Conservatives Are Treated like Second-Class Citizens, and That's Dangerous

I have a question.  What use is a federal government that refuses to protect our basic constitutional rights?  Twitter and Google and Facebook are censoring and demonizing conservative political speech, and nobody does a thing.  Democrat mayors and governors are bankrupting American citizens by preventing them from engaging in simple commerce, and they're getting away with it.  Street mobs across America are causing millions of dollars in property damage, destroying priceless historical monuments; killing police officers; and targeting random, unlucky citizens based on the color of their skin, and the press cheerlead the madness and defend the murderers and arsonists as heroes.  John Kerry just the other day threatened the United States by declaring that if Democrats don't win the election in November, they will insist on "revolution." 

Revolution?  How else can you describe this incendiary cocktail of mob violence and flagrant denial of conservatives' constitutional rights, aided and abetted and kept volatile by Democrat mayors who applaud the mayhem, Democrat prosecutors who refuse to enforce the law, and Democrat-aligned corporations who happily treat conservatives as second-class citizens?  The whole point of the Constitution is to create a social contract whereby each citizen hands over the legitimate use of force to the federal government in exchange for the promise that certain inalienable, God-given rights be guaranteed.  When the federal government fails to protect Americans' free speech and religious worship and does nothing while Democrats in local offices and on the streets deprive Americans of their property and livelihoods under the color of law, shouldn't the federal government be afraid that Americans from Maine to New Mexico might one day wake up and say, "All right, contract cancelled"?

Conservative Americans have been dutifully respecting the rule of law for decades, while our government has become more aggressive in using the law as nothing more than a tool for choosing winners and losers.  The Supreme Court banned God from public schools while inviting the Marxist religion to take over.  It decided of its own accord to sanction the murder of sixty-five million babies because those babies could not protest.  It chose to rewrite the ancient meaning of marriage, and it has now denied the discrete existence of women altogether.  When a strong majority of Americans desperately wanted to stop the government's socialist takeover of health care, the Court betrayed Americans again by turning something unconstitutional into something mandatory with all the nonchalance of a royal decree.  Time and again, Americans proud of their Constitution have asked the Supreme Court to preserve its meaning, and the Court has instead blotted over the original with its own contemporary values and beliefs.  Instead of preserving the social contract between the government and the people, the Court has insisted on a contract with ever-changing terms and obligations.  Any other business contract with such unfixed and illusory language would be deemed void, yet the Court continues to play with fire by setting our Constitution alight a little at a time.  

For years we have been screaming at the top of our lungs that Google and Twitter and Facebook were censoring our political speech.  The social media giants are so certain that they can get away with their discrimination that they cancel in broad daylight the most popular voices and publications with hardly a whimper from our elected representatives.  They seek out and eliminate the revenue streams of viewpoints they despise without any due process.  Private companies or not, they represent the modern equivalent of the town square, long protected and made available for all Americans, and submitting to Big Tech's authority to choose winners and losers in the great American public forums of our time is not different from requiring subjects to beseech the royal crown for permission to speak.  It's impermissible and un-American and a threat to social stability, yet everywhere, conservatives are targeted for their beliefs, and the federal government does nothing.  

For too many years, conservatives have restrained ourselves while Democrats replaced the pursuit of knowledge through public education with nothing but publicly funded training camps for social justice warmongering and political grievance shock troops.  We have restrained ourselves while the government taxed us a third to half of our incomes for the pleasure of having our livelihoods regulated by bureaucrats half a continent away whose only consistent form of rule-making has been to take more of our property rights for themselves while leaving us fewer paths through which to object.  And we have restrained ourselves while Hollywood and the mainstream media direct all of their powerful hatred toward demonizing us as modern-day Nazis and racists hell-bent on subjugating others, when it is our families who died and sacrificed everything to fight authoritarian socialists in WWII, communist aggressors in the Korean and Vietnam Wars, and repeated efforts by Islamic supremacists to threaten freedom both here and abroad.  Instead of leaving us alone to live our lives in peace, Democrats on television and in movies target us, Americans who believe so passionately in freedom that we've lost entire generations of family paying repeatedly the price for its protection.  And while we're being tormented and spat at and having our American flags set on fire and enduring name-calling for no other reason than respecting the history of the country we've fought to preserve, the federal government does nothing.  

In 2016, we protested the federal government's repeated failures to protect us as equal American citizens by sending an outsider to the White House.  We used the legitimate electoral process to send a message to D.C. with the loudest political voice we could find in President Trump.  By far, it was the most peaceful rejection of the corruption and lawlessness in the federal capital that we could muster.  

And how has the federal government responded?  Federal judges continue to veto lawful executive orders.  Congress has spent four years pouring gasoline on a dangerously flammable Russian conspiracy theory and demanding that constitutional powers properly vested in the president be deemed illegitimate.  Millions of saboteurs in our Leviathan administrative state and burrowed within our federal police and intelligence agencies and military have actively conspired to undermine and counteract the president's authority.  And while none of them will ever be prosecuted, let alone sent to jail, we have watched for four years as allies of President Trump are persecuted for their beliefs, financially and reputationally ruined, and even imprisoned.  

Rather than recognizing how seriously the Democrats, Deep State, NeverTrump Republicans, and corporate press have damaged the peaceful transfer of power and institutions of government since 2016, they are simply doubling down by blaming all the artificially-created divisions in our country today on the current occupant of the White House while promising further attacks on conservatives if they don't get their way later this year.  John Kerry can betray his fellow soldiers in Vietnam, sell out his country to Iran, and promise revolutionary violence this winter, and the press cheer him on.  President Trump does everything in his power to bring American manufacturing jobs back home, add unprecedented wealth to minority communities, and prove that the twenty-first century can and should be America's, not China's, and he's reviled by those same voices.

Conservatives' backs are being pushed against the wall, and nobody in Washington seems to see the danger they're creating.  We're good citizens until the music stops, and then things get frosty.  Because Barack Obama was right about one thing (and only one thing): we do cling to our guns and our Bibles, and when the rule of law and orderly government disappear, we know how to use both and play for keeps.

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