The 2020 Election Is like the Last Five Minutes of a Basketball Game

The last five minutes of a basketball game often stretch out in a logarithmic fashion.  If one team is far enough behind to be desperate, the players will begin committing intentional fouls simply to force a free throw from the foul line.  To be sure, the fouled player on the leading team may end up scoring an easy two points.  He may just as easily miss the shot, allowing the fouling team to recover the ball.  It's a risk for all concerned.

Personally, I view this tactic as a pathetic delay of the inevitable.  But there are plenty of people who will disagree, especially those approaching the buzzer down five or six points.  For better or worse, it's a part of the game.  Players will try almost anything they can get away with as the seconds tick down.  Imagine my surprise when I recognized the same technique being applied to the 2020 election.

Despite the cheerleading provided by the mainstream media, the Democrats are way behind heading into this election season.  And they know it.  The American people have had more than three years to grow comfortable with Trump.  He's turned out to be a reasonably competent president, even if his tweets sometimes make us cringe.  Trump turned the economy around, brought the Chinese to heel, and actually does what he says he will do.

The Democrats, on the other hand, have continued to operate in the same old way that lost them the 2016 race.  In order to avoid losing control, the party establishment cheated Bernie Sanders out of the nomination again.  They then managed to shove the most senile, corrupt, and incompetent candidate of the crowded primary field into the race.  Even with 95% of journalists ignoring Joe Biden's scandals, Trump is still pulling ahead in the polls.  No wonder they need to cheat by mail to even the chances.

Faced with this mess, the Democrats have been committing intentional fouls since the beginning of the year in breathless hopes of getting their grubby little paws back on the ball.  The year started off with the impeachment nonsense.  Even the Democratic representatives in the House had to hold their noses to vote for impeachment.  Everyone knew that the whole affair was a tall, teetering pile of lies, which, sure enough, toppled over under the pressure of a few honest questions.  Then the Senate sank both foul shots, with just a bit of bobble on the rim in the form of RINO Romney's petulant vote.

The next foul the Democrats expected to turn things around started off with hysteria over the incipient trade war with China and quickly morphed into branding Trump a xenophobe for halting flights from China as the scope of the pandemic started to emerge.  Pelosi and company were off on a frantic hug-a-commie rant before they realized that the Chinese Communist Party had probably intentionally spread the virus around the world to make sure China wouldn't be the only place affected.  Then Trump pulled what the Democrats thought was some political jujitsu by locking down the nation to flatten the curve, before they could gear up to demand he do so.  Leftists briefly hoped they would be able to hang the blame for the pandemic on Trump, before he did such a good job of managing the crisis.  Swish...swish.

It's a matter of debate whether the behavior of the Democrats during the lockdown should be counted as separate fouls or a connected series of stumbles.  There's a strong argument either way.  Initially, the left sought to portray Trump as bungling and dangerous, failing to supply enough ventilators and pushing hydroxychloroquine and Lysol.  But Trump and his team moved mountains, and a couple of ships, to deal with the situation.  Then they tried very hard to blame him for the deaths until it turned out that Democrat mayors and governors had effectively killed thousands of old people through bureaucratic incompetence at best.  Finally, Democrats consoled themselves that the economy, Trump's signature achievement so far, would be irreparably damaged if they could just drag the lockdown out through the summer.

Thankfully, Trump simply declared that it was time to start opening things back up.  If blue-state governors didn't want to listen to reason and start getting back to normal, maybe the people in those states should take it up with them.  In one bold move, Trump turned the tables on the Democrats.  Now, all the governors who want to make the pain last as long as possible have to explain themselves (yes, I mean you, Gretchen Wieners) to a public growing restive and weary of their blarney.

Actually, Trump was in the process of sinking these latest free throws when the left fouled him right there at the foul line.  I don't think I've seen that before.  To be honest, the left was already desperate, not having scored a point all year, when the George Floyd crisis popped up.  Antifa just could not let this one go to waste.  Well, they never really ever miss a chance to spread misery and violence, on the off chance that this time it'll spark their precious revolution. 

A basketball game is supposed to be a contest based on shooting and ball-handling skills, with a bit of luck thrown in.  Whether the final score is close or not, the rules are set up to test the teams against each other.  Usually the better team prevails.  It's a recipe for a loss if one team doesn't hustle and use its skills, planning to catch up at the last minute.  An election is a choice the public makes based on the performance of the incumbent and a judgment of whether the challenger might do better.  If the Democrats had displayed even an ounce of maturity and statesmanship over the last four years, they might have had a chance this election.  Instead, they're flailing at the ball like demented windmills.  And the seconds to November are ticking away.