Trump Wars Sequel – Return of the Coronavirus

Return of the Jedi was the sixth episode of the Star Wars saga, either a prequel or sequel to the never-ending story of good versus evil. Although Star Wars is make-believe, it features many interesting characters. The first movie featured a memorable cantina scene where Luke and Obi-Wan encountered a bizarre gaggle of aliens.

Much of this is playing out today, not in a galaxy far, far away, but in Washington, DC.  President Trump, representing the force of good in America, is battling an array of dark Sith forces named Soros, Obama, Clinton, Schiff, and Pelosi, just to name a few. The famous cantina misfits have been replaced by the White House press corp or the Democrat Congressional caucus.

Return of the Coronavirus is the latest episode in the ongoing Trump Wars saga. It began with the Access Hollywood Tapes, followed by the Obama administration illegally spying on Trump and his campaign, then on his transition team and administration. There was Stormy, Avenatti, and Omarosa. Then came the Ukraine phone call and impeachment. Finally, the Chinese virus.

Coincidentally, or not, the first person in the US with the Wuhan Coronavirus arrived in Seattle on the same day the House arrived in the Capitol carrying impeachment articles.  The virus led to shutting down the US economy over fears, some reasonable but many unfounded. As the economy began to reopen, at least in red states, another sequel was released, Prosperity Wars.

Protests and riots, mass property and business destruction, an actual war on prosperity, along with cancellation of anything and everything offensive to Democrats and their media, anarchist, Marxists, and white guilt allies. Establishment Republicans stood by, agreeing with the mobs, taking a figurative knee with the America hating crowd as Mitt Romney did. Which raises the age-old question, why vote Republican?

If Democrats think they can win in November on a platform of destroying American cities, tearing down statues of America’s founders, and sending Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben to the purgatory of wokeness, I wish them luck. Not to mention having a candidate who struggles to utter a coherent sentence even when reading from a teleprompter.

The economy is rebounding with unemployment dropping and the stock market rising. Trump’s approval rating is two points above Obama’s, per Rasmussen Reports, exactly 8 years ago, despite Trump facing a hurricane force headwind and Obama cruising with a gale force tailwind as he campaigned for reelection.


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The DNC media is previewing this next chapter of Trump Wars. CNN asks, “How risky is it to attend a Trump campaign rally during a pandemic?” Funny how they never asked such a question about the George Floyd protests/riots, instead showing, “Scenes from peaceful protests around the US.” I guess CNN missed the looting and property destruction in most major US cities.

Business Insider chimed in with, “Trump's Oklahoma rally is extremely risky, and not just for the people going.” USA Today previewed the next saga with this headline, “Oklahoma coronavirus cases surge, hospitalizations rise ahead of Trump's Tulsa rally.”

Any surge in cases is due to the state being, “One of the first states that has safely and measurably reopened” according to Governor Kevin Stitt. Hospitalizations occurring the week before the rally are obviously not due to the rally, but instead are the expected cases after states reopen.

Remember all the measures of distancing, masks, and stay-at-home orders were designed to flatten the curve but they have no effect on ultimate cases. Instead new cases are simply delayed under a wider but flatter curve which was designed to prevent overwhelming hospitals and ICUs.

The media will ignore such nuance and blame every new case, not only in Oklahoma but also everywhere else in the US on President Trump and his rallies. This will be the new narrative.

The media is begging for a second wave of the Wuhan flu, as Real Clear Politics chronicled, “The media is churning out countless alarmist stories each day about the threat of COVID-19 and the dangers of societal reopening.“

Media double standards and hypocrisy will be dutifully ignored. Take this NBC headline, “Outside Trump’s Tulsa rally site, few face masks and no social distancing.” NBC had no such admonition for Brooklyn a few days ago with this headline, “Rally for Black trans lives draws enormous crowd in Brooklyn.”

In fact, the Trump rally is far safer than any BLM rally as, “Trump supporters received masks, hand sanitizer, temperature checks at Tulsa rally, campaign boss says.” This is much like entering a hospital or medical office. I don’t recall seeing temperature checks of looters in downtown Chicago or New York a few weeks ago. Are the CHAZ/CHOP “peaceful protesters” in Seattle handing out masks and hand sanitizer?

Any surge in Chinese virus cases won’t be blamed on anti-police protests a few weeks ago but instead on Trump rallies. Increases in post lockdown cases will be reported in red states but ignored in blue states. The media is spreading fear, backed by the basketball player and scarf queen who supposedly, “Advised Trump against holding an in-person rally in Tulsa” but were surprisingly quiet about the mass city protests these past few weeks.

If a million Trump supporters were really going to become infected, sick, and possibly die, then why isn’t the DNC media encouraging the rally? A Democrat Congressional candidate from Indiana wanted just that, tweeting “May it disproportionately kill many MAGAts.” Perhaps because the DNC media knows that a Trump rally is safer than any of the city protests and riots. Their real fear is that the Trump rally will energize Trump and his base, tapping into the force as Luke and Yoda did in Star Wars.

Post rally, the DNC media is crowing over empty seats, saying as the New York Times did that, “Trump’s Tulsa rally fizzles.” This should be good news as fewer will potentially be infected, using the media’s reasoning. Was it lack of enthusiasm for President Trump, or unhinged BLM protesters threatening to beat Trump supporters that kept people away?

This is simply the latest saga in Trump Wars. The rally was be a resounding success. Those brave enough to wait in line for several days and avoid the BLM hate mob saw Trump in person. Others watched on television or YouTube where 500,000 plus watched. The caterwauling media will howl with rage, and Trump will continue his march toward reelection, one rally at a time.

It was never about the virus, but instead about the election, as the latest Trump Wars chapter reminds us. Enjoy the show.

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Brian C Joondeph, MD, is a Denver based physician and freelance writer whose pieces have appeared in American Thinker, Daily Caller, Rasmussen Reports, and other publications. Follow him on Facebook,  LinkedIn, Twitter, and QuodVerum.

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