Black Lives Matter: Democrats Can’t Live With Them, and Can’t Live Without Them

The folks at Black Lives Matter are really worried about black deaths. Not most black deaths, not even very many black deaths, mind you, but only that tiny fraction of a percent of blacks who have died at the hands of (presumably) white cops. Those are the only deaths that boil the blood of the folks at Black Lives Matter and spark the riotous mobs that loot and burn our Democrat-run cities. Why Democrat cities? Because in 2015, Black Lives Matter activists tested Democrats’ resolve and found none. At a Netroots Nation Conference in Phoenix on July 18, presidential candidate Martin O’Malley uttered the unforgiveable words: “Black lives matter. White lives matter. All lives matter.” Shouted off the stage, he was heard by a Guardian reporter muttering to himself: “Black lives matter, black lives matter, black lives matter.” At a Bernie Sanders event in Seattle on August 8, activists took over the stage. Sanders waved goodbye and rescheduled the...(Read Full Article)
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