Democrats Are Using Antifa to Foment Revolution

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”

To set the reality in which Antifa plans to prosecute the Democrats’ promised “revolution,” it needs to attack all the pillars of society. Throughout the country, they burned post offices, police precincts, banks, gas stations. city halls, and courts -- they hit the CNN Center, and now churches. 

Barack Obama started the “fundamental transformation of the United States of America.” Yet, this is not Obama’s Antifa. A failure as president, he did manage to accomplish one important prerequisite for this rebellion. He instilled in the left the understanding that “change” must be forced upon an unwilling electorate.

With this insight, Antifa has transitioned from pajama-boy blobs of perpetually offended miscreants, mostly drawn from misanthropes who were picked last in high school, into a trained guerilla force with cool uniforms. Fascists like cool uniforms.

Antifa, the paramilitary arm of the Democratic Party, has spent the last three years recruiting, and organizing. They have mobilized and learned tactics. They have a plan and are working hard to cover all the bases. Starting slow, they probed to find what government would allow, media would trumpet, and the public would endure.

When they burned the 3rd Precinct in Minneapolis, they knew they could get away with anything.

And, as we have seen, they can adapt. This was evident Monday night in New York City. Instead of massing together in one place to confront police, they executed lightning-fast blitzkrieg attacks in small groups. Hitting commercial properties, they ripped down plywood and broke windows. They didn’t loot or dilly dally, they moved quickly to the next target before police could respond.

This “hit and run” tactic is perfect for their organization because spreading the destruction over larger areas negates the numerical advantage of police and national guard. They will surely take this nationwide -- it is what guerillas do.

Why Now?

With efforts by Obama administration emeriti and media minions to depose President Trump having collapsed in ignominy, and the thinly confected impeachment attempt going down in flames, Democrats knew they needed to rethink and regroup.

The advent of COVID and the ensuing lockdowns gave them the perfect opportunity to kill the crown jewel of Trump’s presidency, the booming economy. Democrat governors would prolong the lockdowns through November 3, 2020.

Yet, with Republican-run states successfully ditching the lockdowns to no apparent penalty, that plan is crumbling.

Time for Plan B

Democrats needed an excuse and the murder of George Floyd was perfect. It was time for them to unleash Antifa.

Antifa started with Democrat-run cities, of course, where the political leadership provided them a modicum of protection against identification and arrest. Minneapolis was the test case. Then, Atlanta, New York City, Seattle, Portland, LA, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, among others, became flashpoints of unrest. 

The media and the Democrats portrayed the riots as a groundswell of support for not only those protesting Floyd’s murder, but also for their vision of hope and change. They bemoaned the violence, destruction, and anarchy, but reminded Americans that this was what “democracy looked like,” and “the people have spoken.” 

Even as the rioting became more violent and the destruction more prevalent, media figures stood in front of cameras insisting the protests were “mostly peaceful,” while buildings burned and riots raged behind them. To explain the dichotomy, Democrats and talking heads pulled from their bag of tricks the time-honored fascist “big lie.” It was right wing extremists who were causing all the violence and damage.

People, however, know the riots they have seen every night for days have been fomented by Antifa in a deliberate plan to instigate a revolution. They do this with the full support of Democrats in control of the cities and states where their arson, looting, and terror have been most effective.

A truncheon across the occiput followed by a Molotov cocktail is compelling as a means of terrorizing business owners and a recalcitrant populace who believe that this is still a “free country” where they have the right to defend themselves and their property.

Rioting, looting, violence, and arson can only be effective when Democrat governors and mayors force their police to stand down under the ruse of allowing protesters to “blow off steam.” Had the police enforced zero tolerance, Antifa, lacking in numbers, would have folded.

But when police are not free to police, it is as if there are no police.

It only takes only one uniformed white-boy, black-clad Antifa with his backpack, communications equipment, and expensive gas mask to break the window of a Target, or CVS. The consequent looting then appears organic.

It takes only one Antifa, trained in crowd agitation techniques, to incite a riot. Some believe, “it is fun to break shit,” run wild attacking cars, and bludgeoning the innocent.

Targeted arson doesn’t take a team. In an atmosphere of chaos, it takes one man with the right equipment, training, and a list of high-value targets. Democrats have a plan, Antifa is working the plan. After all, Antifa did not train themselves, and the choices of what to burn were not happenstance.

This was organized and supported by the left. Media can micturate down our lower extremities and preach the expurgating power of precipitation all they like, Americans know what this is.

This is an attempt by the Democrats and Antifa to overthrow the status quo and force a “new world” upon Americans.

This is the revolution the Democrats couldn’t win legitimately at the ballot box, or steal in the 2016 Presidential Election, or force upon America through the coup they have been prosecuting these last 3½ years.

Trump, Our Last Best Hope

Almost alone, but with burgeoning support, Trump sees what is happening. His “law and order” speech on Monday night was perfect. Law and order always sells because people want to protect their families and property, and live in a world where they don’t have to fear rioters or government.

Trump walking across grass where people rioted the evening before to St. John’s Episcopal Church, a target of Antifa arsonists, was a signal to Americans that we will prevail because he is with us.

Earlier in the day on a conference call, he told the nation’s governors they were “weak,” and that they must “take back the streets.”

We are watching outright rebellion and revolution and we must not let them win. Trump promised he would stop this, with the National Guard and with the rest of our armed forces, if need be.

With the Democrats and media supporting Antifa, Trump really is our last hope.

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