American Jews Must Reject the Vile Anarchy of Leftism

We barely go a day now where our fellow citizens of the left are not tearing apart one of our core Judeo-Christian American values or institutions.  America is under attack from within.  Our streets are now littered with boarded up stores; broken glass; broken heads; and scenes out of the French Revolution, where if you do not agree with the enlightened "woke" ones, you get tossed from your job, your business boycotted, or silenced with public scorn or condemnation on Twitter.  

Tragically, so many of my fellow Jews buy into this.  The irony is profound: a people who have been the victims of the iron fist now support it or stay silent.  Liberal Jews have exchanged liberalism for leftism.  I think they, like millions of others, have had their moral neural hardware short-circuited or reversed by the bombardment of leftist-Marxist messaging we now have from grade school to college.  They vote for everything our Bible- loving and God -fearing founders would have rejected.  They vote for the infamous words of Mr. Obama's preacher for 20 years, "God d--- America."  Shame on the millions who work to extinguish this "shining city on a hill" — America.

It's hard to keep track of the flurry of destruction.  The great intellectual, writer, speaker, and former Jewish leftist, David Horowitz, grew up and gained some wisdom.  He discovered firsthand the evil of leftism.  He was raised by communist parents.  He now daily warns us of the evil of this leftism gripping our country.  He rightly describes what is happening now as a second Bolshevik Revolution.  Our cities burn and our young rage because they bathe in the lies and propaganda of Karl Marx, Barack O., our Antifa leaders, the Democrat media, and the litany of leftists who have infiltrated almost all American institutions over the past hundred years. 

America to these folks needs not adjustment, but destruction for its vileness.  America is not flawed, but utterly despicable to these fools.  We are told each day now, for example, the utter lie that America is systematically racist.  It is not.  It is systemically and disgustingly leftist.  Tim Kaine, a head fool of this Democrat ideology, just spouted a gargantuan lie on the floor of the Senate.  He said to the world, without blushing, the revolting words that "America invented slavery."  A school board in San Francisco this week voted to change the name of two elementary schools named after our "racist" founders (G.W. and T.J.), who just happened to create a country that led the world to eradicate the ubiquitous institution of slavery.  The Holocaust-denying, Ukrainian genocide–denying, and Russia Collusion hoax–perpetrating New York Times told us the gargantuan lie these past weeks that America started in 1619 and prospered in a cauldron of rotten, bestial slavery promotion. 

We are told lies that our police are basically pigs, racist, vile brutes, out each day to harass and hunt down black Americans.  Colin Kaepernick proudly wears pigs emblazoned on his socks.  What an assault on truth and on minds, particularly of our young ones, to bathe in such lies. What are they to think now of Officer Friendly walking the beat?  What are they to think about getting up in the morning to go out and look about the country in which they live when 200 million white Americans have it out for them?  It's really a form of child abuse.

And now the nihilism of leftism becomes parody.  Now, those on the left tell us, a colorblind society is a racist society.  From the Washington Post, "White Parents Teach their Children to be Colorblind; Here is why That Is Bad For Everyone."  From, "claims of colorblindness are really modern day bigotry."  From the British Independent: "Christine Bell (actress) Accused of Glorifying Colorblindness In Children's Book."  From the University of California administration, "saying there is only one race, the human race is racist."  You couldn't make this up even if you wrote for the satire magazine The Onion.  You could laugh, but a cry for our dear, precious land is more appropriate.

Dennis Prager is another great American and Jew — another former Democrat.  He formed Prager University on the web with its five-minute courses teaching the beauty of Western, American, Judeo-Christian values (over 3 billion views).  His free courses are exponentially better than $200,000 and four years at one of our leftist indoctrination centers like Yale, Penn, Brown, or Berkeley.  They provide a vital vaccine against the infection of leftism — the true existential threat to our country.  He has said, spot on (paraphrased), "What is up is now down, good is bad, right is wrong, beautiful is ugly, liberal and elevated, now illiberal and debased.  That is what the left is doing: turning our beautiful America on its head and by doing so destroying it.  It is a poison on this wonderful beautiful country.  It destroys everything it touches."

This week, the raging Bolsheviks of the Democrat Party, Antifa, and their like are pulverizing and defacing our statues of Washington and Jefferson.  The left is great at erasing history.  Lenin and Stalin were masters.  Maybe the beautiful Reverend King monument in the capital is next on the list.

The ideology of the left (the Democrat Party) is a raw, cold, brutal force of nihilism, illiberalism and anarchy.  Look around you now as the seeds of leftism, sown wide and for decades, now sprout.  Men can menstruate, they now tell us.  Boys and girls are assigned their sex at birth.  Black dorms and black graduation ceremonies are a mark of a progressive society rather than raw racism…and on and on.

This coming 2020 election has almost nothing to do with Donald Trump or no Donald Trump.  It has all to do with the soul of this beautiful country — full of a good people who love America; our history; our people; our boundless liberty; God; their fellow man, black or white; our Bible and Constitution; and our Western Judeo-Christian and American values.  Tragically, many of my fellow Jews have abandoned these basic liberal, enlightened, godly values for this horrid leftism.  Shame on these millions.

I heed the words of Reverend King and embrace a colorblind America.  But I see clearly now how the media, the Democrat Party, our schools, Hollywood, and now our tech elites can make even a free people embrace a vile, tyrannical, and regressive ideology.  Shame on my fellow Jews for supporting this.  This Jew will be voting hard and strong for President Trump, because I care deeply about America and its beautiful values and culture.  I vote focused not on the flawed man who sits now in that office, not about unpolished tweets or a crass Queens demeanor.  This is a vote between civilization and the darkness of leftism.

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