The Soviet Plan for ‘Ideological Subversion’ Describes Our Current Turmoil

A good friend of mine who fled the Soviet Union many years ago recently sent me a most chilling interview on You Tube.  Under ten minutes long, it needs to be seen by every American who wonders why the country is unraveling before our very eyes.  The interview features Yuri Bezmenov, a former KGB spy and state media propagandist who defected to Canada in 1970.  Bezmenov cogently explains how "ideological subversion" is an essential method used by communists to undermine and destabilize Western countries.  His explanation crystallizes so much of what has happened in America in the last 40 years. 


Basically there are four steps to ideological subversion or "changing the perspective of reality" -- in other words a mass brainwashing.  The first step is known as demoralization and it takes 15-20 years -- the span of time needed to educate one generation by exposing them to the "ideology of the enemy."  In America we have had

Marxist-Leninist ideology pumped into the soft heads of at least three generations of American students, without being challenged or counter-balanced by the basic values of Americanism (patriotism).

And it makes not a whit of difference if these students are exposed to true information because "a person who is demoralized is unable to assess true information."  Their minds are cemented.  Total denial is in force.  Does this not explain why statues are being destroyed and America is continually depicted as a racist country when, in fact, it is not?

In fact, it would take another few generations to change the "tide of ideological perception of reality back to normalcy and patriotism."

The second step in ideological subversion is destabilization. This step can be accomplished in as little as five years and the focus is on "destabilizing sectors such as the economy, law enforcement, foreign relations, media, and defense systems."

This destabilization results in "antagonistic clashes" and we see this nightly on the news. Fake news is a constant.  Leftist mayors and governors want to tax the people to death, police are to be defunded and the military has become the petri dish for social experimentation. During the Obama years, the military was basically decimated in terms of arms and critical materiel.

The third stage in the mass brainwashing is the crisis stage.  In this stage, Bezmenov explains that after society is destabilized, it collapses into chaos, and inevitably the people will call for the government to step in to enforce stability.  Either a foreign nation comes in, or the local group of leftists, Marxists et al. take over.

Consider that this is currently being played out in Seattle's autonomous zone known as CHOP.  Ultimately, the crisis stage takes two forms: either civil war or invasion.  It is not an accident that gun sales have risen ever since the riots and Black Lives Matters have become front and center.

The last step is normalization -- an ironic term, indeed as it means that any freedoms that Americans take for granted will be abolished.  Thus, the subverting country finally seizes control of the  target country with forceful military overthrow; the chaos is stabilized, and the situation "normalized"  -- meaning now "there will be a promise of all kinds of goodies and paradise on earth to destabilize the economy, to eliminate the principle of free market competition, and to put a big brother government in Washington, D.C. with benevolent dictators who will promise lots of things.  Never mind if the promises are fulfilled or not."

It is the play book of the Democrat Party who is now a radical Leftwing party as they sanctimoniously bow to their masters.

Concurrent with this ideological subversion is the fact that the U.S. media "is a willing recipient of Soviet subversion" whose aim is to tear down traditional Western society and its values.

Having worked with American journalists and correspondents in Moscow while on the Soviet side and after his defection to the West, Bezmenov is well versed in asserting that the media landscape in the United States is "monopolized both financially and ideologically by what are referred to as 'liberals.'" The media is at the forefront of promoting "non-issues." Non-issues involve "an issue, the solution of which creates more and bigger problems for the majority of a nation even though it may benefit only a few.  In reality, the "main purpose of such non-issues is to 'side-track public opinion, energy (both mental and physical), money and time from the constructive solutions.'"  Think transgender bathrooms, anyone?

Also, the American media discredits those who show clear-cut evidence of communist crimes against humankind.  It is "one of the most devastating" methods of Soviet subversion in American media.  Most major American media completely ignore the stories of life under communism. They are, indeed, the useful idiots of the Left.  Walter Duranty stands out as an egregious example of this.

It takes one who has lived under communism to understand the grandeur of the American idea.

In his book titled Love Letter to America, Bezmenov states

I am not alone in this love. People all over the Earth, whether they praise America or bitterly criticize her, look upon you as the only hope for mankind's survival and the last stronghold of freedom. Some may not think in these idealistic terms, but they certainly enjoy the fruits of your civilization, often forgetting to be grateful for them.

Millions of people in the so-called 'socialist camp' or in the 'Third World' literally owe their lives to America.

My dear friends, I think you are in big trouble. Whether you believe it or not, YOU ARE AT WAR. And you may lose this war very soon, together with all your affluence and freedoms, unless you start defending yourselves. I hope you have noticed on your color televisions that there is in fact war going on right now all over this planet. This war has many faces, but it's all the same — it's war. Some call it 'national liberation', some title it 'class struggle' or 'political terrorism'. Others call it 'anticolonialism' or 'struggle for majority rule'. Some even come up with such fancy names as 'war of patriotic forces' or 'peace movement'. I call it World Communist Aggression. 
Communist world aggression is a total war against humanity and human civilization. In Communist propaganda terms, this is 'the final struggle for the victory of Communism."
The driving force of this war has very little to do with natural aspirations of people for better lives and greater freedoms. If at all, these aspirations are being used and taken advantage of by the manipulators and progenitors of the war. The real driving force of this war of aggression is IDEOLOGY — something you cannot eat, wear or store for a 'rainy day'. An integral part of this war of ideology is IDEOLOGICAL SUBVERSION — the process of changing the perception of reality in the minds of millions of peoples all over the world. The late comrade Andropov, the former head of the Soviet 
KGB called this war of Communist aggression, 'the final struggle for the MINDS and hearts of the people'.

Americans need to realize that they have been deliberate targets of ideological subversion.  The Left is destructive; they have the tools honed to a fine edge and they will win if we don't take every ounce of strength to change the Leftist indoctrination in schools and media of this country.  As Bezmenov stated in 1984 "the clock is ticking."  That was 36 years ago!

Not coincidentally, we learn that the two founders of Black Lives Matter in 2013 boasted two years later of their Marxist training in "ideological theories." Via Just The News:

Patrisse Cullors, who founded the group with Alicia Garza and Opal Tometi in 2013, was interviewed by Morgan State University Professor Jared Ball in 2015 regarding the movement she helped to create. Ball in that interview asked Cullors about "critiques" of her group, ones that allege "a lack of perhaps ideological direction in Black Lives Matter that would allow it to be, to fizzle out." 

Responding to that question, Cullors said that the group "do[es] have an ideological frame."

"Myself and Alicia in particular are trained organizers. We are trained Marxists. We are super-versed on, sort of, ideological theories," she said, adding that the group's founders sought to "build a movement that could be utilized by many, many black folk."

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