of religion from the Little Sisters of the Poor and others who sought to run their operations in accordance with religious values.

Obama's IRS stole our freedom of speech by refusing to grant nonprofit status to conservative organizations.  He robbed us of our right to privacy by weaponizing his alphabet city of federal agencies, including spying on private citizens.  He also stole the smooth transition of power to his successor — something enjoyed by every prior administration.  The more we learn about the Russia collusion hoax, FBI illegal spying, and other traps set for Trump and his advisers, the more it becomes clear that Obama attempted to steal a duly elected president's ability to govern.  In effect, he attempted to steal our democracy.

Brainwashed, radicalized liberals have been using Trump's election as a reason to take over our streets, college campuses, corporate America, and other traditional American institutions in ways we could not have imagined.  Putting aside the Resistance movement, which began the day Trump won, these frustrated anarchists are now acting like rabid dogs let loose on innocent populations who wish to live and prosper in peace.  They have stolen livelihoods from the same people they purportedly care so much about.  They have stolen the lives of officers and individuals who seek only to instill law and order in the midst of chaos.  They are pilfering much of what has made America unique and special — including our glorious history and traditions.

From Aunt Jemima, Mrs. Butterworth's, Uncle Ben's, Cream of Wheat, and Eskimo Pie to Land O'Lakes, corporate logos that existed for over a century are now gone or soon to be removed from grocery store shelves.  When leftists see racism in Snap, Crackle and Pop, where does the insanity end?

Liberals' cancel culture is also stealing our childhood memories in the form of movies and television shows.  Rational Americans were shocked to learn that HBO had jumped on the virtue-signaling band wagon by removing Gone with the Wind from its platform.  Leave it to liberals to "cancel" black American Hattie McDaniel's humble wishes in her 1939 Academy Award acceptance speech for best supporting actress in which she shared her hope that she would "always be a credit to my race."

After 33 seasons, the hit television show Cops has been canceled, Looney Tunes has removed Elmer Fudd's shotgun, the producers of SpongeBob SquarePants made it clear that he's gay, Nickelodeon aired eight minutes of a black screen with "I can't breathe" being repeated, and Sesame Street joined with CNN to preach to American children about endemic racism.  In the minds of these fascists, Americans can no longer think on their own; their minds must be controlled à la Orwell's 1984.

Frighteningly, the fascists are now stealing patriotism, and the woke leftists are joining forces.  In the sports world, team owners, players, and spectators who used to believe that standing for the National Anthem was the traditionally respectful, patriotic thing to do, now condone and even encourage taking a knee as a symbol of Lord knows what.  Colin Kaepernick was elevated to heroic stature by Nike even as he wore socks portraying police officers as pigs.  Now he is the darling of the American media and the NFL as owners and managers climb over each other to prove who's the most woke.  And while flag-burning is nothing new among the fascist left, our streets are beginning to resemble those in Iran with flags being burned, stomped, and defecated upon.

As the Atlanta Braves pivot away from the famous Tomahawk Chop chant, the University of Florida outlawed its "Gator Bait" cheer.  The University of Virginia followed suit by reworking its logo.  The craziness began before the recent riots, with liberals wishing to change the name of the Washington Redskins, something we'll likely see in the near future as a statue of the former owner was removed last week.  

Tearing down statues is the tactic du jour for erasing history. While statues of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Christopher Columbus, Ulysses S. Grant, and Francis Scott Key have been illegally destroyed, Andrew Jackson's has been saved.  Insanely, Cuomo and de Blasio are removing the 80-year-old Theodore Roosevelt statue from New York City's American Museum of Natural History on the basis that it's "problematic."  I'm waiting for HBO to remove the Night at the Museum movies from its platform — Robin Williams must be turning over in his grave along with our country's Founders, prior presidents, and every soldier who gave his life so that these morons can steal our history, our country, and our values.

We cannot ignore that these anarchists are robbing us of the law and order required for our safety and prosperity.  When police forces are defunded, police are told to stand down, and the public supports the criminals over law-abiding citizens, the outcome is clear.  No-go zones like CHOP in Seattle, murder rates like those of Chicago, and riots and looting like those across our cities will become commonplace.

The leftists cannot explain how destroying peaceful and nonviolent co-existence, civil discourse, critical thinking, respect for differing opinions, and an honest teaching of American history is problematic for the black community because this is not about BLM.  It's about power and keeping it in the hands of Democrats.  That would be the same party that has controlled our inner cities for decades, leading to the mess we're now seeing on display.

North Korea recently threatened a "sensational event" leading to the end of America.  Perhaps Kim Jong-un is thinking about our November election, for if the Democrats win, they'll hammer the final nail in the coffin that Democrats have been building for this country for decades as they bury everything they've stolen from the rest of us in the hopes we won't remember that we were once a great nation.  The question is whether any history books will survive to tell the truth about those who stole our country and why we sat back and watched it happen.  

[i] If the Democrats win the White House and Senate in November, we can add Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal along with $14 million of slavery reparations.

[ii] Roger Kimball recently wrote in a superb column:

The institution of slavery, which ended nearly 150 years ago, has no bearing — zero — on the plight of American blacks today.  What does affect them, mightily, is the destruction of the black family, a project brought to us by more than five decades of Democratic welfare policy.