Democrat Privilege Warps Everything

Just look at what the Democratic Party can accomplish when it doesn't have official power.  It managed to turn Hillary Clinton's email scandal and Barack Obama's spying scandal into a Trump-Russia scandal.  It managed to turn Joe Biden's Ukraine bribery scandal into a Trump impeachment.  It lost control of the Executive Branch in 2016 but managed to create in Robert Mueller's special counsel an executive authority above the president's.  It lost the Obamacare referendum that same year but remained sufficiently allied with John McCain to preserve its socialist legacy.  It lost all legislative authority to prevent Congress from investigating the greatest political scandal in our nation's often scandalous history — Barack Obama's use of our intelligence and police forces first to spy on the Trump campaign and then to subvert the peaceful transition of power by conducting a civil servant coup d'état — but succeeded in convincing Paul Ryan not to issue a single congressional subpoena in pursuit of the truth, constraining the Senate's Judiciary Committee from ever holding the perpetrators' feet to the fire until now, and keeping such de facto control over the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence that Democrat Mark Warner seemed at all times to have one hand secured around Republican Richard Burr's spine.  The whole country has witnessed the highest levels of our government working to overthrow a legitimately elected president, but some retired generals and retired judges and partisan journalists and activist academics see the president as the real threat to our republic anyway.  

The Democrats control almost every troubled city in America.  They have dominated city governments for fifty to a hundred years.  Democratic Party mayors and city councils maintain near total control over the directions of their municipal police forces and the ways their substantial tax revenues are used.  Almost every allegation of racist policing and every underfunded social welfare project occurs within their exclusive jurisdiction.  Yet somehow Republicans and rural Americans are to blame anyway.  

I have never seen a politician, let alone a president, act in a more colorblind and even-handed way toward Americans of every race, color, and creed than Donald Trump.  He has done more for Israel and Jewish people around the world than any president since Truman.  He manages to have a good time with anybody in his orbit.  He never backs away from a fight because of his opponent's sex or skin color or religion; he is an equal-opportunity offender.  Long before he became a media target to be destroyed, he was known as a friend to the black community and a champion for the working man.  And he is the first president to select a black American to lead a branch of the U.S. military.  

Yet the corporate media have so successfully distorted reality that the number-one search return on Twitter for "racist" is "President Trump," while the Democrats prepare to nominate Joe Biden, a former segregationist who has repeatedly lied about being part of the civil rights movement but who did serve as a pallbearer for "one of [his] closest friends," a Dixiecrat opposed to Harry Truman's integration of the Army, creation of the Fair Employment Practices Commission, opposition to state poll taxes, and support for federal anti-lynching laws.  Joe Biden promised a black audience in Virginia that if Mitt Romney defeated Barack Obama in 2012, he would "put y'all back in chains."  Mitt Romney supports Old Joe anyway.

Donald Trump has more women as senior advisers than any president in history (including Obama and Clinton).  Until the Wuhan coronavirus shut down the economy, President Trump had overseen the greatest expansion of economic wealth for women in American history (as well as for blackHispanic, and Asian Americans more generally).  He has done more to protect unborn women than any president before him.  He has entrusted more women than men to help deliver his message to the American people.  For the Democrats and the press, Donald Trump's presidency is a "war on women" anyway.  

Antifa insurrectionists who know nothing of history fuel the Democratic Party engine, but Democrat leadership learned from the worst examples in history all too well.  If you want to destroy a nation built on the foundations of governmental constraint and human liberty, you destroy the monuments to that nation's history and rewrite the legacies of its founders.  If you cannot compete in the marketplace of ideas, you make sure that only your ideas are allowed in the market.  If objective journalism would reveal your incompetence and corruption, you make sure that you control all the journalists.  If free speech would inevitably lead to your undoing, you make sure that only your speech is free while insisting that others pay such a steep price that they learn to grovelcensor themselvesrepeat your mantras, and bow down before whatever new idols you insist they now worship.  

You control who can have ideas by controlling who can speak.  You lock up artistic freedom in an iron cage and dump it deep in the ocean so that anyone who seeks out discovery must do so alone in the darkness.  You turn violence and criminality into justice and turn justice into political favor.  You rewrite the meaning of words so that nothing means anything at all.  You do all of this while accusing your political enemies of committing the atrocities you commit yourself, and you do so again and again and again until you have no political enemies willing to persevere.  

Yes, the Democratic Party is filled with automatons incapable of critical thinking, but its leadership learned completely that when you control what can be learned and said and believed, you control it all.  Democrat privilege didn't invent itself, after all.  It took practice and patience for Democrats to prove that you don't have to be in power to have power anyway.  

So while we watch our cities burn and Democrats actively working to turn races in America against each other, remember why every American brave enough to think for himself must fight to Keep America Great later this year.  It doesn't matter how many times you apologize or give in to Democrat demands.  It doesn't matter whether you beg for forgiveness or give them everything they claim to need.  Nothing you do can change the vicious way the Democratic Party threatens Americans...because Democrats mean to rule over us anyway.

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