The Shutdown/Reopen Wars and the New KKK

According to Tom Bevan, the shutdown wars are politics as usual, for “88% of Democrats believe the top priority of America is to “stay home, slow virus spread.”...Sixty-two percent of Republicans, on the other hand, favored getting the economy going as the top priority.”

But watch out, Democrats, because America’s conventional-wisdom barometer, Peggy Noonan, writes that:

Since the pandemic began, the overclass has been in charge -- scientists, doctors, political figures, consultants -- calling the shots for the average people. But personally they have less skin in the game.

And not only that, but I’ll bet that the educated Gentry class in general is mostly able to work at home, while the ordinary Commoner deplorable can’t. And the Gentry class has No Idea.

I love this one from Byran Preston at PJMedia.

Andrew Cuomo on Twitter: "I'm proposing the Americans First Law: If a corporation does not rehire the same number of employees, they must return any COVID funds received."

Bryan Preston: “As one tweeter replied, only someone who has never run a business would come up with an idea like this.”

Really, it’s worse, because it continues the fantasy of the last 160 years that it is beneficial legislation by activists that has put food on the table of the masses, and all we need to do is pass a law.

No, Karen. The reason that people aren’t starving today as they were 200 years ago is the nobody Commoners who invented machine textiles, steam power, oil from rocks, electricity from fossil fuels, personal motorized transportation. After each of these miracles was invented, the stuck-up Gentry pushed its way to the head of the line and told the suckers: “I got this for you.”

I know that all you chaps have been focused for years on the Journolist, and the Deep State, and the Swamp Creatures as the cause of everything wrong with America. But I am wondering if all along, the real problem has been a revival of the KKK, in the form of the Klueless Karen Koven.

What was Speaker Karen Pelosi’s Women in White thingy at the State of the Union but a Kaffee Klatsch of Karens? As you know, all self-respecting American fraternal lodges have uniforms and regalia, just as the old orders of knighthood had stars and sashes. (Okay, the present knightly orders have stars and sashes too, and much more besides).

Now, of course, when Karen Pelosi deployed the members of her secret society, the House Kaffee Klatsch of the the Klueless Karen Koven, on the famous night when she ritually tore up the president’s speech -- in a ceremony that the Karens call Kleaving -- she knew that it would not be appropriate to deploy her Karenwaffe in full KKK regalia, but just in their mufti, white suits and dresses. But did you know that the full regalia includes a gorgeous blue star and a sparkling golden sash, with a splendid hood, er, hat? Of course, the hat only has one ostrich feather, redolent of the hats that Margaret Dumont used to wear, while the Prince of Wales has three: the patriarchy up to its old tricks again.

Seriously, I think we again get to see the fundamental error at the heart of the progressive project: the idea that Kommandant Karen can issue an edict from on high to rule the world.

In fact, almost everything that humans do is wrong, or partly wrong. An example is the notorious order from the New York State Karens to force nursing homes to accept WuFlu patients from hospitals. It made sense if Karen assumed that the hospitals would get overwhelmed, as predicted by Karen’s pandemic computer models. But it was wrong because the models were wrong and the hospitals didn’t get overwhelmed and sending patients to nursing homes actually made things worse.

Hey, I’m not blaming anyone! Did not John Wooden say that “if you’re not making mistakes; then you’re not doing anything.” The point is, when you realize you have made a mistake, how quickly can you change and adapt, Karen? Hey Karen, are you there?

It was Friedrich Hayek that taught us that big government could not work because it did not have the bandwidth. So who will end up doing the right thing? A few Karens at the department of Public Health correcting a few mistakes a week, or a million consumers and producers trying to balance safety with staying alive, and correcting their mistakes every hour on the hour?

All I can say is, don’t expect a straight answer from the local Karen Klatsch. But I do know that their reaction will begin with “I can’t believe you said that,” which is a secret code greeting among the Karen Kovens.

And if you think that this whole KKarenK thing is ridiculous, then how come that at there are over 500 girl names starting with “Ka?”

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