Blitz: Trump Will Smash the Left and Win

Blitz: Trump Will Smash the Left and Win
David Horowitz
Humanix Books
272 pages

Were I asked to write a book of around 200 pages of text that details President Trump's major domestic and foreign policy accomplishments, provides compelling information about the Deep State coup against the president, includes little-known aspects of the House impeachment effort, and delves meaningfully into the depths of Trump Derangement Syndrome, I'd say you were asking for the impossible.  That book would necessarily skim the surface of these issues or leave most of them out.  David Horowitz, however, pulls off this incredible feat and offers readers in Blitz a solid description of Trump achievements while exposing the depths of Deep State treachery and its anti-democratic motivations.  Along the way, we get incisive tutorials on (among other topics) the modern history of Israel, the Democratic "Terror Caucus," K Street's lobbyist betrayal of America, and the totalitarian Green New Deal.

The bulk of Horowitz's analysis concerns the left's virulent opposition to Donald Trump that started during his candidacy via Clinton- and Obama-sponsored foreign actors — the exact type of foreign intervention in America's election that Democrats accused Trump of employing.  Horowitz covers the salient and often unknown aspects of this conspiracy with a concision that allows him to paint a single jaw-dropping portrait of the breadth and depth of Democrat and media mendacity directed against the president.  This portrait includes in its components the partisan Mueller probe, numerous media lies (including the "good Nazi" libel against Trump), the New York Times' America-hating "1619 Project," and jaw-dropping changes in whistleblower standards that allowed Congressman Adam Schiff to fabricate a baseless presidential "Impeachment by Hearsay," employing, as Alan Dershowitz noted, Stalinist legal standards:  "Show me the man, and I'll find you the crime."

As a long ago distinguished member of the New Left (cf. his autobiographical Radical Son), Horowitz is intimately aware of leftist tactics and networks.  His firsthand knowledge of their defame-and- destroy strategy is on full display as he presents, seriatim, the blizzard of lies employed to take down candidate and President Trump.  Horowitz notes that Democrats have regularly employed charges of racism against their GOP opponents (George W. Bush, John McCain, and even Mitt Romney), but Trump, the brash outsider, represented a huge threat to the "fundamental transformation" of America begun under Obama.  Stigmatizing Trump as a racist was an important way to defeat him in the election and, later, to prevent him from puncturing the Democrats' hold on ninety-percent-plus of the black vote.  As a popular figure with a mostly liberal reputation prior to his entry into politics, Trump might actually be able to convince a substantial number of black voters that they have "nothing to lose" if they abandon a party that gave them decades of inner-city "corruption, crime, and poverty."  The left's obvious conclusion:  Trump (and even his "deplorable" supporters) must be destroyed!  

The utter duplicity of this strategy is exposed as Horowitz reviews not only Al Sharpton's vicious history as a racist con man whose ring all Democratic presidential aspirants must kiss, but also relevant information about Congress's anti-Semitic "Squad."  How many folks know, for example, that Ilhan Omar's father, "Nur Omar Mohamed, was a party propagandist for Siad Barre, the Marxist-Stalinist dictator who ruled Somalia from 1969–91 and murdered thousands of unarmed Somali civilians"?  Omar's family fled to Kenya and later migrated to the United States only after Barre was toppled.

Horowitz's detailed compilation of Trump's accomplishments brought together in a short space (primarily in the book's next-to-last chapter) creates a compelling portrait lost on folks who've been inundated under an avalanche of media-inspired crises.  Beyond the obvious employment and stock market records that existed prior to the COVID shutdowns, Horowitz provides, for example, a comparison of the growth in U.S. median income during George W. Bush's eight years ($400) and Obama's two terms  ($1,000) with the growth in median income in just three years under Trump ($4,144).  The author adds that this impressive figure "increases by about $1,400 when the tax cuts are factored in."

Horowitz also touts in his litany of presidential accomplishments, among them the firing and replacement of thousands of Veterans' Administration employees, actions that led to a near 90% satisfaction rating for the organization.  This transformation was made possible by ditching regulations that made firing bad employees all but impossible.  Another Trump success story was his massive deregulation crusade that included America's oil and gas industries and resulted in achieving the country's long declared goal of energy independence.  Trump also began renegotiating flawed trade deals and succeeded in bringing back to the U.S. 499,000 manufacturing jobs in just 30 months  — all without the aid of that "magic wand" Obama derisively said was the only way to accomplish this impossible dream.  On the judicial front, Trump's appointment of two conservative Supreme Court justices and hundreds more judges to the federal judiciary helped reverse Obama -era attacks on the freedom of religion that targeted even so benign a group as the Little Sisters of the Poor for their conscience-based opposition to Obamacare birth control and abortifacient mandates.  In foreign policy, Trump quickly destroyed the ISIS caliphate and later undid America's self-defeating commitment to the Paris Climate Accord.  The president also strengthened the country's defenses while nixing Obama's nuclear deal with Iran.  Finally, Trump moved the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem — a long promised but always postponed transfer that was accomplished without the predicted Arab uprising.

After reading Horowitz's detailed summary of Trump successes in economic, social, and foreign policy, one would think the president's re-election in 2020 is all but certain, especially given the collapse of the Democrats' collusion and impeachment charges.  The fact that 2020 success was far from certain even before the COVID shutdowns and recent race-based riots is a testament to the power of leftist media and their Deep State supporters.  Given this new economic and social landscape, it's even less certain that Trump "will smash the left and win" in November, as Horowitz's subtitle states.  It's worth mentioning, however, that the book never directly addresses this titular prediction  — a prediction that would be much more likely were several million independent voters and disenchanted Democrats to peruse Horowitz's eye-opening pre-COVID masterpiece.

Richard Kirk is a freelance writer living in Southern California whose book Moral Illiteracy: "Who's to Say?"  is available on Kindle.