The Fog Is Lifted

The fog of war.  It's real.  It's been hiding the truth that civil war has been upon us for years now.

Here is a prescient definition, first made by Prussian military analyst Carl von Clausewitz, who defined the fog of war concept in the mid 1800s: 

War is the realm of uncertainty; three quarters of the factors on which action in war is based are wrapped in a fog of greater or lesser uncertainty.  A sensitive and discriminating judgment is called for — a skilled intelligence to scent out the truth.

Example: Hitler not scenting out the truth is how we prevailed on D-Day.  The allies used the fog well.

So here we are, and the left is engaging us with its fog.  We have been fighting the left in a multi-front war, one front being the mysterious war against the Wuhan virus.  Others are fighting a degenerate Democratic Party and an even further degenerate media.

As the fog lifts on the mystery of the virus, we are beginning to see more clearly.  We know multiple things.  First, we can beat it.  Whether we mitigated correctly, or the models were entirely wrong, or it never was as bad as advertised, we don't know yet.  But we do know that we know how to beat it.  This, in spite of the nonsensical Democratic Party lockdown governors.

We also know that the hard-left apparatchiks know we have beaten it.  We also know that these same apparatchiks know that the economy will rebound strong and have better numbers than ever before the election. 

It's pretty clear: these leftist party leaders failed miserably trying to blame the virus on Trump.  Polls show he is the one most trusted, not they.  Their own failed policies in their states and cities are legion.  They not only failed, but consigned tens of thousands of seniors to death with their horrifying nursing home edicts and failed policies.  Manslaughter in plain sight.

Now the hard left has opened up another front for us to fight.  The leftists are trying to scare us with violence dressed up as racial protest.  They are using the horrible death of George Floyd to foment racial division.  They want us to believe that these are organic protests, when they are fomented by Antifa and paid for by George Soros.  Oh, for sure, there are common looters joining them, but this is the leftists' plan: foment violence so they can once again claim that Trump is causing violence in America — and deal the race card as hard as they can.

America, understand one thing: this is a civil war, one that is upon us from the hard left.  It is stoked by leftist leadership, stoked by leftist media toadies, and unfortunately bought by too many of the Democrat Party voters.  Do not be deceived: the war has one end, and one end only: the removal of Donald Trump and his coalition and the ascendance of the hard left to power and dominance.

The fronts all have the same hope: each one hopes to isolate Trump, to tear down his support, to delegitimize his presidency and accomplishments.

Here are some of those battles: the Russian collusion story.  The hate Trump personally story.  The Ukraine hoax.  The Mueller team vitriol, inclusive of destroying Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, and Roger Stone (a warning to anyone supporting Trump).  The blame Trump rather than China for the virus narrative.  And now the transparent attempt to stoke violence, with Trump to be blamed as the initiator of the violence, and the racial hatred.

This is an awful war, brought to us by awful people.  They do not care whom they hurt, what laws or mores they break, nor that they themselves are the reprobates in all of this.  They have no shame, never have, never will.  Let's unwrap a few of their incivilities:

The set-up of people in the Trump campaign, and Trump himself with a made-up narrative, fabricating crimes to excuse their own hard-left madness.  They destroyed Michael Flynn and others as examples of what they can do. 

They did it with Russia, and then the impeachment over the Ukraine hoax.

They tried to use a pandemic to further their political power.  Instead of helping, they stoked fear, disinformation, and blame.  They tried to blame it on Trump, tried to hang it around his neck like a noose.

Their governors have extended their lockdowns well beyond the flattening of the curve, and it's clear they hoped to further depress economic numbers that they could then hang around the president's neck.

Consider how awful these people are to have perpetrated the above.

Failing in all of these attempts, now they want to hang Donald Trump with their violence and their charges of racism.  Make no mistake: this is a planned series of events coordinated and funded by the hard left.  There is nothing spontaneous about it other than those foolish looters who help the left's narrative.

Once again: An awful war, brought on by awful people who simply do not care about anything other than their own political power.  It's clear now that they will do anything to hold on to the power that Trump is denying them.  It's clear that all these fronts are part of their war — their war on America, their war on us.

But the fog has lifted.

They can be seen for what they are: a group attempting a naked political power-grab.  One more attempt to sow chaos in the American system.  One more attempt to take over from an American public that wants to bring the normal processes of American life back.  One more attempt to shock America into rejecting the Trump presidency.  One more attempt for them to overthrow us.  One more attempt to sell their utopia to us.

All these fronts were staged by a criminal left (and these people are criminal), pushed by a politically motivated FBI, a rogue bureaucracy, and a series of horrible leftist politicians.  Their tactics and plans are being exposed, one by one.

If you are a normal citizen who wants to do something positive in this war, know that you must simply stand fast.  Know this latest violence for what it is.  Know that this isn't going to be their last front opened.  Gird yourselves; they will try to pull off several more things in their attempt to fog over everyone's ability to see.  They will muddy the waters until Election Day and beyond.

Stand up, because now is the time.  Stare these people down.  Get rid of as many as we can by voting them out.  Stop pretending these are nice, civil people to discuss things with.  Stop pretending, or fearing, they have won because of all the chaos they are sowing.  They have won nothing.  They win only if American stops standing against them.  They win only if we let them.  They win only if we fail to stand against them, point them out, and send them into irrelevance.

We have until November to execute a decisive blow to them.  This is a call to stand, a rallying call to oust them, a call to stop fearing them.  We must work as hard as we can to beat them.  We must mock them and out them as the criminals they are.  They will not go gently into the night, so let's usher them out decisively.  Use their fog and their tactics against them.  Make them live up to their own rules.   

That, or they will destroy anything left of decency in this country.

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