Democrats and Antifa: Fighting Racism with Racism and Riots

An ugly incident of police brutality has yet again brought the topic of race to the center of public discussion, peddled by the leftist media.  Violent riots accompanied by looting, arson, and destruction of property in dozens of American cities were presented my media and leftist politicians as legitimate protests and expression of the black community's pain — because America is racist.  Leftist observers call it a "hybrid civil war" instigated by Trump-supporters: "When they say 'Make America Great Again' they mean Make America White Again." "Brown and black people have been protesting for centuries. It's white people who are responsible for what happens next."  Somehow, it's the white people who should be accountable for everything bad that happens, which fully corresponds with "identity politics" promoted by the left.

Constant oppression of "people of color" by their evil white counterparts indeed has been at the heart of the leftist discourse for decades.  Leftists talk about "systematic" and "institutional" racism that exists in America.  When asked for examples, the answer from the apologists is usually "Google it."  It may seem odd that Google is headed by Sundar Pichai, an Indian-American businessman who began his career as a materials engineer and made it to the top of the one of the world's wealthiest and most influential I.T. corporations.  Some "institutional racism"!  Then there is a respectable organization, the National Museum of African-American History and Culture (a part of the Smithsonian Institution), that gets the lion's share of its funding from the federal budget.  On its site, it propagates an "anti-racism" laced with racism toward white people.  The chapter of its agenda called "Whiteness" emphasizes that "since white people in America hold most of the political, institutional, and economic power, they receive advantages that nonwhite groups do not."  The museum opened its permanent home in September 2016 in Washington, D.C. with a ceremony led, ironically, by the America's first black president, Barack Obama.  Nothing illustrates "systematic racism" better than the black president of the country opening a museum of black history and culture. ­

Successful businessmen and corporate executives, athletes whose net worth surpass the budgets of small countries, media personalities, celebrities of all sorts, politicians at all levels of the local and federal governments and legislatures represented by non-white people, and well funded "black studies" departments in the most prominent and prestigious colleges and universities suggest that America is not such a terrible place and has made some palpable progress in terms of racial equality.  To many, it even looked as though Dr Martin Luther King's dream of his children living in a nation where they would be judged not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character came true, but no.

Near the point of victory, everything seemed to sour.  Just as things appeared better than ever before, the leftist rhetoric began to suggest that things had never been worse.  The more progress was made in the righteous fight to right the most appalling historic wrongs, the more leftists seemed to suffer from "St. George in retirement" syndrome, as late Australian political philosopher described it in his brilliant book Liberal Mind: after slaying the horrible dragon, the brave warrior finds himself stalking the land, looking for still more glorious battles.  He needs his dragons since he's useless without them.  Eventually, after tiring himself out in pursuit of ever smaller dragons, he may even be found swinging his sword at thin air, imagining that it contain dragons.  As another great mind of our times, Brit Douglas Murray, notes in his book The Madness of Crowds, "[o]ur public life is now dense with people desperate to man the barricades long after the revolution is over, either because they mistake the barricades for home or because they have no other home to go to."

This is just as close to the truth as it can be.  The home of the people who believe they are warriors was meticulously kept a ruin by those who they believed were at the forefront of the fight and those who kept fostering a victim mentality among the "oppressed" ones.  Today, they even refuse to acknowledge that their sword swings against themselves.

You can't stop the devastation until you acknowledge who's causing it.  It's not the "white supremacist" who pursues white ethno-nationalism, the remaining sewers of true racism for which the American public has nothing but disgust and condemnation.  It is extremely significant that the death of George Floyd was pictured as unjust and barbaric accident by conservative media just as it was by the liberal ones.  Not a single commentator or journalist said it was right, and all unequivocally supported criminal charges against Derek Chauvin.

So who's to blame for a chaos?

There was a joke popular in post-Soviet republics that suffered from the "color revolutions" that in most cases cost those countries their sovereignty and were orchestrated by the globalist establishment of the U.S. and supported by European allies.  It goes like this: "Why is the 'color revolution' impossible in the U.S.?  Because there is no American embassy that would support it."  The central actors of such "revolutions" were not the embassies, but certain organizations that were willing to employ violence against authorities.  In the U.S., such organization is represented by Antifa, which evidently organized riots throughout the affected cities.

Ideologically, these people represent far-left ideas based on Trotskyism, which posits that communism (a perfect form of society) should be established globally by continuous revolution using anarchy and syndicalism.  Socially, this group consists of lumpen proletarians, to use Marxist terms.  Those are criminals, vagrants, and the unemployed — regardless of their skin color — who have "nothing to lose but their chains," which makes them especially dangerous.  As we know from world history, economically deprived people serve as a social basis of fascism and undemocratic regimes in general.  A mob donning black, wearing masks, wielding bats, and throwing Molotov cocktails and urine bottles while chanting, "No USA at all!" and now looting and burning all around itself is a good snapshot of what Antifa is and what it stands for.

Substantially, such a social group is mainly represented in the major cities that have been run by Democrats, who claim to "champion minority rights."  All in all, those "minorities," and especially economically depressed ones, are their core and most explosive electoral base.  That base's dramatic shrinkage, caused by Trump's successful economic policies, was nothing but a threat for Democratic ambitions, which require keeping the base loyal in return for welfare and continuous victory over the racist dragon.

For now, blue America reaps what it sows.  Democrats and their media give Antifa cover to destroy neighborhoods that support Democrats — even though it's unclear how it is connected to anti-racism.  Frankenstein's monster got out of hand, and his irrational, violent behavior rips the mask off his masters.

Veronika Kyrylenko, Ph.D.  @KyrylenkoN on Twitter.

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