A Black Responds to Democrats' Insane Vow to Disband Police

A white caller into the Rush Limbaugh radio show prefaced his call by saying he is a conservative and Trump-supporter.  Then he said his 18-year-old daughter changed his mind, causing him to be sympathetic to the George Floyd protesters.  Rush said, "We have no idea what it is like being black and seeing a cop in your rearview mirror."

Well, I am a black man who has been pulled over by police numerous times in my 70 years.  My first thought was what did I do wrong, not my skin color.  Except for one jerk, every officer was polite and professional.  To the jerk who gave me a ticket, I still say I did come to a complete stop at that stop sign.

Fake news media's campaign to demonize police and Democrats' vow to disband police departments are totally insane.  Can you imagine what gangs such as MS-13 would do to this country without police intervention?  America has over 33,000 gangs with over 1.4 million members. 

For decades, Democrats have tried every dirty trick in the book to repeal our Second Amendment right to bear arms.  They claim that you should always call the police rather than defend yourself.  While still insisting that we surrender our guns, Democrats have begun defunding and disbanding police departments.  Antifa has boldly announced that it will begin invading the homes of white Americans.  Without guns or police, what are Americans supposed to use to stop anarchists from robbing, raping, and murdering their families?  Harsh language?

Brother and sister Americans, our greatest enemy is the Democratic Party.

Around 88 years old, my late dad was the pastor of a historic black church in a drug-, crime-, and violence-infested Baltimore neighborhood.  Dad said senior residents complained to him about disrespectful thugs damaging their property and assaulting them.

I feared for Dad.  But once he made up his mind, there was no stopping him.  One evening a week, Dad marched through his church's neighborhood carrying a sign that read, "Stop the Killing!"  Pretty soon, neighbors joined him.  Dad said the one police officer assigned to the neighborhood gave him a high-five of approval.

Why was there only one cop in the neighborhood?  The answer is that Baltimore's Democrat-controlled government believes that arresting black thugs is racist.  Consequently, black residents live in fear and suffer abuse from criminals.  It is all so crazy and frustrating.

People in all seats of authority betray us.  Should we demonize and get rid of all police, clergymen, teachers, doctors, coaches, and so on?

A black college professor buddy said that when he was a high school student, he had a private meeting with his school's black guidance counselor.  The counselor placed his hand on my buddy's thigh, dangling a college scholarship for sexual favors.  My buddy gently rejected his advance.  Should we demonize and remove all guidance counselors?

Folks, ponder this.  One police officer wrongfully killed a black man, which all of America condemned.  The officer is being prosecuted.  And yet, Democrats and fake news media flooded the airwaves with their lie that blacks are being murdered daily by police.  Data confirming that police are the greatest protectors of blacks are ignored.  Cops are far more likely to be killed by a black rather than the other way around.  

Democrats and fake news media absurdly say every white American is responsible for the daily persecution of blacks.

Therefore, Democrat politicians are outrageously physically kneeling in worship to Black Lives Matter, begging forgiveness for being born white.  Antifa thugs are demanding that other whites do the same.  It still blows my mind that public schools, beginning in kindergarten, are allowed to teach white students that they are born racist.  It is no wonder that many Black Lives Matter anarchists are guilt-infected white youths.

Since moving to the hills of West Virginia a few years ago, Mary and I often enjoy seeing deer.  During a walk, we saw a deer approach a four-foot fence.  The deer effortlessly and gracefully leaped high into the air, gliding over the fence.  It was breathtakingly beautiful.

Lloyd, a deer has nothing to do with all the crazy chaos happening in our streets across America.  That is my point.  For our sanity and spirit, sometimes it is wise to look away and enjoy the beauty of God's creation, our families, and blessings in our lives.

Hang in there, folks.  We must stand together against this evil.  Trust God, and remain firmly seated on the Trump Train.  November is comin'.  Democrats must pay big-time for their horrendous crimes against We the People.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
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Image: Tom Hilton via Flickr.

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