Who Will Defend Western Civilization?

The West is a dying civilization. That much is evident.

But it mustn't be. Who will defend the flame that once illuminated the skies and sang songs of ascents up on high? In the rush to destroy all things Western, few so-called conservatives—anywhere—risk themselves to defend our patrimony and our future. In fact, many so-called conservatives sound like liberals defaming Western civilization and American history by accepting the anti-Western narrative of racism and imperialism.

It is predicable, almost comical, that the self-declared conservatives across the West grovel to the narrative pushed by the nihilistic and iconoclastic Multicultural Left. Republicans in America plan to unveil their own police reform legislation. Looks like conservatives are abandoning the police too! As classics of American art and cinema are canceled, writers like David Marcus implicitly accept the multiculturalist creed by writing that Gone With the Wind should be saved because the first African-American won an Oscar for her performance in the film. Over in Britain, statues honoring British heroes like Lord Admiral Nelson and Winston Churchill are targets for desecration and removal. Moreover, anti-Western activists openly yearn for the dismantling of British history and culture. And in Australia, Green Party activists defaced a statue of James Cook.

The riots are not about George Floyd, police reform and accountability, or justice. The riots are the systematic attempt to exterminate Western civilization and culture from the very lands in which its roots are planted. This, of course, is something that Conservative Inc doesn’t want to acknowledge or is woefully blind to. Predictably, Conservative Inc writers implicitly accept the multiculturalist narrative but try to turn it on its head—claiming how they are the true defenders of multiculturalism and feminism. What all patriotic Americans need to understand is that the riots and ongoing turmoil is being used as a wrecking ball to our history, heritage, and civilization.

The power of the anti-American activists in our culture is not simply because they control the universities, which produce the armies of anti-Western legions that take up positions in business, politics, and the media (which serves as the primary enforcer of the multiculturalist ideology), but because they understand the role of memory and narrative regarding identity. Culture is essential to our identity as a nation and a civilization. The parasitic anti-Western vandals control the narrative and no one is allowed to deviate from it. Even conservatives must be shackled to it. Conservatives, at best, accept the Left’s narrative but try to twist and turn it to present themselves as the true defenders of multiculturalism and anti-racism. All to no avail.

Multiculturalism is not about multiculturalism. That is the greatest misnomer of all time. Multiculturalism is the veiled vehicle for dismantling and destroying Western civilization. This is not about political power as asinine conservatives often say. This is about civilizational desecration and destruction.

When multiculturalists complain about European and American statues, they are only voicing their genuine attitude of resentful hatred. What hath the multiculturalist in common with Julius Caesar, George Washington, or Horatio Nelson? Nothing. And they never will. Even if they reside in Western nations. Multiculturalists hate all Western heroes precisely because they’re Western. Even white abolitionists are targets of their rage because they are “murderers” and “colonists.” Anything and everything Western, as Susan Sontag said, is “the cancer of humanity.”

Instead of presenting a counter narrative defending the heroism and magnanimity of Western civilization the pale and pathetic defenders of Western civilization already consign themselves to the dust bins of extinction by accepting the ludicrous and abstract beliefs that what constitute Western civilization are the abstract and fluid ideals of human rights, democracy, and freedom which permits the West’s eventual annihilation. And with that annihilation the end of Western consciousness, heritage, and history is complete.

What makes the American unique is that he is the product of all of Europe and European history converged onto this New World and New Continent. Without the Greek victory at Salamis there would be no America. Without Alexander the Great there would be no America. Without Julius Caesar or Augustus Caesar there would be no America. Without Charles Martel there would be no America. Without Christopher Columbus there would be no America. (And this is why the multiculturalist tears down statues of Columbus—they only defile Western heroes.) Without Sir Francis Drake there would be no America. Without James Wolfe there would be no America. Every great Western hero of the past is now on the chopping block of the multiculturalist terror campaign.

Americans have the richest history and heritage precisely because we are the children of pilgrims, adventurers, and lovers stretching across the millennia whose actions made safe the possibility for the European settlement of the New World. This would serve conservatives well if they understood this fact and embraced it. The Greek heroes at Thermopylae and Salamis died for us. The Franks who died stopping an Islamic invasion of Europe died for us. The Catholics who fought the Turks at Lepanto died for us. The brave and heroic sailors, settlers, and pioneers who died in the New World died for us. If we love them let us honor them and immortalize them. We once did. Now we must show our love for them again in defending them against the new barbarians from within.

If conservatives will not defend Western civilization by proclaiming the heroic nobility of the West then what, exactly, are they conserving? Besides occasional tax cuts—which is hardly heroic—what is the last great conservative victory in the past 20 years? Perhaps conservatives in 50 years will call for the removal of Washington when everyone clamors to deface the Father of our Country. It won’t be long until we pass Mount Rushmore and utter those haunting words, “Nothing besides remain, round the decay / Of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare / The lone and level sands stretch far away.”

Image credit: Wallpaper Flare / public domain

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