Black Lives Matter Does Not Care about Black Youth

As a publicly avowed Marxist organization, Black Lives Matter (BLM) seeks to destroy the nuclear family.  Its adherents aim to:

... disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and 'villages' that collectively care for one another.  [BLM] also seeks to build 'a queer‐affirming network' and says, '[w]hen we gather, we do so with the intention of freeing ourselves from the tight grip of heteronormative thinking, or rather, the belief that all in the world are heterosexual (unless s/he or they disclose otherwise).'

According to The Epoch Times' adaptation of the Chinese book titled How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World, communism has always been about the destruction of the family.

The family is the building block of human society, allowing people not only to raise children in a stable and nurturing environment, but also to pass the knowledge of one generation to the next.  Marriage is a sacred institution arranged by the divine for humanity to form families, preserving traditional heritage and morality.

Today, the traditional family is being slowly destroyed.  The writings of Karl Marx and other communists describe the family as a form of private ownership to be abolished.  In addition to persecuting religion and spiritual faith, communist regimes place love for the Communist Party above love for even one's parents, spouse, or children, encouraging people to struggle against their own kin.

This has been repeatedly confirmed by those who have fled communist countries.  At the Victims of Communism-Witness Project, Chinese Anastasia Lin tearfully speaks about how children were used to denounce their parents.  Nazis were masters at using children as the agents of destruction for their parents who opposed Hitler.  Sadly, however, too many historically illiterate people do not comprehend that history exists to learn from it.  Enter the dangerous support by so many of Black Lives Matter.

Since the 1960s, a variety of anti-traditional movements, including modern feminism, sexual liberation, and gay rights, have risen to prominence in the West.  The institution of the family has been hit the hardest.  Under the banners of equality and emancipation — implicitly and explicitly backed by modern laws, school curricula, academic theory, and economic policies — these movements are twisting the traditional bonds between the sexes, corrupting children, and dragging human behavior to scarcely imaginable lows.  This trend surfaced at the beginning of the nineteenth century and is deeply infused with communist ideological factors.  Friedrich Engels ultimately hoped for widespread unconstrained sexual intercourse,' which is about dissolving traditional marriage and ultimately eliminating the family institution.

In fact:

Communism excels at continuous mutation and deception, which has led to constant confusion about what exactly people are supporting when they endorse its policies and ideologies. Over time, they come to accept communism's underlying ideas.  The tragic situation today — the degradation of the traditional family and people's confusion about the true nature of this trend — is the result of meticulous planning and the gradual implementation of communism over the past two hundred years.

Laws passed in the United States and other countries have opened the floodgates to divorce and broken families.  In the 1950s, about 11 percent of American children born in a married family saw their parents divorce; by 1970, that number had soared to 50 percent.  In 1956, less than 5 percent of newborn infants in the United States were born out of wedlock, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  By 2016, the figure was close to 40 percent.

Thus, "[a]ccording to communism ... the family unit is an obstacle to human liberation.  Classical communism regards economic factors to be key in determining the formation of familial relationships, and it requires the private family unit to be revolutionized into a form of public ownership."

Marx and Engels came to advocate "the so-called 'community of women' mentioned in The Communist Manifesto.  Although their goal of eliminating the family had not changed, they adopted a more covert approach: attacking marriage as an instrument of oppression."

The shape of the typical American family has changed dramatically over the past four decades, in large part due to a precipitous drop in marriage rates.  For almost every demographic group, whether broken down by age, education, or race and ethnicity, marriage rates have declined nearly continuously since 1970.

The decline has been dramatic.  Marriage rates for 20- to 24-year-olds, for instance, fell from 61% to 16%, a decline of almost 75% in four decades.

This decline in marriage rates has coincided with steep increases in non-marital birth rates.  The non-marital birth rate for African-Americans increased by more than 90%, from 38% to 72%.  In 2010, the Hispanic rate was 53%, a 50% increase over 1989 (when data on Hispanic birth rates first began to be collected separately from non-Hispanic whites).  The rate for non-Hispanic whites, which stood at 16% in 1989, had increased to 29% by 2010[.]

Most depressing is that "[a]fter many years of interviews and living in poor neighborhoods, sociologist Kathryn Edin and several research partners have assembled an extensive picture of how these young men are viewed by the young women in their neighborhoods.  When asked why they don't want to marry the fathers of their children, the mothers indicated that they didn't trust the young men, that the men didn't work steadily or earn enough money, and that they were too often violent."

What does this have to do with BLM?

Consider that over 70% of black children now grow up fatherless.  This past Father's Day meant little to them except possibly provoking indifference or hatred, as there is no father figure present in their lives.  My own students write of this continually.  Two themes repeatedly emerge: (a) women who were raised by their single mothers adamantly assert that they don't need a man; they can get along perfectly well without any men, and, furthermore, they don't trust any (emphasis mine) man; (b) women and men raised without their fathers often feel guilty that they may have been responsible for their fathers abandoning them.

These feelings hardly result in positive self-esteem or future solid relationships.  This is certainly a perfect opening for a group like BLM, who can be the stand-in for the missing parental units.  Then combine this with the endless indoctrination of left-wing ideology in schools, and it is a witch's brew for all.

Most men of any racial background who father a child are hardly cognizant of the Marxist-leftist-communist attitude about the nuclear family, but their irresponsible actions fall perfectly in line with what Black Lives Matter sanctions.  They then become vehicles of their own ruin.

If the leaders of BLM were truly concerned about the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of their beautiful children, they would not be destroying statues, burning stores, and hating whitey.

They would be marching, demanding responsibility and accountability from both black men and women.  They would be touting that education, marriage, and then parenthood in that order is the path to success in the world. 

That they are not is proof positive that they care not a whit for black children.  They should be repeatedly called out for it as Candace Owens does.  It would appear that it is indisputable that Black Lives Matter does not care about black youth.  Since it is a  modern totalitarian revolutionary movement, it is concerned only with the seizure of power.  Consequently, the souls who are destroyed are quite expendable.


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