Is it time to establish France-style no-go zones in United States cities?

The riot, or as some put it " the rebellion," that followed George Floyd's death in Minneapolis has raised an important question: Is it possible for a police force dedicated to public order to carry out their duties when working with communities who see them as an invading army and respond with appropriate hostility? The no-go zones of Europe are areas in which the police do not set foot unless compelled by extraordinary circumstances, usually in the case of fire, when they escort firefighters.  Unlike the nascent areas like CHAZ in the U.S., these areas are defined by the central government. They are settled predominantly by immigrants or children of immigrants. For all practical purposes, order has been turned over, both officially by the government, to the local imams and neighborhood gangs. Most of the people are unemployed, deriving their income from government support or the drug trade. The rates of murder and other crimes are high. They...(Read Full Article)
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