Time to Pause Immigration for a While

In the epoch of COVID-19, many have willingly abdicated personal sovereignty and liberty to the State.  Many more, however, have led the continuing renaissance of constitutional nationalism that was ushered in with the election of Donald Trump. It's high time to apply nationalism to the issue that will most singularly determine whether we nationalists keep our republic: immigration. The United States is overpopulated (or, if you prefer, has enough people here), and it's time to seal the borders until further notice.  No, I'm not talking just The Wall at our southern border or our temporary groundings of flights or refugees and asylum-seekers — no more new bodies who are coming to live in the U.S. indefinitely until further notice. To truly put America first, we need a moratorium on legal immigration for the next five to ten years.  Our national system imports one foreign national every minute of every day, 24/7, totaling 459,000...(Read Full Article)
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