Time to Pause Immigration for a While

In the epoch of COVID-19, many have willingly abdicated personal sovereignty and liberty to the State.  Many more, however, have led the continuing renaissance of constitutional nationalism that was ushered in with the election of Donald Trump.

It's high time to apply nationalism to the issue that will most singularly determine whether we nationalists keep our republic: immigration.

The United States is overpopulated (or, if you prefer, has enough people here), and it's time to seal the borders until further notice.  No, I'm not talking just The Wall at our southern border or our temporary groundings of flights or refugees and asylum-seekers — no more new bodies who are coming to live in the U.S. indefinitely until further notice.

To truly put America first, we need a moratorium on legal immigration for the next five to ten years.  Our national system imports one foreign national every minute of every day, 24/7, totaling 459,000 new arrivals in Fiscal Year 2019 (572,000 more obtained lawful permanent residency — green cards — in F.Y. 2019).

Because of COVID-19, our unemployment rate is nearly 15 percent — the highest in almost nine decades, since the Great Depression.  Our jobless population totals over 21 million Americans.

Please spare me the narrative that at least some of the tens of millions out of work couldn't, with some training, fill at least some of the jobs of the 190,098 H-1B visa lottery recipients in FY 2019.  Even if you disagree with a full pause, shouldn't we at least somewhat reduce the number of recipients, to make it even slightly easier for unemployed Americans and recent college graduates to work at the companies addicted to foreign labor (I'm looking at you, Democrat-run Big Tech)?  The balance of imported immigrants receive J-1 Visas (foreign exchange visitors) and H-2B visas for non-agricultural, blue-collar jobs.

There are also currently 13 million green card–holders nationwide. 

Trump may restrict immigration visas for the next few months, but more (meaning longer) is needed.  The 2018 Trump v. Hawaii U.S. Supreme Court ruling affirmed a president's broad constitutional powers to limit — or altogether cease — legal immigration.  Trump would be on strong legal footing if a moratorium were challenged in the courts.

The Bodies Politic

Need convincing beyond the economic benefits?  How about a moratorium for public health?

Unwittingly or not, The New York Times' recent report, entitled "The Coronavirus Is Deadliest Where Democrats Live," concurs with me.

It's been grotesquely fascinating to watch all these Democrats — who pack themselves like sardines into these cities and suburbs, to politically outnumber everyone else — lament when there aren't enough coronavirus testing kits, masks, or ventilators.  When Democrats are enjoying the benefits of outnumbering everyone else (registered Democrats outnumber registered Republicans 7 to 1 in New York City, for example), they're pigs in mire, and they remind us that "there are more of us than you."  But the Democrats' overcrowded chickens came home to roost.

What cities have coped the worst with COVID-19?  Overpopulated, Democrat-majority cities: Detroit, New Orleans, and New York, among a few others.  Fifteen percent of the world's population lives in a 90-mile radius around the island of Manhattan — making it the densest collection of bodies on the planet.  And while New York State's overall population has been declining for years (higher taxes and redistribution of wealth!), New York City's five boroughs have been increasing since 2000; 26,000 live in each square mile, and in Manhattan, 66,000 per square mile.  In San Francisco, the second most densely populated city in the U.S., 6,000 live in each square mile.  Even if officials in these cities had responded flawlessly to the pandemic, there were too many bodies to avoid chaos.

Pray tell, where do those hundreds of thousands of new immigrants annually move to?  Cheese farms in Wisconsin?  Coal mines in Pennsylvania or Ohio? No; they live in America's big cities (more on this shortly).  Though there was no precedent for the COVID-19 outbreak, the high death counts in overwhelmingly Democrat-populated cities underscored that too many bodies living in too-small municipal spaces presents public health crises waiting to happen.

Political Self-Obsolesce

A long-term pressing of the immigration pause button would elicit scorn from the Democrats and the GOP, which is precisely why it's the winning play.

The ceasing of a bodies influx into America is anathema to Democrats because large quantities of bodies are the primary reason they have monopolized control of most of America's largest cities; the primary reason they always win the political youth war; and the primary reason why their influence never seems to wane, even when they lose electorally. As I write in my upcoming first book, 10 Warning Signs Your Child Is Becoming a Democrat: How to Make America Grown-Up Again, bodies are what enable the Democrats and the DMIC (Democrat Media Industrial Complex) to never stray from their mantra of "vote blue no matter who."  They move in a singular direction, unified toward a singular goal — to protect and elect Democrats, no exceptions.

Conversely, it's anathema to globalist and open-borders Republicans whose fetish is Third World–produced goods on the year 1381 minimum wage pay.  Furthermore, Republicans are utterly petrified to come within a parsec of what I'm proposing, for fear of the "xenophobic" branding by the editorial boards of The Washington Post and The New York Times.

Bipartisanship is overrated, and it usually means that both sides have been wrong rather than one side.

America has been the most generous nation in world history.  The time, though, has come for altruism to defer to science and the American workforce of small business and manufacturing.

Both of our major political parties are afraid to reform our immigration quagmire because with reform will be the revelation of how many illegal aliens live here.  Our federal government has little to no knowledge of how many illegals are here.  Are there "only" 11 million illegal aliens in the U.S.?  Doubtful; it's been 11 million, since, well, forever, and it's likely double to triple that figure.

It is neither my nor your responsibility to render ourselves politically obsolete.  Where do you think the vast majority of legal immigrants live?  In small towns inhabited by AR-15-carrying Jeffersonian and Adamsian constitutionalists whose book club members are currently reading The Federalist Papers?  Of course not; they predominantly live in cities that would vote for an Attila the Hun/Genghis Khan presidential ticket if it had a "D" attached to it.

Even though permanent legal residents cannot (legally) vote, they do influence (in the Democrats' favor) Congressional apportionment and federal funding grabs.  And let's be candid: when legal immigrants become naturalized citizens, they are far likelier to vote Democrat than for another party.  

For those who believe that a crisis justifies the abridgment of, and infringement upon, our guaranteed constitutional rights: the Framers penned the Constitution in response to a crisis — a war against a foreign power, which didn't recognize our independence until seven years after we declared it. The Founders would want us to be even more zealous in the application of these rights during a crisis.

We nationalists know dangerous freedom must always reign supreme over peaceful slavery; our Founders keenly understood that a tyranny of the majority would eventually euthanize the republic.

Rich Logis is host of The Rich Logis Show, at TheRichLogisShow.com, and author of the upcoming book 10 Warning Signs Your Child Is Becoming a Democrat: How to Make America Grown-up Again.  He can be found on Twitter at @RichLogis.