Republicans Must Understand: We Are at War

The time to enter the battle has come.  There is nowhere to run and nowhere to hide; no prisoners will be taken and no quarter granted.  There are no "safe spaces" or DMZs.  The enemy is emboldened, on the march, and out for blood.  Increasingly, his tactics resemble full-spectrum warfare from a position of complete battle space domination.  Whether we like it or not, our options have been crystalized: roll over and die (which may even be a preferred outcome to what some of them have planned) or fight back. 

Before we get into the idea of fighting back, let's look at the battle lines.  On the one side, we have a loose collection of freedom-lovers, conservatives, traditionalists, free-marketers, and rational and logical people (let's call them Republicans, if for no other reason than that we need a shorthand label).  On the other side, there is a tightly knitted confederacy of Marxists, communists, socialists, relativists, hive-minders, grievance-mongers, Stockholm syndrome sufferers, and criminal cabals (let's call this group Democrats).  There is still a large portion of "independents," but even that is becoming irrelevant when we review the fortresses each side holds.

 The Republicans have the presidency, the Senate, and the independent media — which is certainly better than nothing.  The Democrats have the House of Representatives...and the mainstream media, academia, education, Hollywood, medicine, and a weird weaponized "science" (that really drives the rational and logical people insane).  In the past, institutions such as the military, mainstream churches, big business, and professional sports may have leaned toward the Republican side.  These, however, have been outright neutralized or are in the process of being assimilated into the opposing side.  In the case of big business, it is firmly entrenched in the opposing side at this point.  Given the superiority of the Democratic positions, it's evident why "independents" is merely a superficial term as opposed to an actual group of ideological independent people. 

Despite the apparent power differential between the two sides, all is not lost.  In order for us (the Republicans) to have a fighting chance, we need to realize and embrace the situation we're in with eyes wide open and adapt our tactics accordingly, and everyone needs to join the fray.  We must stop pretending we're the majority, or that we have the power, or that people will eventually agree with us, or that we have the moral high ground, or that our enemy is willing to meet us in the ideological space with Marquess of Queensbury debate rules.  To return to military terms, we can't stand up an army and slug it out in a field with our opponents — they would destroy us.  Maybe thirty years ago, or even fifteen, this was possible, but now no longer.  Given the situation, guerrilla tactics are much more plausible and effective and give us a fighting chance.

What does this look like?  That's for you to decide.  A guerrilla army's strength lies in its unpredictability and lack of centralization.  Some ideas I've had, as someone who lives in a deep blue area, include printing pamphlets of various "wrongthink" subjects and disseminating them.  Homeschooling, history of the Democrats (focusing on the Civil War and beyond), degradation of the food system, etc. are all good subjects — anything that counters the mainstream narrative of those in power.  Get people to start questioning the official narrative, for let's not forget whose side the official narrative belongs to.

Forge alliances; join like-minded organizations, coordinate letter or call campaigns; engage in boycotts of businesses (while making sure those businesses know why you're doing what you're doing).  Recent events have opened a door for us to start ideologically converting people — if not completely to our side, at least out of the Democrat camp.  Put a chink in the leftist armor and let the air of invulnerability that they've projected be used against them.  Let them know we're here, but do it in a non-confrontational non-direct way.  (Screaming matches and arguments do little to alter the balance of power and merely have the reverse effect of strengthening their resolve.)  Let them truly grasp the situation as well.  Let them develop paranoia as they fight to maintain every last inch of their kingdom.  Make them tired and weak and humiliated.  Electing President Trump was a good start, and we need to ensure his re-election.  However, his presidency should be viewed as an opening salvo as opposed to a final blow.  Let them know we're on the offensive and no longer willing to run and hide and hope they leave us alone. 

If the terms above are too strong or too militaristic-sounding, my sincerest apologies to anyone's good senses that have been offended.  We're all used to leftists' Alinsky tactics of past.  However, their recent tactics include house arrest (unless you're demonstrating fealty to them) and burning cities to the ground.  We can say they had good intentions and that those are "blue cities."  That may be true, but it increasingly doesn't appear to be the case, and there is nothing saying they're going to stop there.  (Next stop: defund the police and take away your guns.)  No, friends, the time to stop pretending we're in any situation other than this has passed.  Now is the time, more than ever, to enter the fight with the goal of defeating the opponent's ideology and not merely winning an election.

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