COVID Senicide – The Overlooked Tragedy

Senicide is not a new disinfectant or the latest drug touted as a cure for the Chinese coronavirus, but instead is the systematic killing of the elderly. It’s specific to the elderly, as opposed to genocide, the extermination of entire peoples on racial, religious, national, or ethnic grounds. Another term, when used generally and not specific to Nazi atrocities, is holocaust, slaughter on a mass scale. What have we been witnessing?

Nursing homes care for the elderly and infirm in our society. These vulnerable citizens have fared poorly during the Wuhan virus pandemic. As Forbes reports,

2.1 million Americans, representing 0.62% of the U.S. population, reside in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

An astounding 42% of all COVID-19 deaths have taken place in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

In New York, the statistics even worse. Rather than singing, “I want to wake up in a city that never sleeps,” NY nursing home residents aren’t waking up, period.

New York has the highest nursing home death toll. As AP reports,

Of the nation’s more than 26,000 coronavirus deaths in nursing homes and long-term care facilities, a fifth of them — about 5,300 — are in New York, according to a count by The Associated Press, and the toll has been increasing by an average of 20 to 25 deaths a day for the past few weeks.

The New York Post ups this number to an estimated 11-12 thousand nursing home deaths in New York State, half of the state’s COVID fatalities.

This population is particularly vulnerable to the Wuhan virus often due to age and associated medical problems. One can look at Italy, an early hotbed for the virus for indicators.

The Hill reported, “Coronavirus deaths in Italy overwhelmingly among elderly and those with underlying conditions.” Guess who resides in nursing homes?

As this was known months ago, wouldn’t the prudent move have been to protect this vulnerable group? We protect newly planted tomato plants in our gardens from late spring frost because of their vulnerability. Why would anyone plant their garden in early March, particularly in northern climates?

Yet that is exactly what some state governors did with their elderly populations by exposing them needlessly to the Chicom coronavirus. Was it incompetence or was this deliberate? Either way it was senicide given how many of the elderly perished from the virus.

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Start with New York's Governor Andrew Cuomo, potential savior of the Democrat Party. He is touted as a potential replacement for presumed nominee Joe Biden, who is demonstrably unfit to be president, barely capable of serving as a greeter at Walmart.

Cuomo’s administration issued, “A directive that requires nursing homes to readmit residents who’ve tested positive for the coronavirus.”

He then pled ignorance in Obama-like fashion, not knowing what his administration was doing under his authority.

He later defended the order he knew nothing about, saying, “They don’t have a right to object. That is the rule and that is the regulation and they have to comply with that.” He went on to proclaim, “It’s not our job to provide nursing homes with personal protective equipment.”

Yet in Cuomo’s mind, it was President Trump’s job to supply New York with thousands of hospital beds and ventilators that they neither needed nor used. Cuomo’s only job was to send infected patients to nursing homes, throwing cans of gasoline into a fire. Was Cuomo and his administration just plain stupid or was this willful?

This idiocy wasn’t confined to New York. Across the Hudson River, the New Jersey governor ordered much the same. By executive order he decreed, “No patient/resident shall be denied re-admission or admission to the post-acute care setting solely based on a confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19.”

He also prohibited testing patients prior to transfer, (as did Cuomo). “Post-acute care facilities are prohibited from requiring a hospitalized patient/resident who is determined medically stable to be tested for COVID-19 prior to admission or readmission.”

At least here in Colorado, patients cannot be transferred from the COVID ICU to the non-COVID ICU without at least one negative COVID viral test. The same applies to transfers from a hospital to a rehab facility or other acute care hospital. Elective surgery in the hospital setting also requires a negative COVID test.

Yet these governors are willing to send potentially infected patients into a nursing home without testing or regard for who they might infect.

Pennsylvania did the same. Their official position,

Nursing care facilities must continue to accept new admissions and receive readmissions for current residents who have been discharged from the hospital who are stable to alleviate the increasing burden in the acute care setting. This may include stable patients who have had the COVID-19 virus.

Other states, which all just coincidentally happen to be run by Democrats are on the same page, the page of senicide.

Start with Minnesota. As Breitbart reported: “Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz, a Democrat, continues to allow nursing homes to admit COVID-19 positive patients even though nursing home residents make up 81 percent of all coronavirus deaths in the state.”

Aside from police brutality, Minnesota seems all too eager to kill off their elderly. Yet there are no riots over this type of needless killing, “No state has a higher percentage of COVID-19 deaths from nursing home residents than Minnesota.”

Across the lake in Michigan, the governor won’t let residents buy garden seeds or visit their cottages in the northern woods (although that restriction doesn’t apply to her family), but she is happy to send COVID patients into nursing homes just as her fellow Democrat governors are doing in their states.

And why? There are several possible reasons. According to Forbes,

In 10 years, the federal government will spend half its budget (not counting interest on the debt) on those aged 65 and older. The inexorable aging of the Baby Boom generation means that a growing share of federal spending will be used to support older adults—mostly for health care and retirement benefits.

Democrats need this money for their green new deals, Medicare-for-all, reparations, sanctuary cities, student loan forgiveness, and other schemes.

There is also politics, specifically Trump’s voter base. As The Atlantic notes, “Senior citizens are his strongest demographic. In polls, voters over 65 tend to be the only age group he wins.”

Just as Democrats want to import illegals into America to vote, how convenient if they could “export” the elderly to a place where they cannot vote.

In the hyper-politicized world of the Democrats, desperate to reclaim the White House, this is a two-fer. Eliminate Trump voters and save a bunch of money for their pet programs. At least that what it looks like based on their
COVID policies.

Is this ignorance and incompetence? When are such excuses no longer valid? When does this become senicide, or murder? These people are indeed sick.


Brian C Joondeph, MD, is a Denver based physician and freelance writer whose pieces have appeared in American Thinker, Daily Caller, Rasmussen Reports, and other publications. Follow him on Facebook,  LinkedIn, Twitter, and QuodVerum.

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