Just as in 2016, the Democrats and the Press Think We're Stupid

Do you remember how Democrats were openly scheming to help nominate Donald Trump during the 2016 Republican primary?  Paul Krugman wrote a Labor Day column back in 2015 defending Trump from Jeb Bush and praising his economic platform.  Jimmy Carter told the British Parliament the following February that he preferred a President Trump to a President Cruz because Trump would be a pragmatic and non-ideological leader.  A Democratic National Committee email released by WikiLeaks later that year revealed that the Clinton campaign and the DNC were colluding to ensure that Trump won the nomination.  An attached memorandum outlined how important it was to Democratic leadership that Trump, Ted Cruz, or Ben Carson face Hillary in the general election: "We need to be elevating the Pied Piper candidates so that they are leaders of the pack and tell the press to [take] them seriously."  The "press" dutifully complied, running headline after headline in the New York Times and Washington Post and on CNN ("Clinton, Trump trade insults as rhetoric heats up between front-runners," CNN blared in September of 2015!) creating a narrative even before the Iowa caucuses that the election was essentially between Clinton and Trump, and leaving the original Republican frontrunner, Jeb Bush, clamoring for the occasional clap.

They got what they wanted but were horrified to discover that the "Trump Train" could no longer be slowed down or derailed after his nomination.  The morning after President-Elect Trump delivered his victory speech, Krugman was predicting economic catastrophe that would last a thousand years, Carter was calling the election illegitimate, and Hillary and the Democrats were concocting a Russian conspiracy theory in an attempt to hide her humiliation (among other things).  Talk about backfire!

What was the lesson here?  The partisan news media and Democratic Party election-riggers had much less power than they had presumed.  Not a single Republican primary voter on the fence between Jeb Bush and Donald Trump listened to Krugman for economic advice.  Not a single Tea Party patriot decided between Cruz and Trump based on the wisdom of Carter.  Not a single freedom-minded conservative glanced at the New York Times or CNN before joining Team Trump.  Most Trump-supporters were looking at each other and saying, "Do they really think we're this dumb?"  

That's exactly how the Democrats and the press think of us.  They think we can be easily manipulated back and forth according to their divinations and that we never see through their cynical deceptions and political ploys.  We knew that Hillary Clinton thought Donald Trump would be easy to beat.  We knew that the press was pushing his candidacy.  We knew that an onslaught of negative news against Trump would begin as soon as the nomination was his.  We wanted Donald Trump anyway.

Everything about the Democrats' and media's 2016 election interference seems to be repeating itself in 2020.  

Americans began this year with more optimism about the future than ever recorded.  President Trump had helped unleash the economic vitality of the American worker and produced the strongest economy in many decades.  He had successfully defended America's military and economic interests abroad without entangling us in another foreign war.  The 2020 Trump campaign was gearing up to run on unprecedented peace and prosperity, and the president's trademark rallies across the nation were must-see events with rock concert energy.

With a little help from a Wuhan coronavirus and four months of constant fear-mongering and public incitement, though, the Democrats and the press have thrust a mountain of mass hysteria down the throats of the American people.  When we're not "all gonna die" from the plague, we're "all gonna die" from "systemic racism."  When we're not hiding under our beds from certain death, we can see fascist "anti-fascists" looting and burning our cities and toppling statues of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln.  Through a concerted effort at creating and maximizing chaos wherever we look, the Democrats and the mainstream media have unleashed a "project fear" campaign against ordinary Americans never before seen in the United States on such scale.  

Just like in 2016, they are certain that their election interference will result in Democratic Party victories across the board come November.  President Trump's greatest asset, his robust economy, is in tatters.  His rambunctious rallies have been sidelined.  His steady outreach to black Americans and relative national peace have been interrupted by Antifa insurrectionists, assassinations of law enforcement officers, and urban mayhem. 

And just like in 2016, they are overestimating their abilities to manipulate the coming election and underestimating how enthusiastically Trump voters will re-elect the president this November.  All this economic destruction and misery.  All these Democratic governors and mayors punishing churchgoers and simple mom-and-pop businesses, while cheering on the destruction of their constituents' properties and the outrageous violence against Republicans.  All the credentialed press trying to make sure the average person suffers like never before, while standing in solidarity with thieves in the night, revolutionaries tearing down monuments and rewriting history, and anarchists high on national devastation.  The Democrats and activist media believe they've surely got President Trump right where they want him this time around because they still believe we're too dumb to know what they're doing.  

When the Trump campaign announced that its first rally in three months would be held in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and a million people signed up to attend, did it seem as though the Democrats had finally succeeded in choking off the president's support?  

The economy will soon rebound.  American optimism will rise again.  And Trump rallies will return as the hottest tickets in town.  The Democrats and the press, however, have no idea what storm awaits them in November.  They learned nothing from their machinations in 2016.  They know just as little now.  All their misery-making and civil incitements today have succeeded only in getting ordinary Americans' blood boiling.  And we mean to have payback this November 3.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr.

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